50 Cute Valentines Day Wishes For Daughter

What should I write on my daughter’s Valentines day card?

Saint Valentine’s Day has long been a celebration of love, but not only romantic love. There are many different types of love, but the devotion a parent has for their children is one of the most unique. On Valentine’s Day, you should send your daughter a heartfelt note to let her know how deeply you value her.

When a parent first sees their daughter’s eyes and realizes that their reality has changed for good, it is said that this is one of the instances when they truly become parents.

Valentine’s Day Messages

Please allow us to have the honor of giving you the words to tell her how much you love her on this day by picking your Valentines Day wishes for her from the messages below.

  1. You are the epitome of beauty, my darling daughter, and I am so moved by the love you share with the world. I adore you a lot.
  2. I fell in love once more the day I became a mom to you. To my world, happy Valentine’s Day.
  3. Every Valentine’s Day, including this one, I give thanks to God for giving me a daughter who is as beautiful and courageous as you are. Kisses and hugs to the most incredible girl I know.
  4. Happy Valentine’s Day to my true love. You are such a lovely young lady, and I’m so happy with everything you’ve done this year!
  5. Being able to witness you grow your kids after watching you grow up has been such a blessing. You are a wonderful mother and daughter in your own right!
  6. Daughter, you never cease to amaze me with your infectious happiness and unending love. I cherish you.
  7. Love, Daughter I couldn’t be more proud of you because you remind me so much of myself, but in a better way.
  8. You are my best friend, and I adore you so much. You are the girl that keeps me young with all of your style tips, amusing stories, and the most recent rumors.
  9. Oh, my tiny birdie! You have the opportunity to stretch your wings and soar now that I have given you your wings. Dearest you,
  10. Greetings on Valentine’s Day, my precious, beautiful daughter. I hope your gorgeous smile is on display today, letting everyone know just how awesome you are! I adore you!
  11. I just want you to know that while I have a lot to be proud of in my life, raising such a wonderful daughter has to rank as the top achievement.
  12. Greetings on Valentine’s Day to my wonderful daughter. I’m extremely lucky to have been given the best of them all.

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  1. I hope you meet someone who shares my optimism for you. You are my ideal daughter, and I adore you.
  2. I often just marvel with myself, “What a marvelous experience it is to have you as my daughter,” when I observe your lovely grin and upbeat attitude.
  3. I’m giving you kisses, my lovely daughter! Even though I can’t be with you in person, I want you to realize I am mindful of you. I hope you were gifted with wonderful things today.
  4. Greetings on Valentine’s Day to my lovely daughter! I am very happy and in love that you are in my life!
  5. One of my biggest accomplishments and difficulties in life has been raising a strong woman like you. I can’t help but adore you so much.
  6. Please be treated today by my daughter like the delicious sugar plum princess that you are!
  7. Your personality is delicious on the inside and luxurious on the outside, like a box of candy. I want you to know that I will always be there to give you hugs, no regardless of where life takes you. I adore you!
  8. I learned a new way to love the day you were born, filled with pride, delight, and the need to look after you.
  9. Happy Valentine’s Day to the second most successful woman I have ever known! I adore you.
  10. Your accomplishments fill my heart with love and pride. On this Valentine’s Day, I send you my very best wishes.
  11. The first time a parent experiences such unselfish love is when he has a daughter, and you have so gracefully introduced this to my life. I’ll be grateful to you always!
  12. You are the greatest creation I have ever had the pleasure of making, and I am in amazement at all you accomplish. Valentine’s Day greetings!
  1. I realized you would cause trouble the moment I laid eyes on you, but I also knew you were going to be the heart of my dreams. Happy Valentine’s Day to my wonderful infant daughter.
  2. I can only hope that I may serve as an example for you and demonstrate the type of love you merit. Everything in the world is what you deserve.
  3. My most incredible girl, I’ll catch you if you fall, and I’ll be your breeze when you fly. I hope you know I’m here for you whenever you need me. Merry Valentine’s Day!
  4. I just wanted to express my admiration for you. You hold yourself to a high level and are always genuine about who you are. Merry Valentine’s Day!
  5. I didn’t even know my arms and hands were intended to hold you until after you were born. The greatest gift I’ve ever received from God is you.
  6. Nearly as much as you love becoming my daughter, I enjoy being your father. I adore you a lot!
  7. I am motivated to be more resilient and joyful by your resilience and zest for life. Happy Valentine’s Day to a daughter who is genuinely amazing.
  8. I will look out for you, keep you safe, and gently lead you through the purest laughter and the deepest sorrow.
  9. I gained whatever I know about elegance from my lovely daughter. To my favorite hairdresser, happy Valentine’s Day.
  10. It has been lovely to watch you mature into the woman you are now, my little queen. I will always be grateful to you for bringing into my life all the love I require. I adore you!
  11. I promise to constantly cherish and guard your little princess. You will never outgrow my affection for you, no regardless of how old you get!
  12. My princess, may you have a strong and self-assured day. You ought to be pampered like a princess, so I hope you will.
  13. I wish you the best of luck in finding someone who will treat you with the same respect I have trained you to expect.
  14. Even though this may be your first Valentine’s Day, I want you to know that I still adore you.
  15. It is an honor for me to watch you mature into the young woman you have become because you are so lovely in all you do.
  16. You are not just our only daughter, but also our favorite! Happy birthday, Val
  17. I want you to always know that you are incredibly loved no regardless of what you do, where you travel, or which path you choose in life. Merry Valentine’s Day!
  18. Being your mom or dad is only mildly taxing, but I have cherished you since you were in nappies, and that affection will never fade. You are the kid I will always enjoy!
  19. The best present I have ever had was when others stated you looked like something as rare and lovely as you, and that was when you were conceived.
  20. I am incredibly proud of you and I adore you without condition. I hope you recognize my backing in all you do.
  21. I love you, Daughter I wish you success and good fortune in everything you do. Greetings on Valentine’s Day. I adore you.
  22. To my teen daughter: I want you to know that you will continue to be my baby and my greatest love, no despite what. Valentine’s Day greetings!
  23. You brighten whatever room you enter with your wonderful disposition, gracious manner, and stunning beauty, and I adore that you are my daughter!
  24. My affection for you is unlimited, just like God’s love is for all of his children. Merry Valentine’s Day!
  25. I’m very proud to call you my daughter because you radiate compassion to everyone you encounter. Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day.
  26. You sometimes used to make me adorable heart-shaped crayon-colored cards when you were smaller, but now that you’re a young woman, you amaze me with your great generosity and love.