50 Best Text Messages After First Kiss

What should you text after first kiss? The first time you ate, swam, flew in an airplane, and left the country. Everyone remembers the first time they did something or took a bold step. There will be other times, and you may forget the other ones in between, but the first time glues itself to the memory forever. It never leaves, regardless of how many more times you do the same thing.

That is exactly how the first kiss is. That time will always be magical in your memory and evergreen. You may kiss different people later on in life, or the same person a thousand times more, but the first one will stick for life. Whether it’s a good kiss or a bad kiss. They convey a feeling that will remain with us for eternity.

Everyone wants their first kiss to be like what they see in the movies. Sometimes it comes true, but most times it doesn’t. Regardless of that, what you do next after the kiss is what matters and defines how memorable the kiss will be.

Honestly, sending your partner a romantic text message after the first kiss is a sure way of sealing your place in their heart and making it more magical for them.

What to say after kissing someone for the first time in a text message

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Here are 50 awesome text messages to send your lover after that first kiss to show that you appreciate them. After this, believe me, they will come back for more kisses;

1. Before now, when I heard them say someone’s lips tasted like honey and felt like silk, I rolled my eyes and thought it was just an exaggeration. And today I found out they were lying. Because your lips tasted more like honey and felt more like silk. Kissing you felt divine.

2. When I kissed you for the first time, I felt chills run through me, and after that, it felt like I was in heaven.

3. Your lips have become my happy place. After the first time, I want to keep it forever and never let it go.

4. When I kissed you for the first time, it felt like home. Like peace. I never want to kiss anyone else but you.

5. My heartbeat was erratic when first kissed you. I think that was when it jumped out of my chest into your hands. And I never want you to let go of my heart.

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6. After our first kiss, I knew I will go through rain and storm just to be with you for life.

7. When we first kissed, I could swear heaven sighed with pleasure because the journey of our true life finally began

8. When I kissed your lips the feelings that ran through me ran deeper than my skin. It made me realize that kissing you was finally worth the wait.

9. I still feel the loving tenderness of your lips even as I lay down and close my eyes now. I wish you were right here with me.

10. Kissing you made me realize we belong together. And I never want to be far from you again.

11. From the moment our lips touched, I knew you were someone special and that soon you would change my life for the better.

12. I was so nervous, but the moment our lips touched, I instantly knew you were the one.

13. He’s the real deal. That’s what I thought when I kissed you under the moonlight. You truly are.

14. When you first started kissing me, I thought it wouldn’t get better than that, but as you took it deeper, you opened my eyes to the whole new world you have in store for me.

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15. Your kiss gave me such a happy feeling. And then I realized how lucky I am to have you in my life.

16. I’m still on cloud nine after our kiss. And guess what, I never want to come down from this feeling.

17. I wanted my first kiss to be perfect, and you made it more than that for me.

18. You are the best boyfriend I could ever hope for. I love you with every breath of me

19. Your kiss remains the best thing I know. Your touch feels like heaven.

20. I want to celebrate more firsts and make more memories with you.

21. I’ve been having difficulty explaining my feelings. But after our kiss, I can finally place it. I love you.

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22. I will always love you. Now and forever. Thinking about you and our kiss makes me want to run to you and kiss you again.

23. I never knew kissing was the best form of communication till we kissed today.

24. Your kiss is like a whisper to my soul. I never want you to stop.

25. You are the best girlfriend in the world. I want to grow old with you.

26. I never want to let you go. That was the first thought in my head after our lips collided.

27. When I kissed you, my heart sang rhythms of songs I never knew existed.

28. After our first kiss, I realized I would follow you anywhere in the world as long as I’m with you.

29. The night breeze whispered “welcome home” when our lips touched.

30. Kissing you feels like medicine to my soul.

31. If kissing you is a crime, I want to remain in jail for a lifetime.

32. The taste of your lips is one thing I can never forget in life.

33. I knew what heaven felt like because that is where I am every time I kiss you.

34. Your kiss brings colors to my world and beats to my dead heart.

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35. I adore you. I worship every word that comes out of your mouth, and that’s all that matters to me.

36. Every kiss from you gives me butterflies in my stomach. My heart still beats fast from the taste of our first kiss.

37. If your kiss is poison, I want to die from it. That’s how much I need you.

38. I love you, and that is all that matters to me in the world right now.

39. I kissed you for the first time, and I found something I’ve been missing. I want to keep kissing you for life.

40. Your kiss makes me feel safe and calms all the storms in my head.

41. I want to be right there with you. To kiss you when you wake up and before you go to bed every night.

42. Your kisses ignite a passion in me that burns so much that it feels like it may consume me if I ever stop.

43. Your kiss is my life and my soul. I love you madly, baby.

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44. A single kiss from you says more than a million words.

45. I love you from the bottom of my heart and the depths of my soul. Never let me go.

46. Your kiss is everything to me. I think I would die if I ever went a day without tasting it.

47. My heart pounds when I see you. I yearn to kiss you when you smile at me. And when I kissed you, I knew what magic finally meant

48. Take all my money, as long as you never stop kissing me.

49. Your kiss is like a dream come true, or am I still dreaming?

50. I love you. Even if there were 1000 of you, I would still choose you every single day.

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Knowing how to compliment a guy after kissing or nice things to say to a girl you just kissed for the first time, is a sure way to make them feel comfortable after getting into another level with you so that you both can even have more of such memorable moments again.