How To Know If Your Girlfriend Thinks You’re Small

Do you want to know how to identify whether your girlfriend thinks you are small? First, consider why it exists. Penis size has been a touchy and perplexing subject for as long as there have been males in the world. 

Some men just can’t help themselves from ever becoming fascinated with it because there is still no clear answer to the topic of whether penis size matters and because it is always left to the “personal choice” of their partner.

Let’s face it, if she had a more sumptuous one in the past, it was probably not that fantastic since she left them. As long as she appears contented and content with your relationship, both indoors and outside of the bedroom, you should not be worried about her. She is with you right now.

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Nevertheless, as men are frequently concerned about these matters, if you’re feeling vindictive, be ready to learn the realities about your woman’s history with men.

Why are you posing this query to yourself?

The indications that your girlfriend has had larger are discussed below. But let’s truly take a moment to think about this first.

A big cock isn’t all that matters as a guy, your value doesn’t depend on its size, both romantically and basically. It can sting during sex, and using what you have well is more important than its exact size.

You’ll receive a wide range of responses if you ask a survey of women whether size is important. However, women have the same concerns about their bodies that males do! They are concerned about their guy’s perception of their breast size, including whether they are too big, too tiny, sagging, etc.

Most likely, you’re not even aware. The fact that you’re seeing them at all worries her more than anything else. despite what you might assume, that is precisely what a woman perceives when she looks at your penis. She doesn’t subconsciously pull out a measuring tape and compare you to her ex.

Ask yourself why you’re truly so concerned before we get into the meat of learning how to determine whether your partner has had a larger man. 

Is a larger penis preferable?

Most men believe that having a large penis makes them more appealing to all women. How about a little one? Is there a consensus on the preferred size for women? Do guys with large d*cks get all the girls? Not at all. What, then, is truly important to a woman?

It is crucial to first clarify what “large” and “huge” actually mean. The length? Girth? There is no set standard for a penis ratio, even though measurements do matter to some extent. Even more so than most guys think, girth can be more significant than length. Understand that women tend to be more understanding than you are, regardless of how your penis appears.

The gesture of entering

Any reasonable person would base their investigation on how her vagina “feels” physically during sex. Some guys think that their girlfriend has had bigger d*cks before them if she has a loose cervix. Stop right there, please! Physical testing cannot determine whether the other person in a relationship has a larger package than you. This is why:

1. Different sizes and forms can be found in pens.

First and foremost, not all men have the same penis size and form. Because of this, it’s difficult to tell whether she had a larger penis before you or not using your penis alone.

2. Watch what she says and does while having sex.

She gives hints by expressing things as they are in sex. For instance, she will undoubtedly comment if she thinks your member is appetizingly enormous. Assume that she had long before you if she has just not reacted to the size of your penis.

3. Her fantasies appear to involve large penises.

If your girlfriend wants to take your bigger penis and you discover that she owns dildos or other penetrating sex toys that are bigger than your tool, she probably has used or preferred a bigger penis than you. She wants to go through it once more. That’s the end of your confidence.

4. Keep an eye on her face as penetration occurs.

Observe her face throughout your sex sessions if you need to know if your partner believes you’re little. The first penetration frequently results in a loud gasp of pleasure or discomfort for the guys, but no regardless of how countless occasions it occurs, the girls never grow used to it.

5. Look up her former lovers online.

Checking out your girlfriend’s ex-partners is a cunning approach to see if she has had more. It’s disgusting, but seeing a picture of her ex will help you understand what they are hiding within their pants. You’re aware that a man’s height, girth, and beefiness can have an impact on the size of his penis. So go ahead and stalk.

6. She informs you that you are the largest to date.

A man will occasionally have success in which he will have the largest penis that his lover has ever had. And to your immense pleasure, she will reveal it. Enjoy that ego surge if she informs you that you are the largest so far. It is unnecessary to know whether your predecessor had a larger one.

7. Initiate a talk about erections at random.

Through a chance discussion about d*cks, you want to guide her to the topic of inquiry you want to pursue. Start by telling her a “friend of mine” anecdote or mentioning the wasted guy from a pornographic film you watched. Bring up her personal experiences gradually.

8. Just ask her directly

Just ask the obvious question if all you want to know is the answer and you want it done with. Just be aware that some girls might feel awkward discussing their prior sexual experiences with ex-partners. Anticipate white lies or some reluctance while trying to obtain information about a more recent relationship.

9. Most likely, she is not referring to your penis.

Many men worry excessively about the size of their d*cks, so they frequently believe that the female is making fun of them in front of all of her friends. However, it seems unlikely that this is the case.

10. Large penises are disliked by some females.

Unbelievably, some ladies dislike huge d*cks. Therefore, size doesn’t necessarily matter. If it’s too huge, the woman stops enjoying it and finds it uncomfortable.


Keep in mind that what you do with something is more important than its size! It doesn’t matter if you have a trouser snake or a small version; what matters is how you make her feel good with what you have, not how big the tape measure is. It’s also crucial to keep in mind that having a large penis might occasionally be a major issue. If you’re too huge, a thorough penetration could accidentally damage her. To increase the likelihood that she will adore what you do, own what you have, and come to appreciate it.