What Is Passionate Sex And How Do You Become Better At It? 

Passionate intimacy serves as a crucial element in maintaining and harmonizing relationships. It fosters connection, fortifying bonds, and achieving mutual pleasure with a partner. The absence of such intensity often contributes to relationship challenges, as the fuel of passionate lovemaking is missing, and partners may struggle with expressing passion. Passionate sex can be enjoyed in different ways. It doesn’t matter whether you have been with your partner for years, consistent intimacy is key. 

People often misunderstand lust for passion and get disappointed. It is essential to understand and recognize passion from lust when it comes. 

In this article, you will discover what passionate sex really is and how to become better at it. 

What Is Passionate Sex? 

There are a lot of misconceptions about what passionate sex is. Passionate sex is not what you see in Hollywood or porn, it is not always about being fast and aggressive, and it is not always about ripping each other’s clothes, and don’t get carried away by what you see in movies because passionate sex is not always about dramatic lovemaking. It is way more than that.

Passionate sex involves intensified physical contact, including kissing, caressing, and cuddling accompanied by open verbal communication about desires and preferences. Such encounters are commonly perceived as more intimate than regular sexual activities, contributing to increased satisfaction for both partners. Passionate sex is when you both desire each other, it may be fast and energetic or slow and tender. 

There are a lot of misconceptions about what passionate sex is. Passionate sex is not what you see in Hollywood or porn, it is way more than that. It is about being fast and intense all the time. 

It’s important to allow your mind and body the time to get aroused. Engaging in sexual activities, especially penetration, without being fully ready is not always pleasurable. Additionally, many individuals find that fast, hard, and intense sex isn’t always pleasurable; it might be more of an occasional preference rather than a daily preference.

How to Become Better at Passionate Sex. 

Passionate sex is essential for every genuine relationship because it promotes emotional intimacy, communication, and satisfaction among other things. Here are some ways to get better at passionate sex. 

1. Connect to your partner physically and emotionally: 

Set out time for your partner to enable connection and learn more about each other’s body and preferences, get to know their desires and fears. Each day presents an opportunity to learn more about your significant other and share memorable moments. As the relationship matures, couples naturally develop a sense of compassionate love.

Neglecting to set aside moments for shared experiences, learning, and growth can hinder the development of both passionate intimacy and a deep emotional connection. Engage in activities that enhance your emotional bond. You could plan dates as connecting on a profound emotional and vulnerable level is essential for the overall health of your relationship, impacting not only the sexual but also the emotional aspects.

2. Try out new positions: 

Making love in the same position every time can get boring, you and your partner should explore new positions to spice up things in your bedroom. It will be very bad for your partner to be able to predict your every move. If you are always predictable then you will always have bad sex which will potentially kill any form of passion. 

Explore new positions to add creativity to your intimate moments. Venture beyond the usual and discover new ways to heighten the intensity of your experiences. Embrace open-mindedness, as experimenting with different positions can bring excitement and fun to your sex life. From missionary to reverse cowgirl there are countless positions to learn and enjoy. 

Trying out new positions with your partner is a wonderful way to spice up things and enjoy passionate sex. Never stop learning, exploring, and growing. 

3. Embrace oral sex: 

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It may surprise you to know that a good number of couples omit oral sex from their intimate moments for various reasons. It’s not compulsory that you engage in oral sex every time you get intimate but it is essential to promote passionate sex between you two. Explore the art of pleasuring your partner orally, engage with your tongue, and motivate your partner to reciprocate. 

4. Communicate: 

Communication is key in every facet of life. Establishing a passionate sexual relationship depends on transparent and sincere communication. Engage in conversations with your partner about your desires, limits, and fantasies. Create an atmosphere that encourages open communication, facilitating mutual comfort in expressing your needs and concerns. This not only deepens understanding but also nurtures a stronger emotional bond, enhancing the passion in your intimate life.

5. Always be present: 

Passionate sex blossoms when you’re completely engrossed at the moment, never allow your mind to wander miles away or be consumed by work or some other issues. Passionate sex certainly doesn’t thrive when self-conscious thoughts or performance evaluations take center stage. 

Staying fully present during intimate moments can be demanding when you have other responsibilities. However, your body can be a guide. Focus on the sensations and experiences unfolding in the moment to anchor yourself back to the present.

6. Be expressive: 

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Talk dirty to each other. You can’t have passionate sex and be quiet. Express what you feel. Tell your partner you love what they are doing to you, use expressions such as I love you, I can’t wait to savor your sweetness, this feels good, I want to have you inside of me, I want you so bad, you are so handsome/beautiful, and so on. 

7. Set the mood: 

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Create an environment for passionate sex. Set the scene, use candles, flowers, scents, or your partners’ favorite playlist. The way you set your environment matters a lot. Setting your space passes the message across to your partner and gets them in the mood, it shows them you love and care about them so put in the extra effort. Be intentional with your space for intimacy. 


Achieving and nurturing passionate sex with your partner requires a holistic approach that surpasses the physical. It involves embracing self-love, emotional bonds, and a readiness to go into new realms of closeness. The strategies outlined here act as a guide, not only rekindling your sexual connection but also fostering a profound bond with your partner.

Keep in mind that passionate sex isn’t confined to an ordering of physical actions; it’s a harmonious fusion of emotional closeness, effective communication, and a sincere appreciation for both yourself and your partner.