What Boys Want From A Girl In A Meaningful Relationship

Often, girls fail to understand what boys want from a relationship. A lot of girls feel boys just want their physical needs to be met but there is a lot more that boys want in a meaningful relationship. Boys are humans and they want to be loved too, they want to be told and shown that they are loved, they want gifts too, they equally want all those sweet things girls desire. 

In this article, you will discover what boys want from a girl in a meaningful relationship. By knowing what he wants you will be able to understand his needs and love him correctly. 

What Boys Want

Boys are different from girls so how we feel and what we expect in a meaningful relationship differs. Getting to meet a boy and understand what he wants from you could be difficult as you are both coming from different backgrounds and so it takes time to understand them and know what they want but as long as you are committed to him you will gradually understand his needs and how to love him right. 

1. They want to be understood: 

Understanding is the basis for every meaningful relationship. Boys are naturally drawn to girls who understand their emotions, embracing both their strengths and vulnerabilities. In today’s society, boys face pressure to be strong and conceal their feelings. Now, more than ever, boys seek partners who can see beyond the facade of toughness imposed on them. It’s disheartening for boys when societal expectations hinder them from expressing their emotions, especially if their partners share similar beliefs. Occasionally, boys desire nurturing and understanding, and that’s perfectly acceptable.

Be that girl who understands him, who he can be completely vulnerable to without being ashamed of being seen as “weak”. Be his home, his safe place. He doesn’t have to bottle up his emotions all the time, it’s draining. It’s okay to let him know what you think at times, but you should do it with understanding, don’t be judgemental about it. 

2. They want to be listened to: 

Having someone to listen to you talk about things bothering you without interruptions or judgments is the best thing you can get. Everyone wants to be heard, but most importantly we all want to be listened to. Listening to someone share things promotes a sense of connection between you two. The best way to connect to your partner is by listening to him. 

Listen to him share his worries with you, things he may not feel safe sharing with others. Often people say boys prefer dealing with their problems alone without sharing, but this is not entirely true. Most times it is because they don’t have someone to share with who will listen to them, and that is why they tend to keep things to themselves. Listening is one of the best things a girl can offer to her partner. Boys love and cherish a partner who always listens to them. 

3. They want to be respected: 

Yes, every boy wants to be respected by their partner. Boys are built with fragile egos, they don’t want to feel disrespected, especially by their partners so don’t put them in a position where they would feel disrespected, it may sour your relationship. It’s okay to tease him, play him, joke around and all that but be careful not to overstep it or insult him in the process. If he feels respected, he will love you like never before. 

4. He wants to be your hero: 

Boys want to be a hero to their partners so when he does soothing for you no matter how little, praise them. People tend to have different expectations from others, and unfortunately, they may not express appreciation when those expectations are met. However, you, as an individual, should break away from this pattern. Acknowledge even the smallest efforts – compliment him when he cooks a meal, when he buys you a gift, even if you don’t like it, lol. Celebrate his achievements even if you don’t fully get them, as long as it makes him happy, celebrate him and watch him do more.

5. Understand his flaws: 

Your partner isn’t flawless and never will be. He deserves some empathy from you. Let me clarify, I’m not suggesting you tolerate abusive behavior, feelings of inadequacy, or serial infidelity. Those are more than just flaws; they require professional help and counseling. I’m talking about those minor irritations you can live with, as long as your safety is not at stake. 

As your relationship develops, imperfections will naturally surface, allowing you to determine whether they are acceptable to you or not. I understand the frustration that can come with this so it is up to you to understand him and manage his flaws. 

6. He wants to be encouraged: 

Boys enjoy their work, and when they sense success, it serves as a significant motivator. He seeks a partner who can provide encouragement and support, urging him to consistently pursue his goals. Achieving things isn’t always effortless, and life’s fairness can be uncertain. Boys love girls who can encourage and motivate them. Encouraging them will make them work harder. They recognize the potential to accomplish more with a partner who consistently provides positive encouragement.


This list of what boys want in a meaningful relationship is not listed in any particular order as all points are important and will serve as a guide to you. Pay attention and observe your man to know what he wants from you. You can equally ask him what he wants and think of other ways to make him happy in your relationship. All the best!