60 Best Baby Shower Gift Ideas

When the baby shower is coming up so soon, we can all occasionally lose sight of what the ideal gift should be. Take some inspiration from our list of the top baby shower presents by reading it. If you were recently invited to a baby shower, you probably have questions about what makes a great baby shower gift and whether the expectant parents will value it. 

Fortunately, if the family has established a gift registry, you can participate. If not, you need to think outside the box. We’ve put together a list of 60 baby shower gift suggestions that are practical and may even have a personal touch to help. If you’re lacking motivation or simply don’t know where to begin, this list is a great place to start.

Gift ideas best for baby shower

Whether you’re looking for the most unique baby shower gifts for mom to be, small gifts for baby shower, baby shower gifts for mom not baby, or the most forgotten baby shower gifts, you will be satisfied with our compilation of the best baby shower gift ideas that are useful.

1. Crib

Price: $128

This item is a clear necessity for a nursery when it comes to a newborn baby. Numerous cribs are on sale in the market today, both online and in baby boutiques. There are many things to take into account before making a gift purchase. Therefore, do some research to determine the kind of crib the parents would prefer, then choose that. Choose some additional items, such as a mattress, if they already have a crib. It will nonetheless be a very kind and generous gift.

2. SuperHero Onesie

Price: $18.99

Most likely, it is one of the most popular and mainstream presents, but it never goes out of style. Onesies make adorable baby shower gifts and are sure to please. They come in a wide range of colors, designs, and accessories, with each one being cuter than the last. You can even design your onesie and include cute messages for the baby.

3. Changing Table

Price: $79.97

A changing table is an excellent baby shower gift because it is a nursery necessity that can be put to good use. A changing table, like a crib, may be preferred by the soon-to-be parents. As a result, it is critical to locate and purchase the changing table they desire.

4. Baby Names Book

Price: $8.99

When a baby is on the way, choosing baby names can be a stressful task. This is why a baby naming book makes an excellent baby shower gift. A baby name book typically includes a list of names to help you choose a name for your baby. It also includes brief descriptions of the meanings of the names, which speak about their history or backstory.

5. Baby shower gift basket

Price: $24.95

After the baby is born, the parents will require several items. Make a nice gift basket with all of the necessities that the parents will require when their baby is born. You can even customize the basket by including baby-themed wrappers and decorations, as well as a sweet and personal letter.

6. Stuffed Animal toys

Price: $6-$50

A nice, soft stuffed toy is always a good choice. A stuffed animal toy is a great baby shower gift that both the parents and the baby will appreciate when he or she is born. Toys can be cute animals, Disney characters, or ballerinas.

7. Cute costumes

Price: $17.95

This is the cutest baby shower gift idea. Purchase a cute or funny costume made of comfortable fabrics that will keep the baby warm. Furthermore, the costume can be useful during the baby’s photoshoot.

8. Rocking chair

Price: $34.99

This is a surprise that the mother will not expect. A sturdy rocking chair can be useful for keeping mom comfortable while she comforts her baby. The rocking chair’s gentle back-and-forth motion can also help her baby fall asleep.

9. Baby crib sheet

Price: $19.99

A crib sheet is an appropriate baby shower gift item that will be useful to the newborn and the parents also. It makes the early days after birth less stressful for parents and more comforting for their little ones.

10. Baby radio monitor

Price: $51.45

Caring for a newborn child can be a dream come true. However, it can be a stressful task as well. This is why a baby radio monitor can be a great baby shower gift for a couple because it can help relieve the stress of caring for a newborn.

11. Burp cloths

Price: $22.99

Burp cloths are necessary for a baby’s feeding routine. They protect mom and dad’s clothes while also being extremely useful in wiping the baby’s mouth, and hands, and cleaning up any mess. Furthermore, a burp cloth can be an excellent addition to a gift basket.

12. DIY Diaper cake

Price: N/A

A DIY diaper cake is a gift that is both enjoyable to make and practical to give as a baby shower gift. This is a cool gift that requires a lot of creativity to make, so use different diaper sizes and a variety of different ribbons and other decorations.

13. Handmade artwork

Price: $30-$200

If arts and crafts are one of your hobbies, you could make a unique piece of art for the nursery. Not only will this improve the overall appearance of the nursery, but it will also serve as a reminder to the couple whenever they enter the nursery.

