100+ Funny Jokes To Tell Your Friends

Are you looking for hilarious jokes of the day to share with your friends? Search no further, this post is specially baked for you.

A joke is a humorous tale or remark that is intended to make others laugh. You’re the life of the party when you can deliver jokes well. Many jokes feature a “punch line,” which, depending on how hilarious it is, either makes your audience guffaw or sigh. 

The remainder of the joke builds to this point. These G-rated jokes are no exception to the rule that funny clean jokes improve every discussion, whether you’re laughing with a buddy or entertaining your children.

Whether you’re looking for funny jokes to tell your friends over text or some best dirty jokes to tell your friends, this post will make a good list of best friends’ jokes to share with your friends on Tiktok, in a face-to-face conversation, over text, or through other platforms.

Very funny friend joke to share with your friends

This extensive list, which includes clean jokes of the day and the finest clean jokes for adults, offers something for everyone, so you can feel comfortable sharing these entertaining jokes with anybody you’re speaking to.

  1. What made the torch joyful? It had light.
  2. What becomes moister as it dries out? a robe!
  3. The banana saw a doctor for what reason? because the peeling was poor.
  4. Why should one never have faith in stairs? They are constantly causing trouble.
  5. Have you heard of the new Karma restaurant? You receive what you deserve; there is no menu.
  6. Give me a scotch and a cola, the bear requests as it enters a bar. The bartender enquires, “Why the long pause?” Bear shook his head. I am unsure because I was born with them.
  7. What message was sent from one ocean to the other? They did nothing but wave.
  8. Why were the parents so afraid of the energy drink? This thing was a monster!
  9. How do clouds dress in shorts? Thunderpants
  10. Why did a senior citizen drown in a well? since his vision wasn’t that good!
  11. The actor fell through the floorboards for what reason? They were in a stage of development.
  12. What caused a scarecrow to receive a Nobel Prize? In his field, he excelled!
  13. Why do peppers excel at archery the most? due to the habanero!
  14. Have you heard the story of the actor who slipped through the floorboards? Just a period that he was going through.
  15. What are the products of spoilt cows? unclean milk.
  16. Why did the cat leave the tree in a hurry? The bark made it tremble!
  17. What’s the name of an alligator wearing a vest? a researcher
  18. Who wears what in a house? Address!
  19. How is a shattered tomato fixed? Tomatillo paste!
  20. Who keeps the ocean clean? Mer-maids!
  21. As he entered a driveway, the magician was traveling down the road.
  22. Enjoyed a box of Corn Flakes just now. Next Tuesday, you may watch my Netflix special, “Cereal Killer.”
  23. A horse enters a bar. Why the lengthy face, asks the bartender. I tried to locate where they were all night long.
  24. What remark did the duck give after purchasing stuff? Add that to my bill.
  25. What is a fake noodle known as? spaghetti!
  26. When the three-legged dog entered a saloon, what did he say? I’m trying to find the person who shot my paw!
  27. How can a bull and a cow be distinguished from one another? Either the udder or the other!
  28. What has a crimson color and a painty blue smell? red color!
  29. It was sunny. Then it finally dawned on me.
  30. I created a brand-new word! Plagiarism!
  31. Why do melons get married? since they are cantaloupe!
  32. Just attended a difficult wedding where even the cake had tiers.
  33. My teachers warned me that because I put things off so often, I would never amount to much. I instructed them to, “Just wait!”
  34. How much do teddy bears dislike eating? they are constantly stuffed
  35. What beverage does a plant prefer? Rooibos tea!
  36. What do you call the snowman’s aging process? Evaporation.
  37. An excellent friend can complete your phrases. The identical thing will be said by a best friend, but it will sound ten times dirtier.
  38. The plan was for A and C to make fun of their friend, but B is all they are.
  39. What distinguishes a Zippo from a hippo? One is considerably heavier than the other.
  40. What do you call a frog that is impolitely parked? Toad!
  41. Why can’t a duck be sent into space? the cost would be enormous!
  42. What does Jeff Bezos do just before bed? He loads up on his PJ Amazon!
  43. What transpired when the top tongue-twister in the world was taken into custody? They sentenced him harshly!
  44. Why were people so worn out on April 1st? they just got done with a lengthy 31-day March.
  45. What’s the important gap between April Fool’s Day and Thanksgiving? On the one hand, you are appreciative; on the other, you are playful.
  46. I’m planning to withhold rent as an April Fool’s Day joke on my landlord. rent is not due today.
