15 Painful Messages To A Cheating Boyfriend

The pain that comes from being cheated on is similar to physical pain despite being emotional.

Not only is it heartbreaking to discover you have been cheated, but it may completely upend your life. 

The idea of your partner cheating on you probably makes you feel incredibly hurt, especially if you were devoted to them, lived together, or even made plans for the future.

In the era of social media, cheating—whether it involves someone you know or a famous person—is a topic of conversation almost every day. And if you’ve ever discussed cheating with someone, or if you read the comments section after a celebrity affair makes headlines, you know that most people have strong feelings about whether or not infidelity is a huge deal.

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), betrayal trauma, and persistent trust problems might result from the pain of your partner cheating on you.  Infidelity can manifest itself in a number of ways, including overt flirting, sexting or other online adultery, emotional relationships, and physical or sexual affairs.

Words are powerful enough to express yourself. Whether you decide to forgive them or walk away, always use the right words to overcome everything.

Here are 15 messages to send to your cheating partner to help communicate your pain and intention.

Messages to make a cheating boyfriend change

Messages to make a cheating boyfriend change
Disappointed woman from her boyfriend

1. I felt we had something special, and I trusted you. I was in error. I’m hurt, and I won’t pretend otherwise. I won’t lie and say I don’t feel deceived because I do. However, I’m going to move on since I merit better. I deserve someone who will never make me doubt my feelings for them and who is trustworthy and devoted. I should be loved for who I am, not for what I can accomplish for other people. And I’m aware that someone is waiting for me somewhere. So long, and best of luck in your search for what you’re after.

2. You are unable to undo the hurt you have created, no matter how hard you try. You broke my confidence and caused me much pain; no amount of apology will ever be sufficient to undo what you’ve done. I worry now if I’ll ever be able to put my trust in you again.

3. Leave my sight; my love for you has faded. Recognise that love is a pure, chaste, and lovely sensation of the soul; all it takes for this feeling to turn into heartbreak is for it to encounter an act of heartbreak. You now know what needs to be done because of your poor behaviour towards me.

4. To be honest, I’m relieved you’re no longer in my life because you’re not the kind of guy I thought you were. I was too naïve to recognise that you were anything more than fleeting delight. This entire experience has taught me a lot about who I am. I now understand that being alone myself is preferable to being with someone who doesn’t value me. I hope you come to your senses and acknowledge what a fool you were after everything you did to me.

5. The greatest horror I have ever experienced is what you have done. When karma comes to visit you later on, you will be sorry for what you did. You will be tormented for the rest of your life by the anguish and tears that well up in my eyes every time I think back on what you did. You becoming my boyfriend makes me regret it. Unaware that I had been spending my life with a man who didn’t give a damn about how I felt. I used to believe I had found the love of my life; maybe I was wrong.

Messages when you are considering breakup with a cheating boyfriend

Messages when you are considering breakup with a cheating boyfriend
Angry couple on street

1. I’m not sure how many times I’ve already extended forgiveness to you for your transgressions, but this time it’s just too much. I’ve been hurt by you too much previously, and this time, I have no more patience for you to change because I know in my heart that you will continue to do the same things until our relationship ends permanently.

2. You broke my heart, which I surrendered to you. It was meant to be a thing of love. You degraded my body, which I gave to you. It was meant to be cherished. You killed my soul, which I surrendered to you. It was meant to be welcomed. There are so many excellent reasons to despise you. If you continue like this, I might be forced to leave you.

3. I don’t want to be your obstinate doll, which you can have when you want it and discard it when you don’t. Because you haven’t been a decent man to me, the terrible is over, and you should leave me alone to enjoy my life. I would need to evaluate everything to decide if I still want to be with you.

4. I always believed that you were the best man I had ever met and that you would be the best person to look out for my heart and understand life. I will never be able to forgive you because you are the only one who has cheated on me. How unfortunate that you have dashed all of our hopes. I am no longer sure if we are meant to be.

5. Even though I might not know how to put it into words, know that the void you left in my heart will never go away. I’m sorry to have known you. I’ve made the best decision of my life by saying goodbye to you since you don’t deserve anything wonderful.

Breakup messages to a cheating boyfriend

Breakup messages to a cheating boyfriend
Young is girl is rejecting boy on the street

1. I’ve been doubting your loyalty for a while now, but I always assumed it was all in my imagination. Having known you for the majority of my life, I thought I had finally found the one. I could not have made a worse mistake. All I saw in my ex-boyfriend was deceit and dishonesty.

2. One does not cheat out of a lack of affection. It stems from being a scumbag, being self-centred, and lacking respect. You could have just stated, “I don’t want this to go on,” taken your dignity, broken up with her, and gone home to go on your life with your new friend. But out of avarice, you decided that you would like to keep both of us. You now have nothing, so go on and enjoy your life.

3. It’s unbelievable that you felt I was naive enough to fall for all of your falsehoods. It only took a moment to ruin everything, despite all the faith I put in you. You really are a disgusting person. I wish we could chat again, but when I consider all the lies I have been told by you, I lose interest. Please get away from me and my space; I don’t want to hear from you any more.

4. You are in the past; you are that past, and it is a path I do not want to take any more because it leaves me feeling incredibly disappointed and astonished to discover who the person I spent so much time with was. You are the kind of loser I never wanted in my life. I appreciate you making me second-guess my choice and vow to use greater caution moving forward. I hope we don’t cross paths again.

5. The worst thing a man can do is turn on a woman who has truly battled for him, stood with him through his worst moments, and shown him support. I’m going to go since you don’t value me. In our relationship, I have given so much, although the affection was only reciprocated. Time to let go, please.


Many people who cheat on their partner believe it won’t harm them if they partner is unaware of it. They think that neither their relationship nor their spouse would be affected if their partner is unaware that they are having an extramarital affair. Those who hold this opinion are mistaken.

A betrayed spouse is aware that there is a problem, even if they are unaware that it stems from adultery. This is a result of the betrayed partner’s inability to resist the emotional distance that always develops when one partner cheats.

If you eventually confirm your partner is cheating, you will always need words to express yourself. Remember to put yourself first regardless of your decision.