14. Handmade Sweaters and Clothes

Price: $20.97

Another great do-it-yourself gift idea is to knit or sew some baby clothes. You can go above and beyond by making your kittens, socks, or hats.

15. Miniature medicine cabinet

Price: $105

A newborn baby will almost certainly need to take several medications for some time after birth. Give the couple a custom-made medicine cabinet. You’ll only need scrapbooking paper, a marker, and a few embellishments. Although the couple may not use it long-term, it makes an excellent baby shower gift.

16. Baby Books

Price: $4.14-$17.69

Although we all know that babies cannot read, this does not prevent their parents from reading to them. Get your hands on a baby book with large illustrations that will engage the child visually.

17. Building Blocks

Price: $12.86

Building blocks are not only entertaining and challenging, but they also aid in the development of a child’s motor skills. They also allow children to piece together information about their creative abilities as they grow older.

18. Hand and footprint frame

Price: $16.88

This is most likely one of the most inventive baby gift suggestions. The hand and footprint frame is an excellent gift because it allows mom and dad to capture and preserve the imprint of their child’s tiny little hands and feet. To make the frame stand out even more, it includes a clay roller, double-sided tape, and a stencil kit with letters and numbers. Parents can use the clay to capture their baby’s hands and footprints and frame them with some adorable pictures of the toddler.

19. A 9-month Photobook

Price: $19.99

Throughout the pregnancy, take pictures of the mother and father at each stage. These could be photographs from the days when both mom and dad were preparing to become parents. Compile the photos and create a unique and personalized photo book that tells the 9-month story in pictures. This will be a gift that will be remembered for a long time.

20. Mom and Dad Mug

Price: $36.91

A wonderful baby shower present for any couple. After spending so much time with the baby, mom and dad deserve a cup of their favorite coffee. Give them a personalized photo mug with some of their favorite photos and a heartfelt message.

21. Closet Dividers

Price: $9.99

A good set of closet dividers is not only functional but also provides a stylish and easy way to organize the baby’s wardrobe. They can be used to organize the baby’s clothing, pajamas, and diapers, making it easier for mom and dad to find them.

22. Sonogram Frame

Price: $14.99

There is no greater joy than seeing your unborn child for the first time on a sonogram screen. A sonogram frame would make an excellent present. It has a wooden finish and can be used to display a sonogram image. The frame is usually accompanied by an acid-free mat that protects the sonogram for a long time.

23. Door Knob Cushion

Price: $10.89

We’ve all heard how a child’s deep sleep can be abruptly interrupted by the sound of a doorknob locking into the door frame due to pets or noisy husbands. Give the couple a lovely doorknob cushion to keep such a noisy scenario from happening again. It is not only a thoughtful gift, but it also allows the child to sleep peacefully.

24. Stroller Phone Mount

Price: $18.89

A stroller phone mount is a thoughtful baby shower gift because it makes mom and dad’s trips with the baby much safer. They will be able to monitor their child while also checking their phone.

25. Baby Carrier

Price: $32.98

A good baby carrier allows mom and dad to carry their baby around while running errands at the supermarket or home. It’s also very relaxing and soothing for the baby.

26. Travel Crib

Price: $48.99

A travel crib makes an excellent baby shower gift because it keeps the baby safe and happy no matter where he or she is. Look for a portable, lightweight, and simple-to-assemble travel crib. Find a travel crib that is large enough and safe for the baby to play and sleep in.

27. Travel Changing Mat

Price: $24.99

This is an excellent baby shower gift for expecting parents who enjoy traveling around the world. A travel-changing mat will allow them to easily change their baby’s diapers while traveling with the baby.

28. Travel Stroller

Price: $255.97

Parents prefer to select their stroller. However, knowing about a stroller that they will enjoy is an excellent baby shower gift. They will also appreciate your knowledge of their tastes and preferences.

29. Organic Baby Cookbook

Price: $13.26

Cooking healthy meals for a newborn baby can be difficult for any couple. An organic baby cookbook makes an excellent baby shower gift because it can assist moms and dads in preparing healthy and nutritious meals for their newborn babies.

