12 Wedding Speech For Brother

What do you say at your brother’s wedding?

From how to start a speech at your brother’s wedding to the best unique wedding speeches for your beloved brother, may you find the samples in the post helpful. They’re funny, unique, and heart touching speeches everyone would like to hear.

Someone once said that brothers are that annoying part of our lives that we can’t live without. They annoy us more than anyone else in the world; they make us cry, but they stand up and fight for us as no one else will, and they are ready to go to hell and beyond to track down anyone who hurts us.

Then one day you realize you have to share your brother’s affection and attention with someone else, and before you know what’s happening, it’s their wedding day!

Watching your brother get married can feel so surreal because wasn’t it just yesterday you both were playing in the rain? And then you get so busy assisting him with his wedding preparations that you either get reminded because you completely forgot or you remember that you have to make a speech at the wedding. Because what is a wedding without dropping one or two words to make him cry or make him super embarrassed for the last time? … or maybe not the last time.

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But this is his big day, which (hopefully) may only come once in his life, and you’ve got to give him a speech that will not only stand out from other speeches that will be made that day but will always remain in his mind.

Here are 12 emotional speeches to give on your brother’s wedding day to brighten up an already bright day.

1. It feels just like yesterday when I watched you grow. From crying yourself to sleep because you rather wear your soccer wear all day even when it’s dirty, to getting into fights with the other boys in the neighborhood, to a teenage boy who felt the world was his oyster and will try to scare off all my boyfriends, including tracking down them down after they’d hurt me to beat them up. You are the best kid brother anyone could ever hope to have. And today I’m finally reminded that you are a grown man as I watch you make that final step into being a man. You found yourself an amazing person to share your future with. I wish you a happy married life. I love you very much, and will always be here for you. You will always remain my kid bro.

2. For the longest time I thought about this moment and what I’m going to say at this very moment I am going to say to embarrass you. But as I sat down there and watched you both take your vows, with the love in your eyes so evident for even a blind man to see, and with everything that has happened that led up to this moment, I couldn’t gather my thoughts to remember all your embarrassing moments anymore. Bro, I may not say this every day, but you are one of the rare 10 in every generation. And as much as I’ve been hammering it to your head about how lucky you are that a beautiful woman like your wife agreed to marry a big head like you, I also hope she knows how lucky she is to have caught the eyes of a rare gem like you. Cheers to many more celebrations like this in your marriage. I love you both.

3. The good book says that “he who finds a wife finds a good thing.” But I can boldly say that “she who finds a husband like my brother has found the best gift in her life.” People may say I’m saying this because you are my brother, but I’m not. I can proudly say that you are one of the few good men left in a world where good men are hard to come by and men’s hearts have become desperately wicked. If I say I was completely happy when you first told me you were getting married, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t worried about sharing your attention with someone else. But after meeting your wife, I couldn’t have chosen a better wife if I had been given the option. And with the union of you both, I’m very sure you are about to create magic the world is yet to see. Happy married life to two of my favorite people in the! whole world.

4. Dear brother, knowing you are knowing love, protection, and some extra drama that comes with your personality. But I wouldn’t trade you for anything in the world. I wish you all the boundless love you pour so selflessly on others on this day of your wedding, which marks the beginning of your marriage. And I hope that your union today brings you even more of the smile that hasn’t left your face all day.

5. When I see people who don’t have brothers, I pity them. Because they haven’t experienced the unconditional and nonjudgmental love of a brother. I know you will make an amazing husband and an incredible father to your kids. Happy married life, bro.

6. You have always been the light in any room you step into. Growing up with you, there was never a dull moment because every day brought a new adventure and trouble, which you were always the first to start. I never knew I’d see this day so soon, but here we are. I enjoy watching you as you act responsibly, even when I know your mind is filled with more troubles you are about to cause. From this day onward, may you both live as long as you want and never want as long as you live.

7. Brother, you were unquestionably the best part of my childhood. I’ve grown up with you as you transitioned into this impeccable man making lifelong decisions, and I can proudly say you’ve grown well. I pray this marriage gives you all the happiness you ever hoped for.

8. I would have loved to give all the credit to our parents for raising such a fine young man as yourself, but I know you did more of the work to turn out to be who you are today. May you both keep growing in love. Happy married life to you both.

9. You are not just my brother; you have been my best friend since childhood! And I am very happy to see you so happy today! And to see so many people here who came to share the joy of this day with our family, let’s drink to the most beautiful and charming couple in the world!

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10. You are stunningly beautiful, intelligent, and compassionate, and you will be an excellent mother to my nephews. I am honored to be here today and glad that so many people came to celebrate with us today. As my older brother, you have always looked after and protected us. I am incredibly happy that he has found a girl like you. You are stunningly beautiful, intelligent, and compassionate, and you will be an excellent mother to my nephews. Let’s raise our glasses to the newlyweds! Live long and happily together!

11. Dear brother, I can’t imagine a more perfect woman for you. a woman who loves you just as much as I do. She is definitely the love of your life—a smart, beautiful, kind girl who is your soulmate, and you have the same life views and life goals. It’s truly great! In view of better years to come, let’s raise our glasses to the newlyweds!

12. The moments we lived and grew up together are still the most exciting part of my life. The adventures we were up to almost every day And now I watch you with all the joy in my heart as you walk down the aisle with the love of your life, and all I can say is, “Look how far we’ve come.” I wish you a happy married life, bro. I love you to the moon and beyond.