Is My Boy Cheating? 10 Signs To Tell If Your Boyfriend Is Cheating

How do you test your boyfriend to see if he’s cheating? You probably can’t shake the feeling he’s cheating and want to know how a guy acts after he cheated or some signs he’s trying to cheat or currently cheating in the relationship.

Everyone in a relationship deserves a faithful and loyal partner who can do anything within their power to make them happy. Every lady wants to be the only princess in her man’s life. Who wouldn’t want to? She wants to be loved and pampered and hates sharing. That’s why you will always get questions like, “Is my boyfriend cheating on me?”

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No matter how old your relationship is, there are certain signs that, when you start seeing each other, you will know that your boyfriend is cheating on you. Although you may not be sure of this, with this guide, you will find clear signs to look out for. So, in this article, we’ll explore ten signs to tell if your boyfriend is cheating on you. Take a look!

10 Signs He’s Cheating On You With Someone

1.  He’s Always Finding Your Actions Faulty

When a man loves a lady, he’s said to love everything she does. None of her bad traits are bad in his sight. He always sees her as a saint. Now, if you begin to notice the opposite, something is wrong. When he begins to view everything about your actions and lifestyle as weaknesses, it’s a clear sign that he’s cheating on you and looking for an exit strategy.

2. His Friends Change of Attitude

Cheaters are more likely to be careless about hiding their tracks when their friends are around. A lot of people naturally confide in their friends about almost everything. So, your boyfriend’s friends may be aware that he’s seeing another woman other than you.

Due to this secret, they may become uncomfortable and apprehensive about being around you. His friends may no longer treat him affectionately or play with him as they used to. That is a clear sign that your boyfriend is cheating.

3. When He Looks Distracted

When your boyfriend, who usually pay attention to you in the past, now finds it hard to concentrate when discussing with you, watch it. He may be seeing someone else. If he now avoids eye contact with you when you’re together, there’s a problem, and he’s not listening to you. This is why you repeat the same things to him over time. He will find it difficult to contribute to the conversation, yet he’s watching you.

Also, you’ll notice that he has distanced himself from the relationship in various ways. Whenever he’s with you, if he starts to get more distracted, that’s a sign he’s cheating. Although there are several additional causes for distraction, this is not 100% proven.

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4. A Change In His Routines

If your boyfriend is the type of dude that has a routine, you will notice that his routine has changed if he starts cheating. Have his daily or weekly schedules undergone any significant adjustments recently? Does he arrive from work late with too many excuses? Perhaps he started frequenting the gym house lately, even on the days he worked overtime. This shows he’s trying his best to be there for his new lover. If you want to know if he’s cheating, watch for a routine change.

5. Always Accusing You Of Infidelity

Once your sweet and loving boyfriend begins to accuse you of infidelity at all times, watch it, he is cheating on you and using that as a defense mechanism to cover up for his actions. When he becomes paranoid, it’s a sign he’s cheating and thinking you’re doing the same thing. If your man keeps talking about you being unfaithful to him, his conscience condemns him for cheating.

6. A Bridge in Communication

When your boyfriend no longer treasures his communication with you, he can spend weeks without checking up on you or asking how things are with you. Watch closely; It’s a sign that he’s seeing another girl. So, instead of giving you attention, he would prefer being on phone calls with his lover or friends or meeting them up for guys’ time out together.

Sometimes, he would want to go somewhere on his off days to be away from you. When your boyfriend often uses the restroom for a longer time, he glances at his phone all the time. There is a good indication that he is cheating on you when things like this happen.

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7. Always Hiding His Phone

Something is quite off if, even in his own home, he finds it hard to drop his phone on the table or anywhere else anytime you are nearby. He should already feel at ease around you if you’ve been dating for a while, so he does not need to be overly watchful of his belongings, including his phone, when you are together. You can try asking him if you can use his phone; if he balks, your concern may be true.

8.   He’s Becoming Too Secretive

When your boyfriend no longer opens up to you about happenings in his life, he’s becoming overly secretive, and that’s a sign that he’s hiding something from you and maybe cheating. You both are supposed to be comfortable sharing even your deepest fears and encouraging one another. You ought to give each other a shoulder to lean on. So, when you notice he’s becoming secretive, that’s a sign he’s cheating on you.

9. He No Longer Flaunt You On Social Media Like He Used to

If he flaunted you on his social media handles, like Facebook, Instagram, etc., at the beginning of your relationship but no longer does that now, you need to watch it. Something fishy might be ongoing. However, this sign won’t work if he hasn’t been flaunting you from the start of your relationship. Everyone has their favorite way of expressing love, and showing you off might not be his thing.

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10. If He’s Always Looking For An Excuse Not To See You

You should know and understand your boyfriend well enough if you’ve been with him for a long time. You ought to know when he’s genuinely busy with work or just looking for an excuse not to see you. If he’s always avoiding being seen in public with you, the sign is that he may be cheating on you with another girl. No matter how busy he claims to be, if he loves you enough and is not cheating, he will always make time for you.

Wrapping Up

Lastly, you need to know if your boyfriend is cheating on you to protect your heart and mind. So, look out for the ten signs we discussed above if you feel he’s cheating on you. However, you also need to apply wisdom so you don’t lose a beautiful soul due to suspicion.