30. Baby on Board Vehicle Sign

Price: $5.99

If the expecting parents had their car, this would have probably slipped their minds. A baby on board sign is a thoughtful baby shower gift because it can help keep the family safe while traveling in their vehicle.

31. Photo Album

Price: $9.99

A photo album is a wonderful baby shower gift if your friend or relative is traditional and would rather keep pictures in print rather than on Facebook or Instagram. A photo album may be of a different type. Some of them are even reasonably priced and have a baby theme.

32. Baby Neck Pillow

Price: $10.99

One could argue that this is among the most crucial needs for a newborn child. With this present, parents won’t have to stress about their heads falling into an awkward position while the baby is sleeping. There are many different types of baby neck pillows, each with a unique size, shape, and style.

33. Babysit for them

Price: N/A

Although technically not a baby shower gift, donating some time to watch the infant can be a huge help to the parents as they juggle their busy schedules. 

With a little paper and embellishments, you can even make a homemade babysitting gift certificate, adding even more value to the present.

34. Custom Photo Prints

Price: $10

This gift is quite understated but still sophisticated. Purchase personalized photo prints of one of the expecting parents’ favorite photos. It might be a photo from when they first met or one from their wedding. They will appreciate you for giving them a photo print, which is a wonderful baby shower gift.

woman sitting and reading a book

35. Reading Material

Price: $10+

She most likely already has all the books about caring for a baby, so why not give her a selection of adult bestsellers or some of her favorite magazines? You could even get her an e-reader that she can download on her phone and use to download some e-books.

36. A Crocheted Blanket

Price: $42.95

When mom is sleeping, this blanket comes in handy. She will certainly remember you for it for many years to come, and it will undoubtedly be used for a very long time.

37. Spa Treatment Session

Price: N/A

Reserve a spa appointment for the expecting mother at your local facility. Make sure to reserve the entire package, which includes a massage, pedicure, and facial. She will appreciate you for it, in addition to feeling refreshed and at ease.

38. Streaming Services

Price: N/A

Mom might not have recently indulged in a binge-watch of a movie or TV show on the couch. Give her a Netflix or Amazon Prime gift card as an inducement to do so.

39. Personalized Jewelry

Price: $24.98

Something that expresses your congratulations to the family doesn’t have to be overly expensive. Give them a personalized necklace with a pendant that features a picture of the couple, a brief message, or an inside joke. It might eventually turn into a family heirloom after a while.

40. A Self-Care and Soothing set

Price: $34.99

They may have been stressed out from preparing to become parents, so why not give them a set of calming lotions, creams, and bath salts to help them relax? They will appreciate and genuinely enjoy receiving this baby shower gift.

41. Pregnancy Pillow

Price: $44.95

A woman’s body gradually changes during pregnancy, which could make it challenging for her to find a comfortable position and sleep soundly. She can relax and sleep comfortably with the aid of a maternity pillow, which can also help with any back pain she might experience.

42. Maternity Clothes

Price: $15.99

Pregnant women frequently choose not to invest in maternity clothing when they know they won’t be wearing it for an extended period. In light of this, some stylish maternity clothing that they will adore wearing would make a wonderful baby shower gift.

43. Kokoso Newborn Essentials Kit

Price: $24.33

This Kokoso Newborn Essentials Kit is a great baby shower gift because it contains all-natural items that are gentle on a baby’s tender skin. The kit includes an all-natural baby bath sponge, organic coconut oil, fragrance-free hair and body wash, and a mesh drying bag. The gift box’s packaging is sustainably sourced, making it ideal for any expecting mothers who are concerned about the environment.

44. Animal Baby Luxury Gift Set

Price: $109.56

The White Company offers a stunning option for a luxury baby shower gift with the Animal Baby Luxury Gift Set. An elephant comforter, a bear hooded towel, an embroidered bib set, and a blanket are all part of this adorably detailed set. 

45. HYP Breathe Pregnancy Candle

Price: $30

This specially formulated pregnancy candle is a great choice if you’re looking for a baby shower gift for the mother. Expectant mothers can get a pregnancy-friendly decongestant from the Breathe Pregnancy Candle, which contains a blend of eucalyptus, tea tree, and lavender oils.

