Best First Messages To Send On Dating Apps To Get A Positive Response

It is undeniable that dating is challenging, and in the era of apps, it may occasionally feel incredibly overwhelming. If you’ve ever swiped, you’re aware that after spending hours viewing profiles, they all start to seem the same.

However, you may find yourself not receiving the kind of attention you desire and want. Even while it can seem impossible at times, understanding and knowing the best first messages to send on dating apps to get a positive response is rather simple.

10 best first messages to send on dating apps to get a positive response 

1. First, have a positive profile 

If you want to attract positive responses. Then first you need to start with yourself. Keep a positive profile, so the hurdles become even less for you. You see, the majority of people don’t just respond to a message, they will examine your profile first. Then they will reply to your message if they like what it gives. Therefore, you must ensure that your dating profile is perfect and positive before you even attempt to send that first message.

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If you come out as fascinating and fun, your match will want to converse more. If you have nothing to show on your profile, most girls won’t respond. Upload some current photos to your bio that showcase your personality, such as good shots from a fun vacation or you engaging in one of your favorite activities. Include some information about your hobbies and preferences in your profile so that your match can learn a little bit about you.

2. Ask questions relating to their profile 

Make sure your first message on an online dating site shows you weren’t just attracted to her attractive images. It may seem strange and impolite to acknowledge or appreciate her appearance right away. 

Asking a particular follow-up inquiry on something in her profile can demonstrate your depth and maturity. 

This is a fantastic opening line for a dating app because everyone loves to talk about themselves. It’s quite likely to spark an interesting conversation because we all enjoy talking about our interests and passions. It demonstrates that you want to get to know them and that you took the time to read their bio.


You: Hi Jenny, so I have seen on your profile that you are a writer. So what book of yours would you recommend I read in my free time?

You can go ahead and find your way around here, but do know that you still greatly increased your chances compared to the one who sent “Hey.”

3. Don’t be basic

Imagine saying “hey” or just “what’s up?” It’s like you were just testing out your keyboard and not wanting to get a response in return. I will genuinely prefer to see a ‘Hey! How are you doing?’ because It sounds more confident and mature than “What’s up?” or just “hey” alone. 

4. No shorthands allowed/ Good grammar 

Shorthand is when you abbreviate words like example: 

Ofc we matched!!! – ofc = of course 

Lmk what you think about summer in your grandparent’s place – Lmk= Let me know

Using abbreviations in your first text gives off a wrong impression. Complete the words and make use of punctuation while writing text messages rather than acronyms and other difficult-to-read languages. Spend some time reading through your messages to make sure everything is accurate and spelled correctly and also that it makes sense before you send it.

5. Funny memes as a first message 

I personally do not think it’s risky for a meme to be your first message. I mean who doesn’t like to laugh? You might be in luck too if she is one like me, who loves some good collections of memes. 

Could be a gif, a phrase or a meme photo, or a funny pickup line. 

example: “I have seen beauty before, but this is a discovery “ 

  • Knock knock, will you let me in, I just want to talk

A clever and unique text could be effective. Avoid anything that seems particularly offensive so that you don’t upset her, and keep it light and funny so that she chuckles when she receives your text.

6. Show interest in her hobbies

Bring up a topic from her bio or something that you can relate to.

 An example: ‘I agree with you, traveling is therapeutic. Where was the last place this thrill of adventure took you to?’ 

  • We share similar musical preferences!

Keep in mind that dialogue shouldn’t be one-sided. Additionally, you get to jump right into the subject without engaging in any small talk.

So make an effort in your first message and  Inquire about something about her profile. It indicates that you put some thought into your reply and didn’t just write a typical “Hey, what’s up?” Try and talk about a recent event she’s been in if one of her images showed she attended a concert. It reveals your interest in getting to know her

7. Flirt with her

She’ll easily spot your interest in her. A fantastic method to make your match feel very special is to flirt with her. Be creative with it and add an emoji to show her that you are just being playful. Attempt to refrain from saying anything offensive or vulgar right away because doing so might make her feel embarrassed.

Example- “Am I not the luckiest man? To be matched with you? (emoji

  • We matched! This is a better love story than Romeo and Juliet. 

8. Shorten your messages

Short messages get a higher response rate from girls. Sending a long paragraph to a match you haven’t met yet may be daunting for them to read, so limit your first message to a few words. It’s more likely that she will read and respond to a shortened text than a long wall of messages. 

9. Introduce a game to engage her with 

Instead of engaging in small talk, introduce a fun game like emoji phrase out, truth or dare, would you rather, kiss marry kill, never have I ever and so many others. 

If you choose to play a series of “would you rather”  you can use this opportunity to ask questions and learn more about their personality, interests, and dislikes.

You might be surprised to learn that you both have a similar view and/or fascinating sense of humor. This can also be a fun and creative approach to getting to know the person you were matched with. 

Example: would you rather say everything as it is on your mind or never speak in your life? 

  • Would you rather text or make phone calls?

10. Don’t bombard them

Keep your communications a little less, unless you want to be categorized as a disturber or someone who is annoyingly needy. Avoid earning the reputation of a “double texter.” 

The fastest turn-off you can use is sending someone a message multiple times without receiving a response. Simply wait, You may either have to exercise patience or focus on something different, like the thousands of other single people who could respond to you. That is if you don’t bombard them with your texts. 


You must put in the effort if you do want to establish lasting relationships and hold interesting talks while dating. 

You’ll have to practice and become better while you interact with more people on dating apps. And then you will be close to discovering the ideal partner soon enough.