How Can I Talk To My Parents About My Problems?

No matter how strict and distant your parents seem, you can’t exclude them from your life totally.

While you like to play ‘adult,’ there are crucial moments when you need to relay things to your parents. It could be for their wise opinions or simply confidentiality.

You can’t be having a baby, and your parents become grandparents without them knowing. Even if you are having the baby with the guy they talked you against, you have to summon the courage to tell them.

Here are some effective guides on how you can talk to your parents.

Get Ready To Address Your Parent

Get Ready To Address Your Parent

Have a brave heart. No matter what it is, if you can talk to your mom and dad about it, you will feel a lot better. Your parents are supposed to be there for you no matter what, therefore you shouldn’t worry or be ashamed. Perhaps they know more than you give them credit for.

Don’t worry that your mom and dad will be mad at you. You can have the talk you want if you prepare for it and talk to one another beforehand. They worry about you because they love you and want what’s best for you. Because of this, they will be relieved to hear that you need their help with an issue.

You should not dodge the issue at hand. Not talking to your parents about an issue or feeling uneasy won’t make it go away. Get the tension out in the open and let it go. If you’re feeling anxious or stressed out, remember that your parents are making an effort to learn more about you and help you work through any issues.

Is it something you want to discuss with both of your parents or would your mother be better equipped to handle it? The best way to handle your connection with each parent will depend on your unique dynamics.

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It’s possible that one of them is more reasonable and rational than the other, making for more fruitful conversations about sensitive issues. In this instance, it may be helpful to talk to your calmer parent first and then talk to the other parent jointly.

You should anticipate that they will likely share information shared with only one of them. It’s preferable to have both parties involved in the discussion, but it’s also smart to ask one party to help you communicate with the other. 

Prepare What You Would Say

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It’s natural to feel that there are some taboos when it comes to talking to your father and mother about certain topics. Perhaps you frittered away your money or became pregnant. Perhaps you’ve found someone you really clicked with, but you’re feeling pressure to move too quickly in your relationship.

Even though it may seem strange, it can assist in practising what you want to say to your parents before you actually say it.

So before you have that conversation, jot down in a journal what you want to say to them. Even practice it in the mirror if it works for you. You’ll feel much more confident if you have a plan for what you want to say.

Find A Convenient Time

Find A Convenient Time

Even if you and your parents are quite close, you may feel unprepared to initiate sensitive discussions. The conversation may seem less daunting if you choose the perfect time to have it.

Find a time when they’re not grumpy or worried about something. If this is an emotionally charged subject for you, hold off until you’ve calmed down a bit. So, when you get a chance to talk to your parents one-on-one, don’t waste it.

And remember, you need not break the news to them face-to-face. Send them a letter, send them a text, or give them a call.

Communicate Your Concern To Them

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Perhaps there is something else going on in your life besides school that is making it difficult for you to concentrate. A low grade can be an indication that you need extra help in that subject.  Presenting it this way to your parents could help them understand you better.

Maybe you drank excessively at a party because you were anxious about making friends. Or perhaps you suffer from social anxiety and find it difficult to be genuine when surrounded by strangers.

Perhaps, at heart, you just don’t understand the issue. They may be able to assist you in better defining the issue. You can solve whatever problem you’re facing by sticking together.

Express How You Really Feel

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Because you’re anxious about their reaction, your stress levels may feel like they’re through the sky right now. Describe how you feel about what you want to say to them at this very moment.

It’ll give them the heads up that you’re obviously frightened as heck to bring this up, and they should attempt to go easy on you and consider your feelings before they answer.

Be sure your parents understand what you hope to gain from this discussion. By explaining what you hope to gain from this discussion, your father and mother will be better prepared to engage with you.

Be Sincere

It’s hard to be honest with parents sometimes. But if you want your parents to see things from your perspective, you must always be truthful, even if it’s about a terrible thing you did.

Make it obvious that you want to be forthright for the entirety of this conversation. It stinks, but the truth always wins out in the end.

If what you need to communicate with them is in regard to trauma, you don’t need to share everything at once. You need just initiate contact and be truthful in admitting that you aren’t prepared to reveal all of the information just now.

Involve Family And Friends

Prepare to talk to friends or siblings after this chat if you think it will be difficult. Having someone there to comfort you after this chat is crucial.

These suggestions are meant to serve as a springboard for more productive discussions with your parents. It’s not uncomplicated, but in the end, it’s well worth the effort.

However, we know that not everyone has a nice relationship with their parents. We know that there are parents who aren’t supportive and who, in some circumstances, are abusive. 

For those who don’t feel comfortable approaching their own parents, these guidelines can be used on any adult who serves as a mentor or parental figure. 


We tend to forget that our parents are actually concerned about us. Their concern often comes out as rage when we ruin their automobile or as silence and disappointment when we get caught in a whopper of a lie.

They worry for us and our well-being because of their own fears and anxieties, which are understandable. 

Try to understand things from their perspective and give them time. This would give them the space to meditate on the discussion and understand your viewpoint.