How To Text A Girl On Snapchat For The First Time

Are you wondering how to Snapchat someone for the first time or how to start a conversation with a girl you’ve never met on Snapchat? Keep reading to find out…

The most widely used networking app among teens at the moment is Snapchat. Adults find it to be really popular as well. In the instantaneous digital era we now inhabit, connections are possible.

One will ponder if someone can establish a friendship or relationship with just a few fast texts and messages. Is it realistic to express yourself authentically through texting? The new way at this age and time is through texting. You must text a girl effectively to pique her interest if you want to attract and catch her attention. This is undoubtedly feasible, and Snapchat has set the stage.

We’ll go over the best practices to implement to make the best use of how to text a girl on Snapchat for the first time. 

Add her on Snapchat

Touch the plus sign and human icon at the top of the screen after opening Snapchat. A menu will appear; choose “Add Friends.” After there, you can add her by using her username and adding her to your contacts on your phone. To do that you will need her phone number first. Or by scanning her Snapchat code. If you don’t know her username, phone number, or Snapchat code, you may always find her on the friend list of a friend that you have in common with.

Chat as though it is face to face

For a conversation that feels natural, modify your responses to the occasion. If she replies, let the conversation continue as if you were speaking face-to-face. To signal that you are paying attention, ask her questions about the things she says. 

Use your photos to give her a picture of your interests, activities, and values.

The do’s

1. Be funny: 

While thinking of what to text a girl to get her attention and be right on track. Try to be funny, that is if you are, don’t force yourself to be that person if you are not naturally funny. You may start up a conversation by sending her a meme or sharing a funny bitmoji story. Try to make the moment fun and one she would look forward to even if she is having a busy day.

2. Her Snapchat stories: 

This beautiful girl has caught your eye but you do not know how to approach your situation. You don’t know how to text first or get her attention? Slide on that story she posted and drop a comment or a compliment. Maybe she posted about her favorite tv show, slide up and tell her what you think of the show if it is your favorite too, let her know. When you first begin snapping, only drop comments now and then. Increase your comments as you snap more. Just use the opportunity well. 

3. Send a snap: 

Another way to engage her is by sending her a snap of yourself. It Could be some few-second videos of yourself or something fun. Most importantly, something you know she would love to see or resonate with. Talk about the cute pet she posted and your shared favorites. Watching her snaps would lend you a hand on that. You must have come across something in her stories, use it to your advantage. Remember not to streak or share too much. No bombarding allowed.

4. Post on your snap:

Show off yourself, while you go about your daily activity, with something fun and engaging. You may also use the medium to attract her to your stories often, by posting her interests, which could be her favorite tv show, that is if you know her likes. Maybe foods, memes, and so on. This is reasonable and enough to make her slide to text you or even be excited to respond to you when you text her first

The Don’ts

1. Cliche expressions 

Resist using clichéd or exaggerated expressions. She won’t be interested in questions like “hello, what’s up,” “what are you doing,” and “what’s going on,” and she might not even read them. She might ignore your snaps if you make strange or excessively stupid remarks

2. Eager to link up

Your end goal is to meet her and finally share a space with her. Maybe you just want to be friends, right? Because not all boys or girls’ approaches really should result in a relationship. Whatever your reason is, resist the urge to hasten her or bother her about a meet-up. Relax, take the famous chill pill, and take the steps diligently, you will be there soon.  Even if she is interested in you too, she might not be in a hurry to meet you. It’s still best if you take it slow. Otherwise, prepare for landing because you are getting a decline.  

3. Decency

I don’t know what happened to the phrase “have the decency” These days Snapchat is like a walking hell. People have thrown away their morals and think everyone wants to know what’s under their pants. Oh c’mon! No one wants to know that unless you two are now dating. Respect her boundaries and limits. Although some might like it, you wouldn’t want to lose your crush just because it is said there is no harm in trying. Allow the connection to lead to it if you must. 

4. No Bombarding allowed, be patient 

You are probably wondering, what have you not done right, or hasn’t she seen my message yet? When you have sent her a collection of the funniest memes. You made a sweet comment about her snap, you just know you’ve done it all right. So why isn’t she responding to you? So you go ahead to text her again and again. 

Please be patient. You have no idea her time and schedule, or how difficult her schedule may be right now. However, do not send any additional messages. 

Nothing turns her off more than opening your message and seeing a massive wall or snaps from you. Simply be patient. Keep only positive thoughts in your mind. Please be patient. And the outcomes will follow.