100 Good Questions To Ask Your Crush

One thing that can make your consciousness completely blank is having a crush. Whether it’s with someone you’ve known for a while or a stranger you’ve been eyeing at your local coffee shop, if the presence of this person renders you utterly speechless, you are not alone.

But how can you get to know your love if you have trouble forming complete sentences around them? 

If you’re searching for the ideal conversation starter to use with your crush, then look no further.

We have compiled a list of questions that will help you understand your crush better. Whether you’re texting your crush or talking to them in person, these questions are insightful and open-ended, allowing for deeper conversation and possibly the formation of a romantic connection.

These 100 questions will help you determine whether a lasting connection is possible. We have made it more interesting and easier to navigate by categorising these 100 questions into 10 spicy groups.

1 – Questions To Determine If Your Crush Likes You

  1. Am I your spec?
  2. Do you feel a connection to me?
  3. What are your preferred qualities in a partner? 
  4. What is your love language?
  5. Have you mentioned me to your friends? 
  6. What do your friends think of me? 
  7. Would you make any changes to how we met?
  8. Do you wish to have coffee at some point?
  9. Do you like having me around?
  10. What do you like about me, and what would you change about me?

2 – Flirty Questions For Your Crush

  1. What first impression do you have of me? 
  2. Do you prefer it when another person makes the first move? 
  3. What does sexy mean to you? 
  4. Do you enjoy cuddling? 
  5. Do I make you nervous? 
  6. What is your most effective pickup line? 
  7. What do you wear to sleep?
  8. How was your first kiss?
  9. What are your thoughts on PDA?
  10. What are your thoughts on one-night stands? 

3 – Dirty Questions For Your Crush

friends in a sexy position on a beach bank

  1. What turns you on the most? 
  2. What is your preferred sexual position? 
  3. What turns you off the most? 
  4. Do you enjoy sexting? 
  5. Where have you had the hottest sex? 
  6. How was your first experience? 
  7. What is your favourite type of pornography? 
  8. What is your preferred sex toy? 
  9. Have you any sexual fantasies? 
  10. At what age did you lose your virginity?

4 – Good Questions For Your Crush

  1. What is your purpose in life? 
  2. What is your greatest achievement? 
  3. What do you like about yourself the most? 
  4. What qualities do you look out for in a person? 
  5. Who is your best friend, and why did you choose them?
  6. What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?
  7. What is the best advice you have ever received?
  8. What is the greatest life lesson you have learnt?
  9. What was the most thoughtful gift you’ve ever received?
  10.  Who has impacted your life the most?

5 – Romantic Questions For Your Crush

  1. What is a perfect date night for you?
  2. How easily do you fall in love?
  3. What makes you fall for a person?
  4. Do you believe in soul mates?
  5. Do you think you have met your soul mate, or you are yet to meet them?
  6. What is your favourite aspect of being in a relationship?
  7. What do we have in common, and how does that make you feel?
  8. What is the most romantic gesture you have ever made?
  9. What is the most romantic gesture someone has made towards you? 
  10. Do you support monogamy?

6 – Serious Questions For Your Crush

  1. What are the red flags you watch out for in relationships?
  2. Have you identified any relationship dealbreakers? 
  3. Do you desire children?
  4. What is your idea of a healthy relationship? 
  5. Are your parents together?
  6. What was your most difficult breakup?
  7. Do you believe in fixing a relationship or breaking up? 
  8. How do you feel about marriage? 
  9. What are your greatest fears in a relationship? 
  10. Have you ever been unfaithful to a partner? Have you ever been cheated on? How did you handle it?

7 – Deep Questions For Your Crush

  1. What was your childhood like?
  2. What is the nature of the relationship between you and your parents?
  3. What is your greatest life regret? 
  4. What brings you the most joy?
  5. Have you experienced abuse?
  6. Have you dealt with trauma before?
  7. What is your opinion of therapy?
  8. What advice would you give your younger self? 
  9. What frustrates you about society? 
  10.  Are you spiritual?

8 – Funny Questions For Your Crush

He makes every day exciting

  1. Who is your celebrity crush?
  2. Can you take a bullet for your lover?
  3. Have you ever cried for love?
  4. Can you date your best friend’s ex?
  5. Have you ever had a friend with benefits?
  6. Who was your high-school lover?
  7. What is the craziest thing you have done for love?
  8. Can you marry a person for money?
  9. If your lover was to be jailed and you had to sleep with the judge to free them, would you do it?
  10.  Would you rather lie than hurt your lover with the truth?

9 – Juicy Questions For Your Crush

how to make a man cry in bed

  1. Which was your favourite kiss, and who was it with? 
  2. Can you kiss well? 
  3. Ever experienced love? 
  4. Have you ever hurt someone else’s feelings? 
  5. Which of your past dates was the worst? 
  6. What body part of a romantic partner turns you on the most?
  7. What about relationships terrifies you? 
  8. Do you miss your ex?
  9. Have you ever slept over at an opposite sex’s place?
  10.  Can you be alone with the opposite sex, and nothing will happen?

10 – Best Text Questions For Your Crush


  1. What is your favourite food? 
  2. What is your favourite meal to prepare? 
  3. What is your favourite place to travel to or visit? 
  4. What are your hobbies?
  5. Who is your favourite actor/actress?
  6. Who is your favourite artist?
  7. Who did you vote for in the last election?
  8. Do you have any plans for college or business?
  9. Are you a morning person, or do you strive better at night?
  10.  Movies or novels, which do you prefer?


Asking questions is one sure way to know your crush on a deeper level. This also enables them to get to know you. 

Asking the right questions is a sure way to leave them thinking more of you.

With the right questions, you get to know them and decide if they are the right match for you. The outcomes of the questions would help you determine the next moves, so don’t hold back. Ask those questions.