How To Survive In A Long Distance Relationship The First Year

There are a huge number of people who ask what percentage of long-distance relationships survive. Research shows that 75% of people in a relationship are in a distant relationship at some point even though social media messaging, dating apps, and video calls make it so easy for partners to stay connected while apart for an extended period of time. 

However, the first year in a long-distance relationship is usually the most challenging, it has left a lot of questions in the mind of many such as; how to be mature in a long-distance relationship and most importantly how to stay emotionally connected in a long-distance relationship with your partner. Although there are claims of higher breakup rates in long-distance relationships, we’re here to show you how to survive it.

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Long-distance relationships require high maintenance but are very rewarding. It may come with jealousy and doubt but it can also offer an opportunity for both partners to step back and re-evaluate their relationship, build love and strengthen the bond.

If you’re starting a long-distance relationship, the following tips will help you survive the first year into it no matter how harsh it could be.

1. Decision to make it work

One of the ways to survive a long-distance relationship in the first year is the decision to make it work.

When one partner is faced with an opportunity or obligation that requires travel, and the other partner can choose not to go with them, you will have to prepare your mind to get into a long-distance relationship. 

Obviously, common factors that cause a couple to consider a long-distance relationship are due to job description or promotion, education, and emergency or family members. And for the relationship to survive, you both have to give it your best.

2. Get ready for when your partner won’t be around

This is a situation whereby after one partner has left, launching the long-distance part of the relationship. Partners might be in a state of denial or simply too busy with the practicalities of moving and adjusting to life without their partner to dwell on when the relationship has changed.

They’ve to message or call their partner frequently and keep them updated on their day-to-day activities. This will make them feel they’re close even still in a long-distance relationship.

3. Courage to face reality

You have to begin to process what life is like without your partner around. You must face the reality that they don’t depend on their partner to be there for them physically anymore. The realization stage while painful teaches partners to be more independent, have time management and improve their communication.

4. Communication

If you’ve literally asked any couple in the world how they make it work, communication is probably the first thing they will tell you and even though you’ve probably heard this a million times before. It is so important in a long-distance relationship that you communicate with your partner frequently.

Besides the classic phone calls throughout the day, there are a few other ways to keep the conversation interesting without being too demanding when it comes to phone calls. It is necessary you facetime every single day no matter how crazy your day gets and also text intentionally.

5. Share your moments together

Make sure you share the little moments of joy, all the small moments in your day that brighten it up.

Even though It is going to be difficult to just reach each other at every minute of the day, it is important that it becomes part of your priority to always keep in touch.

6. Give each other the time to grow

It is okay to build your own personal life and remember it’s okay for the other person to build theirs. 

Don’t try and control or hold someone back by having an incredible experience. Invest in yourself and allow your partner to grow and evolve in their own way.

7. Be a good listener

Partners in a successful long-distance relationship will find themselves returning to the stage again and again. While the unsuccessful ones might end up in doubt.

Study shows that long-distance relationships survive when both partners give a listening ear to each other.

This means that long-distance partners were not face-to-face. They still felt like their relationship improve after phone or online communication as long as they call their partner and support them regularly.

8. Present a gift before traveling

In a long-distance relationship, it is good you give your partner a physical gift to hold on to before you embark on your journey. You can be inspired by exchanging jewelry, hoodies, mugs, and a lot of other things they cherish.

You don’t have to break the bank to gift your partner something they would cherish forever, your ability to decide what gift for him or her is golden.

9. Trust

Building trust is one of the ways to survive a one-year long-distance relationship.

For a long-distance relationship to work, you’ve to trust your partner. Life can be unpredictable, so sometimes, things might come up such as family emergencies, work overtime, or illness which may interrupt your usual communication with your partner, rather than worrying or feeling insecure that your partner might be cheating on you or if they’ve grown bored of the relationship.

Build your trust with your partner and ask each other how you’re feeling, do not bottle up insecurity and make the walls bigger. Getting answers directly from your partners over the change of situations will be better than assumptions and feeling in those gaps yourself.

10. Embrace challenges

Every relationship has ups and downs, long-distance relationships are difficult but don’t let challenges tear you apart. Knowing that the long distance is temporary and that you’re working on yourselves to become better and very much ready to meet each other for the first time after a long distance.

However, amidst all challenges, make out time to talk to each other about the struggles and hard feelings, and love each other despite the odds. Texting can also be a way to communicate how you feel to your partner.


They say, distance means so little when someone means so much but little distance has the ability to break bonds, to break trust and all that but you two can work things out.

I hope our article is a good guide to you on how to survive a long-distance relationship in the first year.