What Does It Mean When She Calls You Daddy

couples, daddy

The word “daddy” is widely used, but typically in reference to a father figure.  The term now makes its way to romance, nevertheless. It’s now a pet name for some women.  But why does she refer to you as “Daddy”?  Well, you don’t need to panic, even though it could be confusing.  The truth is …

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100 Good Questions To Ask Your Crush

two lovers, crushes on the rail

One thing that can make your consciousness completely blank is having a crush. Whether it’s with someone you’ve known for a while or a stranger you’ve been eyeing at your local coffee shop, if the presence of this person renders you utterly speechless, you are not alone. But how can you get to know your …

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What Is It Like To Have Sex With A Friend?

friends in a sexy position on a beach bank

Friendships fill our lives with an incredible amount of happiness, assisting us in times of difficulty in our search for fun and the opportunity of growth, as well as boosting our spirits at times of celebration and change.  During meals, we share anecdotes and pass the time by making each other laugh and finding common …

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50 Trending Relationship Topics To Talk About

trending relationship topics

Are you looking for ways to spice up your relationship conversations? Search no further because I will reveal to you a list of the 50 trending relationship topics to talk about with your partner to avoid dull moments. Honestly, knowing some good relationship topics or a list of trending relationship topics to talk about with …

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The 3 Types Of Men Who Have Affairs

men who have affairs

It is the dream of every lady to have a faithful, loyal, and loving guy who will treat her right. Ladies try as much as possible to avoid guys who cheat. Cheating usually destroys every good relationship, ruins reputations, and sends a message of discard to the person who is cheated on. You need to …

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100 Best Instagram Dm Pickup Lines

Pick up lines for her on Instagram

Are you looking for the best pick up lines to start a conversation with a girl on Instagram? Honestly, knowing what lines work with girls on Instagram will give you the smoothest slides into her DM. Apart from feeding your eyes with beautiful pictures and connecting to the culture and lifestyle of people halfway around …

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100 Unique Nicknames For Boyfriend With Meaning

nicknames for boyfriend

In a relationship, giving each other nicknames is top-notch. Picking a nickname shouldn’t be a big deal, but the name to choose for him might be challenging. All you have to do is check in on your shared memories or his quirks to find a charming nickname for him.  So if you are looking for …

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How To Ask A Girl Out In 6 Simple Ways

a guy asking a girl out

You may be wondering how to ask a girl out through text, via WhatsApp or how to ask a girl out in public. We’ve got you covered with the most creative ways to ask her out and score yourself a date with her. Guys frequently ask this question because most times when they see the …

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