How To Know If A Girl Is A Virgin By Body Language

What are some signs she’s a virgin?

Do you suspect that the woman you fancy might be or not be a virgin and probably want to know she’s a virgin without asking her? There are various behaviors or attitudes toward s*x that can help you know if it is her first time, even though there is no surefire way to perform virginity test for female by mere appearance. 

So, how can a man know if a woman is a virgin, sometimes parents might also want to know how to check if a girl is virgin at home? However, the best way to find out for sure is to approach her directly, gently, and compassionately. If you do this, she could feel comfortable enough to describe her s*xual situation. If you’re hesitant to do this, though, keep reading because we’ll show you how to determine a woman’s virginity.

Some cultures and religions place a great value on virginity. There are a few urban legends about determining a woman’s virginity. Discover the difference between myth and reality, as well as how to tell if she is a virgin. Contrary to popular opinion, you can only be certain a lady is still a virgin by asking her. 

Even though her answer is the only one effective, many people think it is possible to tell whether a girl is a virgin. Even though it sounds easy, finding virgins can occasionally be difficult. Without physically examining the girl, it is quite difficult to tell. Girls who aren’t virgins and virgin girls behave similarly.

Reserved and quiet girls are commonly not virgins, whereas flirty or reckless girls are without a doubt not virgins. There are various behavioral markers in women that should raise your alarm.

1. There is no clear indicator

You must understand that there is no surefire way to determine whether a woman is a virgin. We’ll then go over various indicators that could suggest that a lady lacks s*xual experience, however, you can never be sure whether this is the case for sure.

As we’ve already mentioned, the best way to find out how she will handle s*x when the time comes is to ask her directly; however, if you don’t feel comfortable doing so, you can watch her behavior for cues.

2. She always puts off the chance to have s*x.

Some ladies are more daring than others, but if a person has once shared a bed with somebody else, odds are they’re considering having s*x with them after a certain amount of time has passed. We can’t tell you how quickly this will take because it varies on each individual and the kind of connection you are building; if you don’t sense it from her, likely, she doesn’t want to share a bed with you right now. However, if your dates are going well and you’ve been on a lot of them but haven’t yet done this, it’s possible that she hasn’t done it before.

3. Lack of s*xual experience

You may also tell if she’s acting this way by seeing how she interacts with you physically. Keep in mind that if she has never experienced that type of contact, you may get the feeling that she is uncomfortable, unsure of where to touch you, etc. Therefore, if you sense that she is still uneasy even after you hug, kiss, and stroke her, she may be a virgin.

However, this isn’t completely accurate because it’s also conceivable that the girl is timid, anxious, or unsure. There may be various causes, but if you see that she is clueless when things get heated, it may be because she lacks experience.

4. She exhibits fear and anxiety

If you notice she is uncomfortable and willing to stop while you are kissing and cuddling in bed, it can be because of this. Keep in mind that women typically spend more time engaging in foreplay than men do, enjoying the s*xiness of the moment. 

As a result, if you encounter a girl who is restless and does not appear to be loving it, she is likely just too worried over whether or not an entry will pain her to even notice the foreplay. Because ladies require slightly more foreplay than men do to properly enjoy s*x, you must approach her explicitly about this.

5. She is unable to put on protective gear.

When a lady uses a condom, you can also detect if she is a virgin. But be careful, since this can be a slightly deceptive indicator since not all ladies know how to correctly affix a condom, specifically if she had been in a committed relationship and was using another contraceptive technique at the time.

Certainly, a virgin will struggle not just with putting on a condom but also with playing with testicles. She won’t know where to put her palms, how tightly to hold them, or any other aspects of the activity. Consequently, if you see that the girl is clumsy, it’s her first attempt.

6. She is unaware of her s*xual orientation.

When it comes time for s*x, you will be able to tell whether a female is a virgin because, as we previously mentioned, she will be apprehensive and unsure of how to behave. Keep in mind that most women are apprehensive about their first penetrating intercourse since they are unsure if it will hurt or not. 

She probably won’t be fully at ease, but she’ll be very attentive to your motions and try to keep your penis under control at all times. She will probably want to manage the first entry because she won’t be surprised if she does, but it is advisable to avoid doing this because deeper insertion will result from doing so.

7. She would inquire for directions

It will be difficult to put the recommendation we just gave you into practice, though, if the woman is a virgin in the strictest sense, that is, if she has not yet been touched but has engaged in other forms of s*x (gently caressing, bl*wjob, etc.), since it is noticeable that she will be secure in bed, be able to turn you on, understand how to play, and recognize how to move. 

The only time you need to exercise caution is when piercing occurs, although as you can see, this can cause a great deal more uncertainty. Therefore, we should reiterate that it is ideal to ask her personally so that you can both have an amazing time.


Body language is simply the nonverbal response that humans have to the world or the objects around them. Most of the time, we would rather not speak, yet we still communicate with our bodies. It is feasible to tell a girl’s virginity by her body language, yes. In the same way that I described, how she responds to discussions about and when you are alone with her about s*x determines whether she is a virgin or not. When you ask a non-virgin woman for s*x, she doesn’t put up much of a fight. However, if she were a virgin, she would struggle until one of you gave up.