61 Best Truth Or Dare Questions For Your Boyfriend Over Text

Are you looking for what truth or Dare questions to ask your boyfriend over text? Search no further, you’re at the right place to get the best of all the question games to bring a spark into the moment.

What springs to your mind once you think about the old Truth or Dare game? Painful recollections of confessing your hidden crush, or perhaps being asked to try to do something humiliating like run through your community in nothing but your underwear? While possibly embarrassing, it’s undoubtedly enjoyable and is no longer just for the awkward pre-teen stage.

We need to light a small fire in our lives in this time of social distance, so why not bring this pastime back to play over text? Simple rules allow either one-on-one play or group play with all of your friends. In essence, everyone takes a turn asking one other person, “Truth Or Dare?”

Text messaging may be a pleasant method to communicate with loved ones even when you are geographically separated. However, be honest: You’ve probably experienced lulls in your chats or conversations that appeared to drag on. Only “Hey, how are you?” will do. or what percentage times you can ask someone, “What are you doing?” before it becomes a touch boring.

But do not be concerned. there’s a straightforward method for improving your texting. Three words are all we’ve for you. Truth. Or. Dare. We are aware that when the phrase “Truth Or Dare” is employed, some uncomfortable or maybe humiliating memorable moments may surface. Everybody has been there.

However, Truth Or Dare is a lot more enjoyable now since you’re older, more mature, and ready to handle setbacks with more good humor. it’s also a terrific way to keep the conversation going and move to new, intriguing places.

Additionally, it is a fun method to deepen relationships, increase trust, and fortify ties between people that are separated by miles. And it’s simply enjoyable. We have compiled a list of entertaining and initially assumed Truth Or Dare questions for your boyfriend over text.

Truth question for boyfriend over text

  1. Who are you currently smitten with?
  2. Tell me a few times when you were turned down, and explain in depth about it for at minimum five minutes.
  3. What has been your cruelest act toward someone? 
  4. Have you ever urinated on yourself as a teenager or adult?”
  5. What have you ever done that is illegal?
  6. What have you ever done that has caused you the most embarrassment?
  7. What has ever transpired to you that’s the most humiliating?
  8. What have you ever done that is the most immature since turning 13?
  9. What is the scummy thing you have ever done if your folks were to question you?
  10. What has someone done that you simply find to be the most repulsive?
  11. Tell me something about me that you simply don’t like.
  12. Who do you appear to like but really don’t?
  13. Do you believe that you are more or less attractive than most of the individuals you know?
  14. When last did you are feeling too ashamed to be around someone else?
  15. What action did you’re taking in the past that you still despise doing today?
  16. What is a dangerous habit you have kept a secret from everyone?
  17. have you ever ever been in a police car?
  18. What is something that your close friend or partner does that you detest?
  19. Have you ever used social media hacking to read someone else’s messages?
  20. Has anyone ever caught you stealing from them, including your parents?
  21. How old were you once you stopped sleeping with a light on?
  22. Brief me a few moments when you feigned sadness or merely pretended to be sorry to avoid trouble.
  23. Whom did you mislead the most, and what’s the largest lie you’ve ever told?
  24. Of all of your buddies, who does one think is the least attractive?
  25. What about your boyfriend/girlfriend annoys you the most?
  26. What does the opposite sex appeal to you the most?
  27. What does one do in the morning that is the weirdest?
  28. Have you ever urinated inappropriately in public?
  29. What was the foremost outrageous thing you ever did on the weekend?
  30. What has been your relationship’s most romantic activity?
  31. If you were craving a cupcake, would you ever eat a soggy one?

Dares for your boyfriend over text

  1. Lick your foot if you can!
  2. Call someone in 3 ways as a joke so I can listen,
  3. Fill the bathtub up, then hop in wearing what you’re wearing immediately.
  4. Choose the person on your list, then send them a ridiculous poem.
  5. Sing a song in its full as loudly as you’ll while opening all of your windows.
  6. I challenge you to put in a $10 delivery meal order for me.
  7. Send me a photograph once you shave your arms.
  8. Videotape yourself singing and upload it to YouTube.
  9. Mix a drop of every seasoning you have and drink or eat it.
  10. Send a message to someone on Instagram who you haven’t spoken to in at least a year and take a screenshot.”
  11. Cut some of your hair off.
  12. Video yourself dancing erratically, then upload it to social media.
  13. Ask if your neighbor has fifty cents.
  14. Even when there are people there, “go around the block and chat to yourself the entire time.”
  15. Go to your largest window and dance erratically there until someone passes by.
  16. Send “I see dead folks” to a random number.
  17. Send me a video of you pretending to be a cat for five minutes.
  18. Find the spicier item in your home and consume the entire tablespoon.
  19. Ask for the smallest amount of change for $5 at the closest store by walking there.
  20. Try to flee after knocking on someone’s door before they respond!
  21. You must eat the first thing you touch after closing your eyes and reaching inside your cupboard or refrigerator.
  22. Send me a snapshot of the last text you sent with someone else in addition to me.
  23. Brush some peanut butter or another condiment on your teeth and email me a picture.
  24. Send a screenshot of your selfie gallery, 
  25. To watch a five-minute adult movie.
  26. Put on the opposing sex’s clothing and record yourself acting like a girl.
  27. Make a terrible 5-minute makeup instructional, then upload it to YouTube.
  28. Right now, take a candid shot, and share it on social media.
  29. Send “am expecting a baby” to your parent.
  30. Scream and enter your brother or sister’s room.


We all enjoy really good Truth or Dare games. If your boyfriend is away, you both will definitely enjoy a good Truth or Dare over text. However, what happens if you wish to strike up a flirtatious chat with him when he is away from the area? To let him know how much you miss him, you utilize these flirtatious truth-or-dare questions over text.