  47. Why celebrate April Fool’s Day when you’re encircled by fools every day of the year?
  48. Next year’s April Fools’ Day has been canceled because everything up until March 2023 has been a joke.
  49. Happy birthday, but I wonder if you’re telling the truth about your April 1st birthdate.
  50. When your entire life is a joke, why do you need April Fools’ Day?
  51. Not every time I joke
  52. What words did the mother cow-calf? Time for bed in the pasture!
  53. How do you begin a letter as a vampire? It may be a tomb!
  54. What was said between the two plates? My meal is on me!
  55. What causes hummingbirds to hum? because they lack the necessary language!
  56. Before a race, what do sprinters eat? Nothing. They act swiftly!
  57. Which breed of dog has a magician? It’s a Labracadabrador!
  58. What results from the mating of a rabbit and a shellfish? A bunny oyster!
  59. What do polar bears do with their cash? in a bank of snow!
  60. The pony was banished to his room for what reason? He refused to stop playing around!
  61. Where do cows spend their Friday evenings? To the moo-vies, they go!
  62. Why was the pony unable to sing “Happy Birthday”? just because her voice was a little raspy!
  63. How do you get an octopus to smile? Ten tickles, please!
  64. How can a bull be stopped from charging? Take its credit card away!
  65. How come a leopard can’t hide? Because he has spots
  66. What do x-rays used by dentists go by? Tooth images!
  67. The melon jumped into the lake, but why? The fruit aspired to be a watermelon.
  68. Why was 7 frightened of 6? since 7 ate 9!
  69. Atoms aren’t reliable. They make up everything
  70. Why won’t it injure you if you throw a 2-liter soda at your friend? given that it is a soft drink!
  71. Why are mushrooms always invited to the nicest events? He was hilarious!
  72. What flies and has 4 wheels?  Trash truck
  73. What does it matter what you label an elephant? a nonelephant.
  74. Please put my shoes on, Dad. No, I don’t believe they will fit.
  75. Why do you eat peanut butter while driving? to go along with the gridlock.
  76. Where was Napoleon’s army stored? wearing sleeves.
  77. Have you read about the astronaut who felt cramped? He only required a small amount of room.
  78. Have you heard the story of the calendar thief? He has a year left, and the days are running out.
  79. What vegetable is most despised by sailors? Leeks!
  80. What spoke the rabbit to the carrot? It was enjoyable nibbling on you!
  81. What’s the name of a dejected strawberry? A blueberry
  82. The tomato blushed, but why? since it saw the salad dressing!
  83. What did the topper hear from the pizza? A gorgeous face is never sau-saged by me!
  84. When a slice of cheese is not yours, what do you call it? Cheese nachos!
  85. Why was the nurse given the cookie? mainly because he felt bad!
  86. What kind of space lacks doors? a fungus!
  87. What transpires if a grape is struck by a car while crossing the street? There is a jam!
  88. I texted back when my wife said she was having a really difficult day at work and was going crazy. I replied, “Relax. Just a thought in your head,
  89. When the university student wanted in-text references for his paper on insurers and finance, what did he do? He decided to request a quote!
  90. Which month of each year is preferred by monkeys? First of the Ape-ril!
  91. What wriggles and squirms at the ocean’s bottom? anxious wreck
  92. When a dinosaur wrecks his automobile, what do you call him? Wrecks of Tyrannosaurus.
  93. How do you silence the weeping of an astronaut’s infant? You’re a rocket!
  94. What time must you visit the dentist today? Tooth pain!
  95. Which hand is preferable for writing? Neither, using a pen is preferable when writing.
  96. Why was the math book so dejected-looking? due to all of its issues.
  97. What sort of tree can you hold in your hand? the palm tree
  98. How many mouths are there on a flower? Tu-lips.
  99. Which days of the week are the most powerful? Sunday and Saturday The rest are all workdays.
  100. Where did the dancing computer go? The Disko
  101. What is the nuclear physics term that is the most terrifying? “Oops!”
  102. If you are cold, why should you remain standing in the corner? Always at a 90-degree angle.
  103. How did the apology from one tectonic plate to the other go? “My mistake.”
  104. Why is it always chilly in baseball stadiums? because it’s crowded with supporters!
  105. How can a tissue be made to dance? You give it a boogie.
  106. What mattered the groggy toilet to the plunger? I’m red-faced.
  107. How come the sand was wet? due to the seaweed.
  108. Why do people doze off in bathrooms? because the restroom is another name for it!
  109. Which breed of dogs emerges from the restroom? Poodles.
  110. What was the fart saying to the poop? Wow, you amaze me so much!

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