31 Sweet Nicknames For Your Husband

What names can I call my husband?

Have you been trying to show your husband how much you love him in the simplest ways possible? Or have you been trying to spice up your love life with something as little as what you call him? Then I believe this is for you.

In a recent chat leak between Cardi B and her husband Offset, we could see that she nicknamed him “Hubbington” and a lot of women who are married were amazed by her creativity. So, if you’re looking for romantic names for your husband in English language, you can take advantage of our suggestions in this post to achieve that. You can also use Google translator to have nicknames for your husband in Islam, and a list of other different languages

Men are just big, tough babies that need a little nudge in the right direction to show you how much they adore you too, and it all starts with something as simple as a name.

A nickname for your husband should be unique; the aim is to make your partner feel special. We know it can also be tricky, so here are 31 unique nicknames take your pick!

Best nicknames for my husband

Read through and take your pick! There are so many names you can call him, but these were handpicked specially for you.

My better half

          If you feel like your partner completes you and makes you better in every way then this is for you.


  Men love spice. You can always spice things up a little if you know what I mean.


 Hey Papi! (Like the way it sounds?)

Then this is most definitely for you. It’s so simple and also has a sexy ring to it

My Romeo

I’m sure you’ve heard about the famous Romeo and Juliet’s unending love. If your husband is a hopeless romantic then this is for him.

My unexplainable

  “Nobody else understands why we are together” do you catch your husband saying this often? Then this name is for him.


  This is not only short and cute but catchy also! Men love simplicity. Calling him “sugarplum” helps him know that he really is sweet in every aspect despite the ups and downs just like a sugarplum.

Mon Chéri

This is French for my honey. Very catchy and romantic. If you love being with him then this is just right.

Papa bear

A very cute and funny name for him. Let your husband know how much you love and adore him nothing is too “childish”


Is your husband just too cute for you to handle? This nickname is simple and cute; it fits just right.

My life

A very deep and cute nickname for your partner. You are spending the rest of your lives together so this name makes everything better.

Favorite human

We marry our favorite humans and our favorite people. Calling him this is a subtle reminder of his importance every day.

Honey bunny

If you love rhyming then this might just be the one for you and him.


A very cute and lovely name for your husband guaranteed to make him blush.

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This is very unique, cute, and most of all funny, and I’m sure he would love it. It also introduces a refreshing sense of humor to your marital life, despite anything else.

Trusting my humor is more important than you think.

My hero

This will make your husband feel appreciated and above all special.

Calling him my hero can make him acknowledge the fact that you see his efforts in providing for you and the family as a whole.


Very cute and short. The perfect name for him. Trust me this name doesn’t age the older the better

Golden boy

You just have to love this. After all, he is golden, isn’t he? Let him know he is loved and appreciated. It will go a very long way.

My obsession

It’s pretty easy to get obsessed with the person you love don’t you agree? Especially when he tries his best to do

Fine wine

Aging can be a concern for men in their marriages. The feeling of being less desirable is not uncommon.

So as the saying goes, “the older the wine the better”. It’s your job to make sure your partner feels handsome regardless of his age.

Peace of mind

We all need peace of mind in our lives if your partner gives you peace of mind then don’t hesitate to let them know.

My everything

 Love is beautiful and having a partner that makes you feel like you don’t need anything else Is rare and perfect.

Boo bear

 This is classic and equally beautiful

Who doesn’t want to be called “boo bear”? It’s a very cute and simple nickname for him.


Finding a home in your partner is one thing and letting them know by calling them “home” is simply beautiful. Love is such a beautiful thing

My baby

Believe it or not, men love being babied and pampered; you just have to push the right buttons. Is your husband a tough nut to crack? If he is always overworked and stressed then this name just fits perfectly.

Using it during cuddling isn’t exempt too.


Calling him dearie is a good way to show how special he is to you. Trust me no name is too shallow. By calling him this, it is a subtle reminder of letting him know how dear he is to you.

Doctor (his first name)

Trying to be quirky? Then this is for you

He is the doctor of your heart after all.

So don’t hesitate to let him know. Being verbal is essentially the key.


Men love being shown that they’re special and precious. You can’t go wrong with this.

My man

Yes, call him your man and watch what happens. Men love it when their wives are territorial and this name gives off that type of vibe. It’s romantic, cute, and interesting.


Show him that you’re comfortable enough for him to take charge this is a cute and assuring nickname.


I mean who doesn’t love muffins? They’re so soft and savory just like your man.

Don’t hesitate to let him know.


This is so sweet and cute finding a best friend in your partner is a beautiful thing!

Show him how much you value your friendship even within the marriage remember nothing is too small.


There are so many names to call your husband that will make him feel special and appreciated.  Don’t hesitate to be spontaneous in your marriage after all it is yours, isn’t it? A lot of people are held back by what people will say in public and we hope you aren’t one of them because at the end of the day it’s up to you to decide.

Thank you for reading our post on the best nicknames for your husband. Which of the names above is your personal favorite? Feel free to let us know in the comment box below.