10 Things To Do When Bored In Class

Not every day is a good day. Unfortunately, you could find your stay in class to be super boring. 

Being bored in class is quite typical. Perhaps it is the lecturer’s teaching style, or the particular activities in class aren’t one you can connect with.

When you’re feeling energised but have nowhere to put that energy, boredom might set in. It is also possible when trying to concentrate on anything.

Here are 10 carefully selected things you can try to help you escape boredom in class.

1 – Read a book or magazine

Reading is one sure way to occupy yourself. This is easier when you are already a book lover. A boring class is a perfect excuse to bring out your favourite novel. It helps if it is a PDF version on your phone.

If a lecture is ongoing, you are free to sneakily read books or magazines under the guise of taking notes whenever you notice that the lecture is starting to drag on for more than it should have. 

It’s a lot of fun to do all of this until a teacher catches you doing it, and you should also be careful about what kinds of books or magazines you read while you’re in the classroom. 

Several books and publications, such as magazines, are banned from school premises. If you want to avoid getting in more trouble with the school administration, it is best to stick to reading books and magazines that are permitted there.

2 – Play a game in class

If you find yourself getting bored in class, there are a number of activities that are not disruptive, such as playing games with your classmates. 

You and your pals can get together and devise a unique kind of game and then play it whenever you get bored. You can estimate the next word a professor will say or who will wear the same clothes to school the next day. 

Multiplayer games are often exciting, where everyone can play without staying together. There is no shortage of entertaining options when it comes to filling time at school. Always make sure that you are not caught playing games while you are in the classroom.

3 – Chat online

Sending text messages to friends and chatting online are entertaining things that one can do when bored at school. This friend could be someone sitting at a different corner in class. You are not the only one who is bored, others are seeking a method to get out of the boredom as well. 

You can start a conversation with them and share how to endure the dull class. You will notice from the messages that others are also looking for a way to get out of boredom as well. 

When you are sending out these messages, you should always make sure that your phone is locked and that no one else can access it. It is one of the enjoyable things to do while in class; however, it will be an entirely different situation if you are caught doing it. 

You are responsible for ensuring that the lesson is not disrupted by your use of a mobile phone and that it is well hidden at all times.

4 – Make a to-do list

Making a to-do list at this time might be an excellent idea. It’s great to do because your teacher might assume you’re taking notes.

You can better organise your tasks by writing them down and separating the important from the urgent. In some ways, crossing off completed tasks can help you stay motivated. Additionally, organising your day’s activities can help you feel less stressed.

Writing a to-do list while bored in class has the benefit of being self-rewarding. After finishing a task, we feel a sense of fulfilment that elevates our mood and enhances productivity.

5 – Take something sweet

According to recent research, students who take a sugar boost can get through long, boring lectures. 

Researchers found that the brain’s episodic memory region, which controls the ability to recall a past experience from a specific point in time, is activated when one eats sweets. 

Therefore, it makes sense to consume chocolate while studying. This not only keeps us awake but also aids in our ability to recall some lessons.

A little sugar could help you get through class if you’re getting bored. One can temporarily enhance one’s memory, thinking, and mental capacity by drinking a glass of orange juice or another fruit juice or by indulging in sweets.

Meanwhile, sweets are advised to be consumed in moderation for medical reasons.

6 – Meditate

This could be a perfect time to meditate and overcome the boredom. You can meditate on mindfulness either silently or while background music plays. Try to be conscious of your thoughts and to come back to your breathing as soon as you become aware that your thoughts have strayed. 

The fact that this activity can be carried out at any point during the school day makes it truly beautiful. 

Five minutes of mindfulness meditation can allow you to centre yourself, lower high levels of anxiety, and restore the classroom to a more peaceful state. 

7 – Do your assignment in class

At a time when you are bored, it is thoughtful to bring out the assignment you have kept for later and occupy yourself.

You should do your schoolwork quickly and stealthily and look up occasionally to act like you are taking notes.

Ask your teacher whether you can complete the assignment in class if you are concerned about having it taken away from you. Some educators will only give you permission to do so if you have previously completed the day’s assigned task or lesson.

To take a different approach to things, what if you try to flow with the class? The next three things to do in a boring class are aimed at making you enjoy the class instead.

8 – Listen and pay attention to the lecture

You need to make an effort to prevent your thoughts from wandering. Focus on what you’re doing right now; there will be plenty of time to think about other things later. It’s not easy, but if you can make the shift, you’ll benefit much.

Focus on your mental processes. If you find your mind wandering, remind yourself that you need to pay attention to what is being taught at the moment.

The lesson might not be the most exciting, but it could end up saving you a lot of trouble with your assignments or tests. If you don’t feel like taking notes because you’re too bored or weary, you may always just watch the teacher while they go over the material.

Ask to sit at the front of the class if you have problems focusing.

9 – Take notes in class

It’s a lot easier to pay attention in class if you have some background knowledge on the topic at hand. Get some hard copies of the course outline and any related visuals printed off. Use these in conjunction with your textbook to take notes during class.

Don’t forget to jot down any inquiries you have concerning the material. After class or at the end of the course, you can ask your teacher any questions you might have.

You’re free to choose whatever system works best for you to organise your notes. You may get the most out of your notes by doing anything from utilising bullet points and shorthand to creating headings and subheadings.

10 – Participate in the activities

Time flies when one is interested in what one is doing. In class, feel free to bring up the reading assignment, the parts you haven’t comprehended, or to contradict an argument a classmate has made. 

If you want to show your teacher that you’re paying attention in class, offer to help out with group projects or give a demonstration.

If you have a question, look at the teacher straight in the eye and raise your hand. If you have a question during class, your teacher is probably not going to become angry at you for asking it.


It’s common for lessons to drag on and feel like a waste of time when you’re at school. Fortunately, even in the dullest lectures, you can always find a way to entertain yourself. 

You can make your school day more pleasant by putting some effort into creating a game, writing a novel, decorating your notes, or attempting to pay attention in class.