How To Know If Your Girlfriend Is Cheating Over Text

How do you know if your girlfriend is talking to another guy? Everyone wants to prevent infidelity at all costs because it destroys relationships. Total avoidance though could seem nearly impossible especially if a woman has cheated before. If she’s cheating on you with another guy, there are tendencies she dismisses both your questions about whether something is wrong. However, something seems to be going on, and you wish to confirm this for yourself.

Do you suspect your partner is having an inappropriate relationship? It might be challenging to determine if your girlfriend is cheating without being aware of the physical clues. 

If you have to question whether your partner is cheating, unless you have excessive paranoia, something may be wrong. Additionally, you must not excuse such gut impressions. 

Why wouldn’t you immediately end a relationship with someone because you want to be with another? However, many people find it challenging to leave a partner when they’re dissatisfied. But you know people think they can have it both ways. This is the reason why most people cheat.

It’s understandable if you’re feeling confused, and we’ve compiled a list of signs that she might be texting someone. With this help, you will quickly obtain a good knowledge of what is happening and whether you need to take any action.

How to tell if your girlfriend is cheating on you for sure signs – 8 signs to note

1. She texts all the time. 

She might be cheating if her texting suddenly increases. This could be a clue that she’s talking to someone else because cheaters often use their smartphones more frequently than before. If she begins to actively avoid you and spends a lot of time texting other people, it may be time to reevaluate your relationship. 

This is especially the case if she isn’t spending a lot of time with you and appears stressed or ill at ease when asked about it. It will be challenging to determine if she is cheating on the point, but a rise in her texting could help determine that something fishy is going on.

2. She isn’t able to put down her phone. 

If she uses her phone everywhere, including the restroom, it’s a little suspicious. She carries her phone with her wherever she goes, also when she doesn’t have to. It isn’t just that she texts more frequently. She could not want you to see the text notifications, which could explain her behavior. She might be anxiously awaiting texts from someone else so she can immediately reply, which is another possibility.

She won’t let her phone leave her sight for even a second. That’s a really solid indication that either she does have a phone addiction problem or something is wrong. 

This is not a major concern if she frequently holds onto her phone. But if this is out of character for her, you should be wary since your girlfriend might be texting someone. 

3. She’s nervous when her phone dings.

You sense the energy change when she receives a message on her phone while you’re around. She becomes tense out of the blue and might not even check her phone. 

She will uncomfortably move away from you after taking a peek so you won’t notice who she is texting or chatting to.

4. She cleared her call log and messages

To be clear and not caught in the sheets of infidelity, she deletes all her call logs and messages. She might delete the entire history of their communications. At times, she might even go a step further and get a new phone number, confusing you as to what to look for in her phone. This typically indicates that she is trying to avoid being discovered although knowing that her behavior is wrong. 

It would be simpler for her to persuade you that she was innocent if the texts weren’t sitting there in plain sight if you were to find her texting another dude, for instance. They are undoubtedly concealing something from you if they do this.

5. When you’re around, her phone is constantly on silent or in airplane mode. 

If she frequently has her phone on airplane mode, it may be a sign that she is trying to conceal something. This is because if their partner calls, it will quickly go to voicemail. She may have had her phone on mute so that you can’t hear her send or receive texts from others. And when she gets a notification you won’t hear it come in.

6. Mood alters during chats.

Observing and keeping tabs on your girlfriend’s moods and emotions while she texts others is a natural technique to determine if she is having an online affair. 

Humans are designed to form attachments to those we love or admire. if her mood quickly improves while talking to you, from gloomy to joyful when she receives a message. Therefore, there is a possibility that the text she received is from someone she likes. 

If you observe this behavior frequently and she won’t reveal the person’s identity, she’s cheating on you.

7. She tries to avoid the question when brought up

Avoiding the topic may indicate that there is a problem. She seems to brush your question away out of habit, even if you are only indicating that you have something you’d like to talk about.

For instance, if you casually inquire as to who texted her, she may respond, “It’s nobody.”

8. She changes her password often. 

She might not have had a password for her phone, or perhaps she did, but you knew it. Now she has abruptly changed it, and won’t tell you the password, even though you would use her phone with no suspicious intent. So, it is a somewhat odd action to take without cause.


You went through the article and now know a few ways to tell whether your girlfriend is cheating. You should be able to tell by how she uses her phone and what time she messages those who might have an interest in her. Ask them if you have doubts. Tell your girlfriend how you feel upfront; otherwise, she might not understand the consequences of what she’s doing unless someone close to her confronts her and is prepared to have a conversation about it. Always keep in mind: if there is even one tiny red flag, catch them before they wreck your relationship.