Uncommon Pet Peeves List–Top 50 That Annoys People

If you are a person who is interested in getting along with people, you would want to have the right conduct and avoid being in people’s bad books. Avoiding annoying behaviours such as pet peeves is a wise step to take.

You know those things people do that irks you? Surely, you also have some behaviour that irks others about you. No one is perfect, but being conscious of your pet peeves might help you to conduct yourself properly.

Below is the list of 50 uncommon pet peeves for your awareness and ultimately improve your conduct. They have also been categorized into 4 sections.

Uncommon Pet Peeves In Communal Living

  1. The failure of dog owners to clean up after their pets.
  2. An excessive amount of showing affection in public.
  3. It is an awful sound to hear when someone scrapes their fork or knife across a plate with food on it.
  4. Leaving the lights on in a room that is otherwise empty
  5. Never volunteer to help pay a bill or assist in any way.
  6. People who walk in such a way that their feet repeatedly hit the ground with a loud bang
  7. People who stand in the way of an elevator door or take up the entire sidewalk and stand in the way of people walking by. 
  8. The noise produced while writing with chalk on a wall.
  9. When someone forgets to take their items out of the passenger seat.
  10. People in the audience who clap when the movie is over. 

Uncommon Pet Peeves Of Close Association

  1. When you’re in a hurry, and the cashier attending to you is unnecessarily chatty, it could be annoying. 
  2. When someone expects you to do all of the work even though they don’t pick up after themselves and continue to make a mess.
  3. Taking glances at your mobile device when another person is speaking.
  4. It’s amazing how much it can grate on your nerves when someone does the same thing over and over again, like clicking their pen.
  5. Those individuals who talk about themselves in the third person. 
  6. When someone eats from your plate without asking for permission first. Purchase some ice cream for yourself, dude!
  7. When someone watches a movie without turning off their phone or at the very least putting it on silent mode.
  8. Someone who consistently arrives late and makes you wait for them despite your best efforts. 
  9. Someone who routinely sends back memes or emojis in response to text messages. 
  10. When the middle of one of my sentences cuts into the beginning of one of your sentences.
  11. A person who is incapable of apologizing or who refuses to acknowledge when they have done anything wrong. 
  12. People who go to great lengths to try to alter themselves for a significant other.
  13. Sneezing or coughing without covering one’s mouth with one’s elbow is a common cause of the spread of germs. This cringes people.
  14. The people who never seem to know when to stop talking and who offer unsolicited advice.
  15. When one person is standing too near to another.
  16. When a close buddy is unable to keep a secret.
  17. The fact that the person who never messages you back constantly has their phone in their hands is an unpleasant discovery.
  18. Having a conversation with another person while using headphones.
  19. The use of the phrase “no offense” after an insult.
  20. Asking nosey questions that show you don’t respect boundaries.

Uncommon Pet Peeves In Romantic Relationships

  1. When others make the assumption that the opinions held by you and your partner are the same. 
  2. When your boyfriend or girlfriend doesn’t like confrontations and walks away in the middle of a fight. 
  3. Neglecting important dates such as birthdays and anniversaries
  4. When there is a disagreement between the two of you, calling your partner by their name could be offensive.
  5. When your partner talks too much about you to their other friends and acquaintances, certain matters ought to be kept private between the two of you.
  6. When they are a touch too tight with their ex, or even worse, all of their previous partners. 
  7. Noticing that your partner’s behaviour changes when they are with their family or friends as opposed to when it is just the two of you together can be a red flag.
  8. Having a partner resorts to the silent treatment in order to win arguments.
  9. When your current significant other brings up an ex during a disagreement and compares you to that person. 
  10. When one person in a relationship makes all of the decisions as if the other party has no autonomy, this is known as decision-making dominance.

Uncommon Pet Peeves At The Workplace

  1. Employees in the workplace who don’t wear socks with their shoes. 
  2. An open office setting that lacks privacy.
  3. Colleagues who never seem to shut their mouths
  4. An unwelcome and unwarranted “helpful observation” made by a nosy coworker
  5. Emails marked as important that aren’t actually that important 
  6. Poor quality of the internet connection. 
  7. A fellow employee who refers to beers as “adult beverages”
  8. When time spent in meetings consumes both working time and personal time. 
  9. Poor quality of the office refreshments. 
  10. The restrooms being a mess, and the toilet seats left up.


You have already accomplished half of your goal if you are concerned about not becoming an annoyance to others and are looking for ways to address this issue. Being self-aware and changing how you interact with others is all that’s required. 

Focus on your interactions with others, whether in person, via text, or online, and adjust your approach if necessary. Giving others the appropriate amount of space that they need is also crucial.

Work on the identified pet peeves you could have and listen to what others complain about. If you can work on this, you are sure of having a better relationship with people.

When people don’t consider you annoying, they would want to spend more time with you and invite you to productive activities.

If there is a need to vote for a head or representative at work, do you think anyone wants to vote for the annoying guy who messes up the restroom after using it?

You might not be perfect, but keep things minimal. It is truly beneficial to be less annoying.