21 Mindblowing Signs You Will Never Get Married

How do you know if you will ever get married?

The anxiety about never getting married is real but not everyone is destined for marriage. Are there any indications that you will never find love? As people age, they pass various life milestones, such as finishing school, earning a degree, landing a job, falling in love, getting hitched, beginning a family, retiring, and taking advantage of the rest of their retirement years. 

Does everyone have to adhere to the established milestones, though? What happens if you don’t want to wed? Could you still be happy and successful for the rest of your life? Continue reading to learn about a few indicators that you will never get married.

31 sure signs you’ll never get married

It is normal to feel uncertain about marriage because it is a decision that will change your life. Here are some indications that you shouldn’t

1. You are unaware of the significance of marriage.

You are living with the love of your life and are content together. You do not feel the necessity for marriage in your life because everything is going well. Marriage is an unnecessary complicating factor for you.

2. You haven’t observed a successful marriage.

You’ve seen enough unhappy marriages, so you’ve lost sight of the value of marriage. Or perhaps you witnessed a poor marriage and felt that a couple’s marital status was unimportant.

3. You believe you will never have enough money to get married.

A wedding is a pricey event. You could spend a lifetime’s worth of savings on one day of celebration. You believe that money may be used for an expensive holiday.

4. You feel good about yourself.

Some folks relish being alone. Marriage may not be a part of your life if you are an introverted person who is not interested in relationships.

5. You hesitate to engage.

Although you are a trustworthy partner, the thought of settling down with one person concerns you. Because of your aversion to responsibility, marriage is not for you.

6. Your existing companion causes you some concern.

With your lover, you are comfortable and satisfied but you might be hesitant to get married if you haven’t been with them very long or aren’t sure of your connection with them. You might not want to be married if you are unsure that you can spend the rest of your life with your partner.

7. You’re not there yet.

You are in a time of life where your profession is more important than everything else. You want to accomplish a few things in life before getting married since you are ambitious. Even the prospect of getting married down the road may cause you anxiety.

8. You’re used to being single.

You have cultivated a way of life that you enjoy and value throughout the years. To change everything in your life and make modifications for your spouse would need to be married. And you don’t like this concept.

9. You are not in love.

Often, after falling in love and courting, marriage comes next. You haven’t, however, taken the first step in love. And without love, a marriage has no purpose.

10. You prefer not to be held accountable

You detest having to answer to your partner since being married forces you to do so. They must be consulted in order for you to make decisions; you do not desire this for yourself.

11. You don’t enjoy adhering to customs

Marriage entails a name change, loyalty vows, moving out of your house, and occasionally compromising. You are not interested in marriage since you do not agree with these customary customs.

12. Being the focus of attention overwhelms you

There will be onlookers at your wedding who want to see you. But if you struggle with social anxiety, being married in public might not be for you. It might be an unusual motive for not wanting to get married.

13. You don’t want kids

Being a parent is difficult and not for everyone. And getting married usually gives a couple more desire to have children. But marriage doesn’t appeal to you because you’re not keen on having kids.

14. You’ve experienced pain in the past.

You have a dislike for long-term partnerships because of the disastrous connections you have had in the past. You worry about being trapped in a horrible marriage as a result.

15. You enjoy traveling a lot.

You only work so you can spend your free time traveling. If you prioritize travel, you might worry that being married might tie you down with obligations.

16. You adore being independent.

You have a strong sense of independence and enjoy spending time by yourself. You don’t require assistance with managing your finances, achieving your objectives, or retirement savings.

17. You can’t put anyone in your trust.

You are skeptical as a result of some unpleasant past events, and it is. challenging for you to relax your guard. Furthermore, if you can’t trust your spouse, marriage is useless.

18. You’re concerned that your relationship might change.

Even though you may be living together romantically, marriage does indeed alter people. You want to fully avoid getting married because you are afraid of how it will affect your partner.

19. You have too many commitments.

You engage in a number of other enjoyable pursuits in addition to your usual work. Your time for these pursuits might be limited if you get married, so you might not be attracted to marriage.

20. You are afraid of commitment

You don’t feel the need to sign a legally binding contract to demonstrate your commitment to each other. You might say, “Well, they never got hitched, and they seem happy than a significant number of married individuals that I know,” when you observe partners like Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn, Oprah and Stedman, or Oprah and Stedman. You respect them for doing what (obviously) benefits them.

21. You are independent

You enjoy being able to do as you want without having to be concerned about somebody at home questioning wherever you have gone or what you are up to.

What benefits could there be from not getting married?

Given the marketing surrounding the advantages of marriage, it only seems fair to discuss the advantages of being single.

  • You have more time on your own and may decide how to use it.
  • You don’t have to turn away pals who want to hang out with you all the time.
  • You are responsible for your own finances, housing, transportation, etc.
  • When you’re single, it’s simpler to leave a failing relationship.
  • You’ll spend less on getting married and having kids.
  • You can definitely come up with others.

It only makes sense to remain single as long as being single offers you more advantages than getting married would.


Don’t really feel discouraged or believe that your past experiences will define your tomorrow if you want to get hitched but are concerned that it is not in the plans for you. You can find your perfect match if you keep looking thanks to the abundance of dating apps, matchmakers, and other ways to meet new people.