What To Say When A Man Asks You “What Do You Want From Me?”

Most times when a man asks you this question, it is probably because it is vivid enough that you want something but they don’t know what it is. 

The scenarios you will likely get asked these questions:

  • He may be someone you like and you are trying to know him better. 
  • You may want to speak with this person but he is avoiding you. 
  • He is asking because he wants to know how you feel about him too. 
  • He wants to know your intention for coming closer or trying to get closer to him. 

These are the few reasons or scenarios where this kind of question will be asked or could prompt the question. Below are carefully written suggestions for responses you can give to this question when asked. 

What to say when a guy asks you “what do you want from me” 

1. I want us to spend more time together

You are perhaps in a relationship with him and maybe more than once or twice you have frowned at him or mumbled to yourself that he gives you less attention these days. This is what can prompt this question if he has taken notice of your mood and knows it’s about him, and he asks “What do you want from me?” This is an answer for him. 

If you are not together with this person and he asks what you want from him. You know what you want and you know spending time with him is what you will love. Could be a friend or someone you are attracted to. Just say “ I want to spend some time together with you” 

If he shares the same feelings as you, then he will respond positively. But if he doesn’t, or you think he won’t respond well, then try this second one. 

2. I want to know you more, or I want to get to know you better. 

Don’t miss this opportunity. Anyone you tell you to want to get to know better knows immediately that you are interested in them. This can work in both relationships and friendships. 

Getting to know them better can be spending time together, keeping in touch,  and so many others. If he asks you what you want from him and your response is this “I want to get to know you better” you are telling him that you feel comfortable around him and you would like the opportunity to learn more about who he is. 

3. I like you

Let’s not lie, these three words look as though they will be easy to say but there is a pressure that comes when you have to declare your feelings to someone. One way to do this when asked this question is to first compliment him. 

   These compliments can go like these: 

  • “I admire your intelligence and I’ve learned quite a lot just listening to you. And this had made me like you a lot”
  • “Wow, you smell so good. What kind of deodorant do you have on?” If he responds to this question, say next. “I like you” with a sweet smile.   

The next suggestion I have can follow too.

4. I want to be with you

If he asks you what you want from him and this is someone you are attracted to, you will want to be with him. Then it is a good chance for you to reveal your intention. You are being bold and a confident woman to men is very attractive. 

You are going for what you want and you are not afraid to say what’s on your mind. Like the previous suggestion I gave, I said you can begin with a compliment, same as here. 

  • “ Your eyes have a beautiful look to them. I can easily lose myself in them. I just wish I can be with you” 
  • “I want to be with you. I admire you a lot. Your confidence, your strength. You are brave and you are not intimidated by the cause of failure. “ 

5. I want to see you smile

If he is as goofy as me, he would probably smile for a second and say “There you have it, now leave me alone” But let’s hope he isn’t.

 Honestly, this goes out to show you care about him, you can. Say “I like your dimples when you smile. It makes you look so cute” If then that’s all you will say and leave without waiting to get the smile because you won’t be getting a smile at that spot. Especially if this person isn’t someone you are close to, but if you are close friends. He probably will smile at you when you say that. 

When you are not close friends, just go and will just stand there watching you leave, as the truth of what you said sinks and warms his heart. He definitely will find you later and that’s a win for you.  

6. I want to be your friend 

When he suddenly pauses to throw this question at you. “What do you want from me?” it could’ve been a text or perhaps because he has seen you want to get in his way or try to talk to him. When you respond with “ I want to be your friend” You are initiating friendship and asking him to let you in. You can say. “You are someone I admire and respect a lot, I want to be your friend, and I want you to teach me what motivates you so that I too can be motivated. Having a friend like you is all I can ask”

7. I want us to talk  

Just so you don’t get confused, “I want us to talk “ and “We need to talk ” are two different things. The news that comes after we need to talk, has never been pleasant.  

So get the difference. That’s why you should say “I want us to talk” because you have something you want to say to him and he also needs to respond to whatever you say. He will listen to you then that’s your go, to talk to him for whatever reason it is. 

8. I want you to love me again

It has suddenly clicked to you that your relationship has grown flat and your once beautiful bond, filled with a fire of love has diminished into a thin air. You two are still together but you know the passion isn’t exactly enthralling anymore. 

Relationships at the very beginning are all sweet and rosy, however. it’s usual for those feelings to fade away after a while. Even when you might still have feelings for your partner, the love you feel your partner shows or gives isn’t as real or intense as it once was. If your relationship has reached that point and you’ve been complaining. And he has finally asked this question, this is the right thing to say, “ I want you to love me again” 

9. Return the question “What do you want from me” 

I am not asking for trouble nor am I pushing for one. I am just saying you can return the question. It simply means “What about me?”  What do you want for me, because you want something from him, chances are you will also want to know how this person sees you. What would he also want from you? 

Now that the spotlight has gone back to him, you should watch his reaction because that will reveal everything you need to know. 


I sure hope this guide helps you and that you get a positive response. Be it someone you are attracted to, want to be friends with, or a work-related approach and many more. Choose one perfect for you and respond to him when asked.