Top 10 Most Beautiful Chinese Girls 

Which part of China has the most beautiful girls?

In Chinese, a woman’s beauty is illustrated by her round face, pointed, narrow chin, plump lips, well-defined cupid bows, and 180-degree jaw angle. Chinese women are known for their unique shapes. They merit all the appreciation and popularity from all junctions of the world for their hard work. These women have the skill and fascinating looks.

It is known that oriental beauty principles are quite dissimilar from Western ones. Chinese women apparently do not escape this rule, and their beauty is also always accompanied by impeccable white skin, black hair, and sharp, impeccable features.

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Using these features, I took on the task of choosing the 10 most beautiful women in China, and after much discussion, we arrived at this result, which is 10 of our platonic loves within that country. This list of the 10 most beautiful Chinese girls includes the most inspired and sleek personalities in China. They worked hard to accomplish their goals. This list comprises actresses, vocalists, singers, models, and famous producers. We hope they boost you to realize your ambitions.

Top 10 Most Beautiful Chinese Girls

For those who want to recognize these differences, below you can find the 10 most beautiful women in China, all of them from the entertainment world: actresses, models, or singers of great success and popularity in the Asian continent, but little known in the rest of the world.

10. Yuan Quan

Photo by: Emmanuel Wong/Getty Images for IWC

Date of Birth: 6th October 1977

Height: 1.6m

Place of Birth: Jingzhou Hubei China

Profession: Actress

Yuan Quan got a degree from the Central Academy of Drama. She made her debut in 1998 when she played the top role in the movie Once Upon a Time in Shanghai. She has worked in many significant movies and is still energetic in the film industry.

9. Yuan Li

Date of Birth: 12th July 1973

Height: 1.6m

Place of Birth: zhou Zhejiang China

Profession:  Actress

After getting a degree from the Beijing Film Academy, she made her screen debut in 1996, when she was cast in The Story of the Han Dynasty. Yuan Li gained favor after playing Ouyang Lanlan in the television series Never Close Eyes; she won the Best Supporting Actress award at the 18th China Golden Eagle Awards.

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8. Jiang Qinqin

Photo by Visual China Group via Getty Images/VCG

Date of Birth: 3rd September 1976

Height: 1.66m

Place of Birth: Chonhhing china 

Profession: Actress

She joined the industry at the age of 10 when she learned about Peking Opera and joined the Beijing Film Academy after sitting first in the entrance examination. Upon graduation, she joined the Beijing Film Studio. In 1997, Jiang Qinqin landed a role in Tears in Heaven, earning the nickname “Shui Ling” from the film’s director.

7. Zhang Xinyu

Photo by Visual China Group via Getty Images/VCG

Date of Birth: 28th march 1987 

Height: 1.68m

Place of Birth: Kunshan, Suzhou China

Profession: Model, actress, and singer

Zhang Xinyu, also known as Viann Zhang, studied at and got a degree from the Wuxi Institute of Commerce. Her film career started when she started appearing in small roles in television series. She made her film debut in If You Are The One 2 and was highly rated, after which she became very popular

6. Ma Yanli

Date of Birth: 25th November 1974

Height: 1.7m

Place of Birth: Henan China

Profession: Model, actress, and stylist

Ma Yanli’s admission into the industry was not expected. She was a rowing champion at the provincial level. However, in 1994, she left sports, which she was a professional in, to become a role model. After coming out with the first position in the Shanghai International Fashion Model Competition in 1995, she achieved fame in the fashion industry. She is now a prosperous beautician for her brand, Mary Ma.

5. Wang Fei Fei

Date of Birth: 27th April 1987 

Height: 1.64m

Place of Birth: Haikou, China

Profession: Singer, actress, and presenter

Wang Fei Fei, popularly known as Fei, is an associate of the South Korean girl group Miss A. She debuted in 2009 with the band. She is one of the best-known Chinese actresses in the South Korean entertainment industry. With an eye-catching look, she is also a model for many Korean and Chinese brands like MediHeal.

4. Victoria Song

Date of Birth: 21st February 1987 

Height: 1.6m

Place of Birth: Qingdao, Shandong, China

Profession: Singer, dancer, actress, model, and presenter

Victoria Song got a degree in Chinese ethnic dance from the Beijing Dance Academy. During a dance competition, SM Entertainment chose Victoria and taught her to be an artist. After a few years of modeling and acting in commercials, she debuted as a member of the now extremely successful girl group.

3. Li Bingbing

Date of Birth: 27th February 1973

Height: 1.56m

Place of Birth: Heilong Jiang, China

Profession: actress  

Li Bingbing originally planned to be a teacher but discovered her curiosity for acting after getting a degree. She ended up joining the Shanghai Drama Institute in 1993 for further advancement, and that was how her career in the film industry kicked off. Her film debut was in Seventeen Years a Slave in 1999. She achieved international stardom when she was selected for The Forbidden Kingdom and Resident Evil: Retribution.

2. Zhang Zilin

Date of Birth: 22nd March 1984

Height: 1.68m

Place of Birth: Shijiazhuang, Hebei

Profession: Model and actress

Zhang Zilin is a model and an actress who succeeded as Miss China World in 2007 and eventually was also crowned Miss World 2007. In China, she is very famous in the beauty and fashion industry.

1. Fan Bingbing

Photo by S3studio/Getty Images

Date of Birth: 16th September 1981

Height: 1.62m

Place of Birth: Qingdao China

Profession: actress, singer, and producer

Bingbing grew in fame through her successful television series My Fair Princess. She headed Forbes China Celebrity in 2013, 2014, and 2015 and has been in the top 10 since 2006. She likes fashion and is often seen walking on the ramps of Valentino, Christian Dior, and Louis Vuitton. In 2010, Bingbing used a “dragon tunic” at the 63rd Cannes Film Festival, which she co-designed with designer Laurence Hsu.