How To Make A Man Cry For Hurting You

There are 4 people that when they hurt us it can be very painful; our parents, our friends of many years, our kids, and the man we love. For this set of people, the hurt runs so deep that it is capable of disorganizing your entire life in one go and making you unproductive in your work for a while.

For this article, we will be focusing on the hurt the man you love caused you. Getting hurt by the man you love, a man who is supposed to care about can be extremely painful. It can make you doubt his love for you and question a lot of things between the both of you.

In situations like this, it’s very normal and okay to want to make him cry for hurting you. It doesn’t make you toxic or a bad person, it just makes you human. It’s very easy for someone else to say ‘cheat back’ if you want to make him cry for hurting you, especially if he cheated on you. While this is quite effective because no man will sit still when he realizes the woman he loves cheated on him even if he is guilty of the same thing, there are also many other ways to make him cry for hurting you.

In this article, I will be sharing with you some proven ways you can make him cry and regret hurting you.

1. Acknowledge That He Hurt You And Analyze How Badly He Hurt You

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The first part of making him cry for hurting you is to acknowledge that you are deeply hurt by whatever it was that he did. Sometimes we love to live in denial, especially when we are still surprised and never expected such an act from such a person. Acknowledge that you didn’t deserve such treatment, and analyze within yourself realistically how badly you were hurt.

Do you feel like you are exaggerating your feelings or do you genuinely feel the way you do? Why do you think you feel that way? Did he do it intentionally?

When you can answer these questions with a clear head it will direct you to the next best step to take.

2. Revenge Is Best Served Very Cold

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If there is one thing women have been very good of from time immemorial, and have perfected the ‘skill’, then it is serving very cold revenge. A kind of revenge that when it comes the receiver pauses in heavy shock and wonders in bewilderment why you acted in the way you did, without realizing it is just payback for an act they did and was selfish enough to forget it while you were still hurting all the while.

No matter what it was that he did, pay him back with a dose of his own medicine. While revenge is not a very advisable measure in relationships or marriage, this can become very necessary on some occasions.

He hurt you, you’ve cried, you’ve communicated to him how badly he hurt you and he has witnessed firsthand how it affected you, but he is still unrepentant and is not feeling guilty about it! Give him back the same hand he gave you at a period he is not expecting it and in a way he will not forget in a very long while.

3. Cheat Back

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This has been the oldest trick in the book, and to a large extent, it has succeeded in moving even the biggest of men to tears. All men have some things in common- ego and pride. No man ever wants to share his woman with any other man. The thought alone moves them to intense anger. And it doesn’t matter to them if they are guilty of the same act, if their woman cheats they are going to cry. So why not cheat back?

Cheating doesn’t have to involve your body, there are many ways to cheat back on a man and make him cry and regret ever cheating on you;

  • Go out with someone he feels is his competition
  • Answer late-night calls or calls that will make his imagination run wild in his presence
  • Go clubbing with your friends, especially your good-looking male friends.

These will torture him so much to the point of tears.

4. Dump Him And Move On

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Another way to make him cry and regret ever hurting you is to dump him. This act can be best not just for him, but also for you in the long run. You don’t want to be in a relationship where all you ever feel is hurt and cry yourself to sleep almost every night. Dumping him will make him realize too late what he had and how his foolishness made him lose you. At this point, he will cry and beg to come back but you’ve closed the door of numerous second chances on him forever.

5. Forgive Him

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This might not be something you want to hear at the moment because you are hurting, and angry and want to make him feel the same way, but it works remarkably well. Don’t underestimate the power of forgiveness.

Forgiveness can do a whole lot; it will make you feel at peace as opposed to feeling bitter, it will keep him on edge and wondering what your reaction will be and when you will react, and it will make him realize in the long run how foolish he has been and how he hasn’t been valuing all these while, it will make him come to apologize to you with tears running down his face and on his knees.

In a nutshell, forgiving him will put you at ease and make him suffer more.


When a man you love and care about hurts you the depth of pain is profound. It’s normal to desire to pay him back so that he can feel the weight of your hurt, and it doesn’t make you less human.

We’ve discussed several ways to make him cry for hurting you, from acknowledging your pain to contemplating revenge. While revenge may seem tempting, it’s crucial to approach it with caution, as it can perpetuate a cycle of hurt.

Forgiving doesn’t mean forgetting or condoning, but it holds the potential to bring peace to your wounded soul. It keeps him on edge, wondering about your reaction, and, in the long run, makes him realize the gravity of his actions.

Whether you choose revenge, moving on, or forgiveness, the key is to prioritize your healing. Making him cry should be a byproduct of your journey towards self-discovery and resilience. Ultimately, the power lies within you to decide the best course of action for your well-being and emotional peace.