Rook Piercing: All Your Questions About Rook Piercing Answered

When you thought you’d heard it all when it came to ear piercing placement, piercers came up with yet another brilliant idea known as rook piercing. The rook is an outside ear piercing, which means that the jewelry only goes through the cartilage ridge and not all the way through the ear. This makes it “one of a kind.”

If you’re just learning about this type of ear piercing, you’re bound to have a lot of questions right now. So, if you want to broaden the scope of your ear candy story, keep reading to learn more about this intriguing style.

Rooks Ear Piercing Questions And Answers

As we proceed, all your questions about rook piercing will be answered. So, keep reading!

What Does Rook Piercing Mean?

Rook ear piercing is a vertical piercing of the ear’s antihelix cartilage. It is, in essence, the piercing of the left or right ear’s uppermost inner cliff. Depending on how prominent your antihelix is, a rook piercing may be either 14 or 16-gauge. It is Rook normal and may be securely done within ten minutes by a skilled practitioner.

Is It Good to Sleep On Your New Rook Ear Piercing?

No. After getting a rook ear piercing, you should avoid sleeping on the particular side of the ear that was pierced for the first month because It may hurt badly due to pressure from the pillow. However, if you must sleep on that side of the ear, try as much as you can not to snag it on your hair or pillowcase.

What Are The Rook Ear Piercing Jewelry Available?

Rook piercing jewelry is available in a range of designs that complement any style if you desire to make a statement or stand out. The various jewelry types include:

  • Studs
  • Rings
  • Hoops
  • Ball rings
  • Bead rings
  • Barbell

What Is the Rook Ear Piercing Healing Time?

It takes a rook piercing anywhere from 6 to 9 months or a full year to recover completely. People mend cartilage piercings at different rates, so before discontinuing aftercare procedures, check with your piercer to be sure the piercing is entirely healed.

Will a Rook Ear Piercing Reject?

The response to this query is entirely non-objective. Rejection is always possible, but it happens less frequently than you think. As long as you wear fine jewelry, you don’t have an issue with this.

For How Long Should I Wait Before Changing My Ear Piercing Jewelry?

As instructed by an expert piercer, you should exercise some patience for at least one year. After that, you can now return to your piercer for new jewelry. However, you can do this yourself if you are confident enough.

Does The Rook Ear Piercing Help With Anything?

Yes, but it has not been scientifically proven. Some people who have gotten rook ear piercings have testified that, after getting the rook piercing, they were relieved of migraine headaches and stress levels.

How Much Does Rook Piercing Cost?

The cost of getting a Rook Piercing differs from location to location. However, some may cost from $30-$100 or even more but keep in mind that you will pay for the jewelry separately.

How Painful Is a Rook Ear Piercing?

When you compare this to other cartilage piercings, a rook piercing must cut through two layers of cartilage. According to the piercing pain scale, people rate rook piercings between 5 to 6 out of 10. Pain is always personal. Luckily, it moves swiftly, and after it’s over, the pain immediately goes away.

Why Should You Avoid A Rook Piercing?

It would help if you avoided rook piercing because it could have some drawbacks, which include infections and scarring near the piercing. However, if you take good care of your new piercing, you can easily avoid these negative effects.

What Are the Rook Ear Piercing Aftercare Rules?

Following your experts’ instructions, you should ensure to clean your rook piercing twice to three times a day, just like you would any other piercing. Make sure the aftercare spray you select solely contains a solution of salt and water. The chemicals in many aftercare sprays, such as tea tree oil, will irritate the piercing and delay recovery. Additionally, avoid using earbuds.

Does Rook Ear Piercing Have Any  Benefits?

Yes. Rook ears are exceptionally stylish, versatile, and a perfect way to deck out for a look if you are searching for something different and exceptional. There is a possibility of styling your rook piercing uniquely.

How Do I Clean My Rook Ear Piercing?

To clean your new rook ear piercing, you should make use of a sea salt soak mixture that is made from pure organic sea salt and mildly clean the pierced spot.

Making use of this saline solution at least twice or three times daily until your rook piercing is healed is perfect because it will help speed up the healing process. Make sure to carefully cleanse your hands before handling the spot.

What Are The Types Of Rook Piercing Available?

Faux rock piercing and double piercing are the type of rook piercing we’ll be discussing here. Check them out below;

Faux rook ear piercing is seen as one horizontal puncture with some jewelry behind the ear. This variant looks fantastic when accessorized with studs and suggests a coral piercing.

Double rook ear piercing is when two holes are made on the inner ridge of the ear in a double rook piercing. The outcome is even more captivating!

Is It Normal For A Rook Piercing To Swell?

Rook’s new ear piercing will often cause some swelling around the pierced area. Within a matter of days, this should stop. However, if it doesn’t, consult your piercer for advice. Also,  if it is excessively bothersome or worsens over time, don’t keep it to yourself.

How Should I Change My Rook Piercing Jewelry?

It would help if you only changed your rook piercing when your piercing is fully healed. If you are unsure of how long you should wait, speak with your piercer to be sure you’re inside is properly healed. A piercing may become infected or completely closed if the jewelry is removed before healing is complete.

Is Rook Piercing Dangerous?

As with all cartilage piercings, the dangers of receiving a rook piercing are minimal. It has a lower danger of getting tangled up in other items because it is hidden. Because of this, it is a little bit more secure than other ear piercings.

Wrapping Up

Finally, all the frequently asked questions are answered to help you with all the information you need concerning rook ear piercing so that you won’t make wrong decisions when going for rook piercing procedures.