How Can You Tell If A Woman Has Cheated? 

On different dating forums, I often come across questions like; how do you tell if a girl has slept with another guy? Are you worried that your woman is cheating on you, perhaps your partner is acting strangely, and you are growing uneasy.

Although you should have faith in their loyalty to you, you feel there is a problem. Finding out that your trusted girlfriend has cheated on you will be painful. 

However, if you have any suspicions, don’t act as though nothing is wrong. Keep an eye out for these warning signals for the truth might be she is cheating.

How to tell if a woman has cheated.

1. She is now often busy

She probably put other things on hold when you two initially started dating just to be with you. Now, it appears that she is simply dropping you, and her usual day-to-day routine has changed. 

She then vanishes for hours and returns late or even tired, claiming she had fallen asleep or was otherwise occupied. She doesn’t call or text you anymore or stay by your side as she would.

I’m sorry to break it to you, but you need to refrain from making excuses and start obtaining answers if your girl goes missing for an extended period.

She might no longer be as interested in your life. Even if it’s possible that she just has a busy schedule or a new activity, if you observe any other suspicious behavior for a while now, there may be a risk that she is cheating.

2. She begins to lay complaints regarding you or your relationship. 

When someone cheats, they frequently begin to point the finger at the other person so they won’t have to feel bad. Take note if your girlfriend starts criticizing you for your shortcomings or bringing up problems in your relationship. This can be a hint that she’s trying to make you look bad for her infidelity.

3. She avoids intimacy

She can abruptly lose all interest to be intimate with you if she’s cheating. Watch for abrupt changes in how she reacts when you want to engage in sexual activity or want to kiss her.  

She could perhaps not want to get wrapped up by you as usual, on the other hand, she could even be more eager to be intimate with you, as she may even try to show off some new sexual positions. 

4. She gets bored easily

The likelihood of a woman being bored in a relationship is far higher than you might imagine. She no longer enjoys or finds fun being with you. She begins to question why you don’t do this or that. This is because the person she spends time with is maybe different from you, while she enjoyed watching a certain tv show with you, she says no now that you two rather play a game you never knew about, but she seems so good at it, even if it’s the first time she’s bringing it up.

All of these are signals that she is growing tired of you and might be looking for a thrill with another man.

5. She changed the way she talks about the future now. 

If she used to discuss the future and frequently say “we,” but now only discusses things she’d like to do by herself. There is a valid reason why she is not incorporating you into her plans.

6. You caught her lying before

If you’ve already caught her lying to you about who or where she is hanging out, it might be difficult to trust her in any case. 

If you follow your instinct and look for the warnings of a cheating partner, you will find the solution quickly. 

Women tend to cover up their mistakes rather than take responsibility for them. However, guys behave similarly. People sometimes choose to keep up the lie since it’s more comfortable than to be found out as a liar.

7. New hobbies 

It could be a hint that your girlfriend has found a new boyfriend on the side if she suddenly becomes intrigued by new interests and hobbies that she had previously shown no interest in. 

Key characteristics of someone’s personality are virtually always revealed through new romantic partners. Learning what someone likes is a fundamental aspect of falling in love with them. They find their new partner fascinating, thus it becomes exciting and interesting. 

Therefore, if your partner has developed a new interest or grown fascinated by a new television program, this could be a sneaky sign that they’ve met someone new.

8. She’s always on her phone

Is she always messaging or speaking to someone you don’t know? Therefore, if it’s not you then she is probably lying. She moves around with her phone because she doesn’t want you to get a hold of it, and has something to hide.

Frequently she messages the other person while right in your face, it would take a cruel cheater to do that. The likelihood that the communication is not clear-cut is much higher. 

9. She changed her password

You use to have access to her phone, but now not only does she move around with her phone, when you think you have the chance to lay your hands on it. It is locked with an unknown password. What would she be hiding in there if not something worthy of raising suspicion? Even if you had no intention of checking her phone for cheating, you will be worried to find out a phone you knew the password to, or that had no password is now locked. 

10. She acts even more suspicious 

She returned home and rushed to the bathroom to shower when you tried to hug or kiss her. She gives the excuse of being all sweaty or dirty. Chances are she is rushing to clean up the clues of her debauchery, her messy hair, or the scent of whom she’s been with. This is one of the major signs of knowing a cheater. 


However, whether or not you are suspecting her, the truth of the matter is that you are worried your partner has cheated or is about to cheat on you after you looked through the aforementioned ways. And the fact that you are watching her so intently implies your relationship needs to be worked on. You two lack enough emotional intimacy and trust. If this is the problem, therefore you two need to talk and fix it, if it works for you, you stay or leave if it’s not healthy for you.