How To Make Him Feel Bad For Ignoring You

Being ignored by your man for whatever reason is one of the most annoying feelings in the world. Maybe you made him angry or the both of you quarreled and then he decides that the best way to handle his emotions and the situation is to ignore you!

Women love attention, and we especially crave it from the men we love, so his ignoring you can mess with your mood for as long as he is ignoring you and can also affect your productivity at work.

You may have done everything you can think of to make him stop ignoring you but he is still adamantly ignoring you for whatever reason. Well, drastic situations call for drastic actions, at this point, you have to do something different from what you have been doing all this while— make him feel bad for ignoring you.

So, how do you make him feel bad for ignoring you? There are many effective ways you can do this, especially when you know he is in love with you. In this article, I will be telling you some proven ways you can make him feel bad for ignoring you. Let’s dig in!

1. Ask Yourself The Right Questions First

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Before you start making him feel bad for ignoring you, you need to ask yourself the right questions as this will determine if this step you want to take is the right one for the situation you are in at this moment. Ask yourself;

  • On a scale of 1-10, how bad was the quarrel that is making him ignore me? Maybe he just needs space to think clearly about the issue you both had, especially if it was a big fight or if it revolved around issues concerning the future of both.
  • Did I annoy or hurt him that badly to deserve the silent treatment? Before you start acting like an entitled brat by wanting to make him feel bad for ignoring you, you need to ask yourself how badly you hurt him or annoyed him to make him act this way towards you. If you really hurt him badly, I’d advise you to find a way to appease him instead, but if you feel he is being overly dramatic and blowing everything out of proportion, then go ahead and make him feel bad for ever ignoring you.

2. Communicate Your Feelings To Him

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One of the direct and fastest ways of handling this issue is by communicating your feelings to him. You need to let him know that ignoring you because of whatever reason will not solve it but rather make things worse and endanger your relationship or marriage. Make him understand that he ignoring you is hurting your feelings and if he doesn’t want to see you hurt he needs to stop ignoring you. Talk to him in such a way that he understands that communicating your feelings in a relationship or marriage is better than ignoring each other.

3. Do Something Out Of The Ordinary

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Do something out of your character. This will certainly draw his attention to you and make him talk to you faster. Go clubbing if you’re the type that prefers the comfort of your bed at night stay out late with friends if you are someone who hates going out at night. Stay over at a friend’s place if you are someone who would rather stay in your house than someone else’s. Since he knows you very well and knows this is odd for you to act like this he will be forced to talk to you to know if you are ok.

4. Look Good

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This looks like a cliché thing to do, but it’s a known fact that men are moved by their eyes. Get a new hairdo, get your lash installation done, and buy a new dress that brings out your killer legs or curves. He might try to ignore you the first few times, but his body will soon betray him and draw close to you, and voila! the silence is broken.

Or if he sees another guy giving you attention due to your good looks. Jealousy will definitely push him into talking to you, then you can work your girly magic to get your man to start speaking to you again.

5. Give Him A Dose Of His Own Medicine

Does he think ignoring you is the best? Okay then, two can play the game. Give him a small dose of his own medicine by ignoring him too. Let him feel like you do not care that he isn’t on speaking terms with you. Men can be like babies sometimes, they may just be sulking and their being silent is them needing attention from their women. It doesn’t hurt to do it once in a while if you notice that it’s how your man really is, but if he has formed it as a habit to constantly do it, especially when you both have a fight that you are supposed to fix by talking, then you need to use this method. Act like you don’t care if he is ignoring you and go ahead to ignore him too.

Doing this will make him understand that you are tired of his attitude and no longer willing to put up with it again. This might scare him into talking to you as he doesn’t want to lose you.

6. Give Him An Ultimatum

This is very important, especially if the both of you have been in a long-term relationship. But it needs to be as a last resort. You need to let him understand that such behavior has to end as it is not ok. Let him know that you are not ready to spend the rest of your life with someone ready to ignore you for days over every slightest provocation.

Give him instances where and how this can break your relationship or marriage especially when the kids come along. He needs to choose between having a healthy lifetime relationship together where you both talk out your issue no matter how bad it is or keeping his emotions and behavior and seeing you walk out the door for good.

7. Try Blocking Him

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If you are dating a guy who can be manipulative and you feel he is using this to make you more needy of his attention to the point of begging for it, then you need to try blocking him temporarily. Doing this will do two things for you— it will give you space to think if you really want to spend the rest of your life doing this same thing every time you both have an issue that makes him start ignoring you for days and when he finally tries reaching you and notice that you’ve blocked him it will make him realize that you are no longer at that place where you beg for his attention, so he either readjusts or lose you.

8. Don’t Forgive Him Too Quickly

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When women love, we love deeply, and men know this so some of them use it to their advantage. If something like this has happened before or is recurrent, and you’ve told him how much it hurts you but he still keeps repeating it after you’ve forgiven him, then you need to stop forgiving him so fast. This only makes him believe that he can do it again and after you’ve begged him to talk to you, you forgive him for his attitude again and life goes on.

This time, he needs to understand that you are no longer willing to forgive such character so he needs to change or will also keep facing your anger.

9. Utilize The Power Of Social Media

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This is a good idea if you both are far away from each other and he is ignoring you. Dating long distances is hard enough, this can break up your relationship, so this can help.

Post frequently on your social media pages. Don’t make posts about being sad, make posts of you living your life and having so much fun. Post videos and pictures of you on an outing with friends, especially if it’s a group outing with guys in it. This will make him understand that your life doesn’t revolve around him and that you are still living your life and having fun even if he has chosen to ignore you, it will also make him jealous.

10. Place More Value On Yourself

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While this article is fully dedicated to making him feel bad for ignoring you so that he can stop ignoring you, I also want you to understand that you matter the most. If this is something he is in a habit of doing, then he is emotionally abusing you. It’s very wrong and you should not tolerate it.

You need to know it’s time to end it all, love yourself more because you deserve better than what he is offering you. Pick up yourself and move on. It may hurt at the beginning, but when you finally find that man who won’t put you through this emotional stress and drama, who will rather talk out the issues you both have than go to bed being angry with each other only to wake up ignoring each other, you will be grateful you left your ex.


Thinking of making a man you love feel bad for ignoring you can be very stressful. This is because he needs the right tactics to follow him, if not everything more go very wrong. I hope you employ one of what you just read as it will help you solve this issue in your relationship.