7 Ways To Avoid Boring Text Conversations

How do you make a boring conversation interesting over text? Go through and look over your texts and emails if you’re unsure if you’re a dry texter or not. We have some bad news for you.

Your messages are completely dry and you better step up your game if all of your responses consist of “ok,” “cool,” or “yeah.” If you’re just inherently bad at texting people, take a seat; we’ve got advice on how to avoid being a dry texter.

What makes you a dry texter?

Texting has its own set of guidelines and protocols, just like other forms of communication. You shouldn’t text pointlessly just because you prefer in-person conversations. So what characterizes a dry texter? 

You are a dry texter if you only ever respond with one word, never make suggestions in return, and ignore all the adorable pictures and memes that people give you. honestly, you may need training in etiquette if you’re uncomfortable messaging someone first or (the unfathomable!) leaving anybody on “read” for weeks at a time.

You don’t need communication issues brought on by poor messaging. Do you think this might be a recurring issue for you and are you wondering how to stop sending dry texts? draw closer; the lesson has begun. It’s time to develop effective phone communication skills. Make the person on the other end feel special if you want to stop sending dry texts. 

Feel personally involved in the discussion and, consequently, in them. That means making the effort to get in touch, asking thought-provoking questions, and searching for a humorous meme or GIF to jump-start a stale conversation. After discussing the fundamentals of how to avoid being dry when texting, let’s go further to provide you with some practical advice that will help you overcome your messaging inertia.

How not to text dryly

As a result, you might think that SMS messages aren’t that significant. You don’t just meet someone and leave, for example. even something as straightforward as failing to return calls For you, we have some news. Your texting skills can determine whether a relationship lasts or ends. Being interesting when texting a guy or a lady is essential to moving things along, particularly in today’s technologically advanced society where it could be daunting to know what to text a boy when the conversation gets boring.

Look to see whether the cute girl you were sort of texting is taking longer to respond. She isn’t overly excited when you finally ask her if she wants to meet up. Her messages are becoming drier and less. Doesn’t it hurt? You may want to make a concerted effort to learn how to avoid being dry when messaging now that you’ve had a taste of your very own prescription.

1. Responses shouldn’t take too long.

Whether you want to fix a dry text conversation with a girl or a guy, don’t presume individuals are unaware they have been left on “read” just because you can switch off WhatsApp’s “last seen” functionality. On an isolated island with almost no network. These two justifications may be acceptable, but we’re still not promising anything. We recommend responding to texts, even if it’s just to say, “Sorry, I’m busy right now, will chat later.”

2. Prevent one-word answers

Don’t do it, please. Yes, we are aware that there will be instances in which you are too busy to compose anything more than a fast “ok cool.” But because it is so unpleasant and abrupt, it cannot be the norm. Things like “ok,” “yes,” and the dreadful “k,” followed by silence, are essentially a way of telling someone they are unimportant and that you have no time for their frank textual confessions.

3. Have a goal.

We’re being serious and intellectual over texting, but it’s true! The conversation should have a goal, and when you do, you text more effectively. Do you know how almost every discussion has a schedule so that everyone can express themselves? Apply the same strategy to some of your messaging, at the very least.

Give your message conversations a comprehensive plan, whether you’re engaging in a formal text chain or just practicing being a less dry texter with your partner.

Have a text strategy and write accordingly to raise the bar on your messaging. If you lack spontaneity or have a tendency to overthink the “proper” response to a message, this is an excellent technique to avoid having boring text chats.

4. Use emoticons, GIFs, and memes.

Yes, you may use the eggplant emoji while being an adult. the peach, too. with the red-clad dancer. Emojis, GIFs, and memes are comparable to the vibrant sprinkles on a messaging cupcake. They lighten the mood, are funny, and function as a separate language.

5. Pose intriguing queries

The question “Am I a dry texter?” and, more crucially, “How can I avoid having dry text conversations” are on your mind right now. Always remember that the key to a successful discussion is to show interest in the other person. Even though you do not wish to learn or hear about their obnoxious colleague’s laugh all the time, if you inquire, it’s good for any connection.

Tell them what other works the author has published if the topic is a book they are currently reading. Ask them specifically what was stated if they are criticizing their employer, and add something about how awful these “management sorts” are if they are. And while you’re at it, send a meme.

6. The ability to humor

You know, the usual dating advice. You might step up your game a little, though, when you’re not face-to-face and uncertain of whether the other person is genuinely amused by your dry sense of humor. Sending jokes that have been sent is acceptable in a pinch. Create private text jokes on your own, give each other funny nicknames, and, if you feel comfortable doing so, send offensive front-facing images. These might not appear extraordinary, yet they work well.

7. Interpret the details

This is crucial, now. My spouse dislikes having lengthy conversations through text because he claims there is a high potential for miscommunication. I, on the other hand, could easily manage my entire relationship through text. We text frequently, and most of it is a lighthearted conversation. However, there are moments when you’re unsure of what they’re saying, what they’re trying to convey, or how sincerely you should take it.

8. Try to see the bigger picture.

It’s conceivable that they’re disturbed, anxious, or angry if they’re composing short, serious responses. They must be thinking about you and intrigued if they are texting you frequently. understand when to reciprocate.


Texting must develop into a dialogue. Don’t just send “Hello” and “How are you?” texts to people you met on dating apps. ‘Keep going, even if you text awkwardly. Inquire about their hobbies and relatives. And message them as if you were speaking to them. Be imaginative, use smiley faces, and when something is funny, say “HAHAHAHA.” Even while you’re staring at your smartphone, communicating is an art. Be effective in your chat, even if it’s on a dating app! Make it clear to the other person that you’re trying to avoid having monotonous text-based chats.