Industrial Bar Piercings: The Complete Guide

If you desire to get a structurally pierced ear with parts that are equal, lovely, and punk, an industrial bar piercing is an outstanding choice to go for. It stands out and looks great by itself, but it also looks great with the earlobe and inner ear piercings.

Is industrial piercing the most painful piercing, and what is an industrial bar piercing are common questions we received since we published a guide on Helix piercing in our ear piercing category.

Although its grunge origins may give the impression that it was created for the most ardent piercings, many jewelry options make it incredibly flexible. With our growing appreciation for a carefully curated earring layer, there are numerous ways you can customize this pierced style.

In this article, we’ll walk you through all you need to know about industrial bar piercing, If you seek a complete industrial bar piercing guide, dive in deeper!

What Is Industrial Bar Piercing?

Industrial bar piercing consists of two or possibly more piercings connected by jewelry. Usually, a straight barbell is pierced into the connective tissue of the ear. A scaffolding piercing is another name for it because of the jewelry and the way it looks structurally. The helix and forward helix are the entry points for the typical industrial bar piercing.

What Are the  Types of Jewelry Available for Industrial Bar Piercing?

There is an endless supply of jewelry to choose from. For industrial bar piercings, the traditional jewelry design is a straight 14-gauge barbell. You are not, however, constrained to using an industrial barbell! You can also choose various unique jewelry designs and alternatives for your industrial bar ear piercing.

More elaborate barbell variants are available with names, zigzags, or trinkets hanging from them. You can also replace the barbell’s standard metal hooked ends with more fashionable ones with remarkable jewels or interesting forms.

Also, costume jewelry should never be worn because the materials aren’t meant to be worn within the body. Wearing only implant-grade materials is advised.

How Do I Change Out My Industrial Bar Piercing Jewelry?

It’s essential to wait until your industrial piercing has fully healed, and if necessary, you can stay for a little longer, anywhere between five and nine months. However, if you try to change it before it’s perfectly healed, there is a possibility that the piercing will hurt and may result in getting it pierced afresh.

Although removing an industrial piercing is simple, many professional piercers approve that getting it done by a professional is the best course of action..

Does Industrial Bar Piercing Hurt?

After getting an industrial bar piercing, you may or may not feel pain. However, this depends on your tolerance for pain. Your ears will only ache during the brief period the needle needs to pass through them, typically only a few seconds.

Because the cartilage is thicker on the upper ear, as with all cartilage piercings, this one hurts more. As you wait for the piercings to heal, you will also have to put up with tender ears for a longer period.

Adverse Effect of Getting an Industrial Bar Piercing

Before going for an industrial bar ear piercing, there are many things to consider, and its adverse effects are one of them. Here is the side effect of getting an industrial bar piercing below;

  • Infection: Although infections from ear piercings are more frequent than you would imagine, they can also be readily prevented by appropriately following aftercare instructions. Persistent inflammation, swelling, yellow or green discharge, soreness, burning, irritation, and excruciating pain are typical infection signs. When you do not properly care for yourself after obtaining a piercing, these problems often occur.
  • Keloids: Industrial bar piercings commonly result in keloid scars. These wound-related scars grow significantly larger than the original piercing are due to the skin’s damage. Keloids can be very painful in addition to being bothersome. They need urgent care, such as cortisone injections or removing scars surgically or with lasers.
  • Irritation Bumps: When your new piercing is irritated in some manner, whether you’ve been touching it or seem allergic to the jewelry, little bumps around the piercing sites are common. If you suspect allergies, pay greater attention to your aftercare, avoid messing with your piercing and have a new barbell installed.

What’s the Cost of Getting an Industrial Bar Piercing?

Like any other form of body modification, the cost of getting an industrial bar piercing will vary based on your region, the shop, and the piercer’s level of experience. The cost of the actual piercing and the cost of the jewelry, both of which can vary in cost, will be divided into two charges for piercings.

There are two costs at a high-quality piercing workshop to take into account. The cost of jewelry, is followed by the cost of the piercing. By separating the prices, the customer can leave with anything from a simple titanium ring to an expensive solid gold barbell with real diamonds on it. There are usually a lot of jewelry options available.

Industrial Bar Piercing Aftercare

Most industrial bar piercings usually take a week of swelling, and afterward, it requires two to six months for you to heal fully. Due to their position and the possibility of discomfort from the bar, industrial piercings take a longer time to heal.

The healing process may also be periodic, with times of complete recovery sometimes being followed by discomfort. This is normal until the piercing has fully healed.

You should follow all the aftercare instructions exactly when taking care of your new industrial bar piercing. Simply put, this is to maintain the place, keep it tidy and avoid interfering with it whenever possible. It is best to stay away from harsh cleaners that contain chemicals or hydrogen peroxide.

You can get a cleaning product and routine from your ear piercer. Keep any irritants far away from your fresh piercing. While your ear piercing keeps healing, it’s recommended to stay away from items like hair spray entirely, but if that’s not possible, be sure to shield your ear from the spray.

Wrapping Up

Lastly, if you want to go for an ear piercing, follow through with all that is written above. After the industrial bar piercing procedures, follow all the instructions from your piercer. Make sure you always engage the services of a professional piercer for an effective service.