100 Good Questions To Ask People About Life

Life is a beautiful gift everyone is blessed with. And one incredible thing about it is that everyone sees life in different ways. The way you view yours is not the same way the person next to you views theirs. This is why you may want to ask them different questions to know if their view on life aligns with yours. 

When it comes to shooting the breeze about life, it’s not all about just dropping statements, but about sprinkling in some intriguing questions, not your everyday “how’s the weather” type, which adds a whole lot of zest to the chat and ramps up the communication game.

Life throws a bunch of curveball questions our way. The cool thing is, that these questions aren’t set in stone. They’re like chameleons, adapting to whatever’s happening, the vibe in the air, and the general vibe of the moment. It’s all about nailing those answers that sync up with the mood and the specific scenario. Whether it’s the thrill of an event, the twists of a circumstance, or just the general vibe in the air, these questions keep morphing and demanding answers that fit the groove of the moment. 

To help you do this, we have prepared 100 good questions to you can ask people about life.

  1. Is it possible for the human species to face extinction?
  2. When you contemplate your legacy, how long do you reckon people will remember you after you’ve departed, and what will be the defining reasons for your remembrance?
  3. Is there any merit to the idea that your name might shape your future?
  4. In the grand scheme of self-evaluation, what do you use as the yardstick for your self-worth?
  5. Do you foresee a future where religion becomes obsolete with time?
  6. In the grand debate of humanity’s trajectory, do you believe we’re on the right path or veering off in the wrong direction?
  7. When it comes to defining your identity, what criteria do you employ?
  8. In the tapestry of existence, do you view yourself as replaceable, and if so, what leads you to that conclusion?
  9. What singular activity do you believe adds meaning to every facet of life?

10. Contemplating the pre-world era, whom or what do you think existed before the creation of our world?

11. Is the world an objective reality or a subjective construct, in your view?

12. In your eyes, who embodies the essence of a genius?

13. Do you believe human creativity is bound by limitations, and if so, what imposes these constraints?

14. How can you discern if time has undergone any alterations?

15. It’s a curious paradox that humans often engage in activities harmful to their well-being while avoiding beneficial pursuits. What do you think drives this behavior?

16. In your opinion, does an individual’s genetic makeup influence their political inclinations?

17. If all your memories were wiped clean, what kind of person do you envision becoming?

18. What motivates humans to embrace unproven beliefs?

19. Given the unreliability of human memory, how would you differentiate between a fabricated memory and one that holds genuine recollection?

20. Is there a particular date and month that holds a special place in your heart? If so, what makes it so cherished for you?

21. Do you have specific things you love and others that you can’t stand? What are your likes and dislikes?

22. Is there someone in your life whom you feel exceptionally close to? What makes that person special to you?

23. When you think of a close friend, what characteristics or qualities come to mind? How do you define a close friendship?

24. If you were to describe yourself, what words or phrases would you use? How do you see yourself?

25. Among the people you interact with, who do you particularly enjoy talking to? What makes conversations with them enjoyable for you?

26. Is there any merit in having the entire world to oneself if you were the sole survivor?

27. Has there ever been a profound injury that healed completely without leaving a scar?

28. Between the wolf that weeps before devouring a lamb and the one that remorselessly consumes it, which would you consider the worst predator?

29. Why do we proclaim ourselves as great philosophers when we remain ignorant about the origin and destiny of cats?

30. What advice would you offer a person who only follows God’s commandments, disregards humanity, and believes they are guaranteed a place in heaven even if they harm others?

31. If we designate Earth as the best of all possible worlds, what then would be the status of other worlds?

32. Who can set limits to human ingenuity?

33. Is there anyone who can assert that everything perceivable in the world has already been discovered and known?

34. Is there a certain knowledge in the world that is beyond doubt?

35. How certain can we be that a young person, deserving utmost respect, will have a future no different from our present?

36. Has it ever occurred to you that our souls might be immortal, and death is not the end?

37. How challenging is it for an artist to shield themselves from the pervasive corruption of their time?

38. What if the existence of God were false, and we could prove it?

39. What if God did not exist, and all our fears, ambitions, desires for power, and terrified folly were entirely man-made?