46. Personalised Littlest Surname Gift Set

Price: $24.35

This personalized gift set is so adorable! This is the perfect gift if you want to give something special at a baby shower. Choose the custom babygrow, or create a gift set with a bib, beanie hat, or blanket that is also personalized. 

47. Baby Hand and Foot Inkless Print Kit

Price: $9.57

This Baby Hand and Foot Inkless Print Kit will help you create enduring memories if you’re looking for a baby shower gift! With the help of this clever kit, parents can print their child’s hands and feet without having to deal with messy ink.

48. Baby Blooms Welcome to the World Hamper

Price: $340.85

This Welcome to the World Hamper checks all the boxes if you’re looking for a baby shower gift that will dazzle. The hamper is presented beautifully in a lined wicker basket and is filled with a variety of other useful items, including a lovely rose bouquet made out of baby clothes, a bathrobe, blankets, and baby toiletries.

49. Personalised Baby Age Botanical Blanket Set

Price: $28

Those priceless milestone photos can be taken with the help of this lovely personalized blanket as the ideal backdrop. This blanket is not only beautiful but also useful because it is made of 100% cotton and can be machine-washed. 

50. Safari Baby Gift Set

Price: $84.99

An exquisite baby shower gift would be this elegant gift set. This gift set includes a pure cotton sleepsuit and a monkey comforter, both of which are incredibly soft and cozy baby essentials. The set is packaged in a gift box from The White Company and has a ribbon on top. 

51. Always Love You Baby Record Book

Price: $24.96

Mamas & Papas thoughtfully provided the Always Love You Baby Record Book for the baby shower. This practical book will provide parents with the ideal way to document all the priceless memories and significant life events of their young child.

52. Personalised Wooden Baby Gift Box Create Your Own

Price: $9.99

You can completely personalize your baby shower gift with this wooden gift box. The box, which includes necessities like a blanket, booties, mittens, or socks, a muslin square, and handmade baby bath and massage oil, can be personalized with the new baby’s name.  The next step is to choose any extra gifts you want to include in the set. 

53. Unisex Pamper Hamper for Mother and Baby

Price: $54.98

This baby shower gift will be a treat for both the mother and the child. This exquisitely packaged gift is filled with lovely unisex items for the infant and even includes a few extra treats for the mother, such as Burts Bees products for pampering. 

54. ‘Mama to Be’ Luxury Gift Set

Price: $74.99

If you’re looking for baby shower gifts for a mother-to-be, the Mamma to Be Luxury Gift Set is ideal. Everything a pregnant woman might require to relax and pamper herself is included in this opulent gift set. This package includes items like bump balm, raspberry leaf tea, and lip balm.

55. My 1st Gift Hamper

Price: $40.95

This kind of baby shower gift is the perfect souvenir for expecting parents. The hamper comes with a double-sided frame, an imprint kit, a hanging star, a blanket, a plush toy, and a comforter. The wooden hamper itself is a wonderful place to store baby-related keepsakes.

56. Luxury Celebration Cake 7 Piece New Baby Girl Gift Set

Price: $74.46

This gorgeous baby shower gift will dazzle! Six items of baby clothing and a soft, luxurious baby wrap are combined to make this striking gift, which is then embellished with some pretty silk flowers. Both blue and white versions of this gift set are accessible. 

57. Pregnancy Heroes Gift Set


Expectant mothers will appreciate this thoughtful baby shower gift and no doubt give it to others. The set includes three items made to promote relaxation and treat common pregnancy problems like stretch marks and sore feet. 

58. Baby Clothes Bouquet


This Baby Clothes Bouquet is among the best unique baby shower gifts available. This is the choice to make if you’re looking for a gift to wow the parents at the baby shower! Baby clothes made entirely of cotton and peony flowers make up this stunning bouquet.

59. Love Boo Baby Shower Gift Box

Price: $18.25

On the box of this adorable baby shower gift, it even says, “Happy baby shower!” This gift set for expectant mothers includes a Silky Soft Body Wash for the mother and a Very Gentle Top-to-Toe Wash for the child. 

60. Full Lenght Plush Robe

Price: $20.90

Amazon’s women essential plush robe is a must have among the items you wish to gift for a baby shower. It is made with 100% Polyster and ultra-soft.