20 Coolest Girl Ear Piercing You Would Like

The last two decades have seen significant advancements in ear piercings, and there are a great number of them that are in style currently. You can show who you are through your earrings in any way you want, from the simple single piercing that many women used to get on each ear to the complicated and unusual piercings that are popular now.

From the list of most painful ear piercings to the least painful ear piercings including helix ear piercing and tragus piercing, you will find this post very helpful to choose your next ear piercing style.

Even earrings have developed into a means of expressing your creativity and personality in this always expanding and changing environment. Check out our compilation of the 20 coolest girl ear-piercing designs you’ll want to get.

1.  Auricle Piercing

Photo by Freshtrends.com

Auricle piercings are worn midway up the ear, across from the ventral surface, on the outer part of the ear between the lobe and the helix. For this kind of piercing, hoops and studs work perfectly well, and because the cartilage is so tiny for the position, the discomfort is on the lower end of the spectrum.

2. Inner Conch

An inner conch piercing is one done in the inner ear. If you want this kind of piercing, make sure you hire a professional piercer who will do the job in a clean place to keep you from getting sick.

3. Multiple Outer Ear Piercing

Even though many girls today get many piercings in their ears, with multiple outer ear piercings, you can stay on the outer lobe and yet get all the piercings you desire. When you select this style, you will have a golden appearance throughout, making the rings on top practically impossible to notice.

4. Outer Conch

The outer conch is known to be similar in style to the inner conch. Here, the lower portion of the ear cartilage is similarly punctured by the outer conch. If you are a side sleeper, sleep on the opposite side from your ear piercing until it has fully healed.

5. Industrial Piercing

industrial bar piercing

Industrial piercing has gained popularity recently despite being around for a lot longer than people realize. A single bar connects each piercing, giving the body art an outstanding appearance. When you have the piercing, it has a modest silver bar and balls, but it still stands out as a prominent piercing.

6. Classic Lobe

With the changing fashions of the times, it’s easy to overlook what classic looks like. There are still those girls, though, who appreciate the traditional vibe and display their style in a way that has lasted for decades. Classic lobe proves that you don’t need much to make a loud statement with your gorgeous look.

7. Standard Lobe Piercing

standard lobe

This is the typical, conventional lobe piercing. The ear lobe, more than any other area of the ear, heals more quickly. Since this ear lobe includes multiple layers of muscle, it is also less uncomfortable. It usually takes eight weeks for a lobe piercing to heal.

8. Tragus

tragus piercing

A tragus ear piercing is done on the small flap that covers part of your ear canal. This piercing draws attention to your curated ears when paired with a chic stud.

9. Daith Piercing

The band that encircles your ear cartilage inside your ear is one of the most unusual forms of ear piercing since it is situated in a somewhat inconvenient location on your ear. Because the Daith ear piercing is so hard, it should only be done by a skilled piercer.

10. High-lobe

High-lobe ear piercing is a simple way to brighten up your ear lobes. Additionally, this typing of ear piercing aids in highlighting any previous piercings that may have been badly done. The ear lobe is quite fat. Thus, the pain is remarkably mild. The healing process for this ear piercing takes six to eight weeks.

11. Rook

A rook ear piercing is a hole made in the cartilage well above the tragus in the antihelix of your inner ear. After the piercer puts a hypodermic needle through the cartilage of your earlobe, the jewelry is put in. Rook ear piercing is safe as long as you engage the service of a professional piercer.

12. The Helix Ear Piercing

helix piercing

The helix piercing is located in the right upper cartilage of the ear. So many people love this style of piercing their ears. Also, other ear designers are experimenting with various styles with this particular piercing. When someone wants to try something out of the ordinary, this is usually their first choice.

13. The Snug Piercing

The snug ear piercing is placed at your ear’s outer rim. However, it is punctured inward toward the conch. It’s also the most unpleasant in terms of the initial piercing and recovery period. This style responds to even the slightest irritation with significant redness and swelling, and it remains irritated and swollen for a lot longer than other piercings do.

14. Orbital Ear Piercing

orbital piercing

Orbital ear piercing is the type that has two openings in the same area of the ear so that a hooped earring can pass through. Although this piercing can be done in several locations, the lobe or helix is where most people get this piercing.

15. Cartilage Ear Piercing

There are several locations across the denser cartilage of your ear where the puncture can be formed; thus, the placement of a cartilage piercing depends on your choices.

16. Forward Helix

forward helix piercing

Forward helix ear piercing is a type of conventional helix with a completely different location than the forward helix piercing. If you have a forward helix, the cartilage near the bottom of your helix will be pierced toward the front of your ear.

17. Transverse Lobe Piercing

Transverse lobe piercing is where the lower ear is punctured to create the transverse lobe piercing, just like a conventional lobe piercing. The primary difference is that the earlobe itself is traversed by a tiny bar that extends side to side. Thus, the only component of the piercing that is visible is the ball closures that were put to the ends.

18. Antitragus Piercing

antitragus piercing

Even though the name sounds different, an antitragus piercing is very similar to a regular tragus. The main distinction is where the perforation is done, which is in the cartilage just above your earlobe.

19. Glitzy Ear Piercing

Glitzy ear piercing is the type of piercing that makes a statement with just a row of three-lobe piercings instead of a fully stacked ear.  It’s an easy piercing to get and heals faster than you can imagine.

20. Parallel Ear Piercing

Parallel ear piercing is a type of piercing that is understated but incredibly cool. It is a fantastic way to nudge into the craze without going all in. The basic studs look wonderful and will complement whatever other piercings you choose.

Wrapping Up

Finally, if you’re unsure about getting ear piercings, we suggest deciding on the one that makes you feel the most at ease. Don’t worry about what other people think about getting one piercing in either of your ears. You can try out one or more of our 20 coolest girl ear piercings that you’ll want to get.