40. How can one claim to be well when their morals are compromised?

41. Is knowledge worthwhile if it leads to misunderstandings?

42. Must the consequences of love always involve pain?

43. If one desires to be a different person and is dissatisfied with their current self, why dwell on the influences that shaped their present identity?

44. If given a choice, would you prefer to be angelically good, dazzlingly clever, or divinely beautiful?

45. Why should a person be elevated by something not achieved through their efforts?

46. What is more closely connected to the truth than wisdom?

47. Is a man who yearns for knowledge, never satisfied, and delights in learning deserving of the title “philosopher”?

48. If Prince Charming weren’t awakening Sleeping Beauty, what occupation would suit him?

49. If your heart is free of any issues upon introspection, is there anything to fear?

50. Who are the individuals you seek admiration from, and are they the same people you label as mad? Why desire admiration from those considered mad?

culled from put the kettle on

51. If eternal life existed, would we actively seek it?

52. Can we assume a lion is asleep if it doesn’t roar?

53. Is finding a four-leaf clover considered luck if you can’t count?

54. Does a good man act for appearances, or does he act correctly for the sake of doing things right?

55. Can a pestilential vapor hover over an area only when its master is well-versed in the development of crimes?

56. Why, despite claiming enlightenment, do we still exhibit barbaric behavior? 

57. Are there any unconventional food combinations that you find surprisingly delicious?

58. In your opinion, what societal stigma needs to be overcome?

59. Is there a type of food you’ve never tried but are eager to experience?

60. What expense do you strongly regret having to pay?

61. If the world were filled with clones of you, how do you think it would be?

62. Do you believe in the existence of extraterrestrial beings?

63. What’s currently causing you concern or worry?

64. Can you share some unique places you’ve visited?

65. Where do you usually get your news updates?

66. In your daily life, what are some warning signs or red flags you look out for?

67. Is there a movie that you could watch repeatedly without getting tired of it?

68. When you’re old, what stories do you think children will ask you to share?

69. If you could swap two characters from different movies, which switch would create the most inappropriate movies?

70. Which inanimate object, if it played loud upbeat music while being used, would be the most annoying?

culled from inspirationfeed

71. Can you recall a situation that started poorly but ended up being great?

72. How do you think your country would change if everyone, regardless of age, could vote?

73. What animal do you believe would be the cutest if it were scaled down to the size of a cat?

74. If your job unexpectedly granted you a three-day paid break, how would you spend those days?

75. Can you think of something that seems right but is wrong?

76. What’s the most memorable way you’ve seen someone quit or be fired from a job?

77. If you could be immune to any criminal charge, what would it be?

78. Is there something that you believe will always be in fashion, regardless of the passage of time?

79. Can you name actors or actresses who tend to play the same character in most of their movies or shows?

80. In ancient times, people were buried with items for the afterlife. What would you want to be buried with you for the same reason?

81. Share your best or worst practical joke experience, whether you played it or were the recipient.

82. Is there someone you make an extra effort to be kind to?

83. Where do you usually find most of the decorations for your home?

84. Can you think of a food that is delicious but a hassle to eat?

85. Who was your craziest or most interesting teacher?

86. Do you engage in any “old person” habits or activities?

87. What was the subject of the last photo you took?

88. Have you come across an amazing slow-motion video? What made it remarkable?

89. Which celebrity do you think is the most down-to-earth?

90. What would be the worst thing to hear as you go under anesthesia before heart surgery?

91. What’s the spiciest food you’ve ever tried?

92. What’s the most expensive item you’ve accidentally broken?

93. If there were a world’s most amazing obstacle course, what obstacles would it include?

94. What phrase or statement makes you roll your eyes every time you hear it?

95. Is there something you believe you excel at, but in reality, you might not be as good as you think?

96. Do you think kidneys should be allowed to be bought and sold?

97. What’s the most creative use of emojis you’ve ever witnessed?

98. When was the last time you got to say, “I told you so”?

99. Can you share any riddles that you know?

100. What’s your go-to cure for hiccups?