Best Things To Say When A Girl Asks You What Do You Want From Me?

Are you wondering what to reply when a girl asks what do you want from me? You’re not the only one, there are thousands of people out there trying to figure out what do you reply when someone asks what you want. Keep reading to get the inside scoop…

What do you want from me? That’s a good question. The problem is, it’s not as easy to answer as you would think! There are some things that you should think about before saying what your intentions are with this girl and it goes without saying that other things should be taken into account as well.

You know what to do when a girl asks you “what do you want from me.” You make a surprising, confident, and charismatic choice of words that leap off the page, so much so that women secretly wish they had the smarts to come up with this answer themselves. But before you get too excited about your own brilliance, let me give you some helpful advice… Here are the best things to say when a girl asks you “what do you want from me”

1. I want you to feel comfortable being yourself around me.

What you’re saying is that life with you would never be just an ordinary day, that her comfort and happiness are important to you, and that you want to see what happens between the two of you. This doesn’t necessarily mean you’re ready to ask her to be your girlfriend, but it sure is a step in the right direction.

2. I want you to be willing to let me in.

If you are incapable of being honest with your intentions, you are probably incapable of dating her.  Maybe she has just awoken from a serious relationship and it is taking a while to see what she wants now. Maybe she is feeling off and needs to get her mind right.

Don’t allow her mind to wander too long, and don’t allow your attention to dwindle. Girls don’t understand that our inability to give them answers is due in part to their lack of clarity. If you are looking for the right response to “what do you want from me,” then say so already. I’m right here. I have been waiting patiently for you to be willing to let me in. 

However, an alternative response to “what do you want from me,” could be; I want you to allow me to become a part of your life and your plans. Maybe, despite the bad hands both of us have been dealt, I am ready for a serious relationship with you.

3. I want to understand your fears and anxieties better.

The best way to deal with the “What do you want from me?” question is to not be afraid of it and take it as an opportunity to learn something new. If you know that the girl has relationship fears, or abandonment issues, or whatever, simply tell her that you’d like to understand them better. Tell her that if you’re getting serious, you want to get an idea of where her head is at in the relationship and what she needs to be happy – but don’t lash out at her, blame her, shame her or try to coerce an answer out of her by playing one emotion against another.

Play it cool and let her ramble on. At some point in time, she will start saying things that are genuine about herself and what she feels deep down – that’s when you need to go in and Reconcile with DTR statements – “I can tell you’re really scared deep down, I just want to understand your fears, and work on it so we can be happy and can continue this relationship”.

4. I want to be a team.

The “what do you want from me” question is a wake-up call to men. If you can’t state clearly what you want from a woman, why would she believe that you want anything for her at all?

A team is not just a cute metaphor. It’s an operating paradigm, where two or more people, who have their own goals and motivations, set their individual wills aside to work together towards a common goal. if you have the right kind of relationship with a girl, in which she knows and trusts that you aren’t trying to exploit her and you genuinely care about her as a person and recognize that she has value other than as something that exists for your amusement – then continuing to create “win” conditions for each other is something that you should both desire.

5. I want to make sure you feel heard and respected.

This way of framing your response may seem an indirect solution to the problem, but in reality, it’s probably one of the most direct responses you can give when a girl asks this question. Essentially, you’re telling her that you think she’s important and valued, and that being heard is one of your own priorities…

6. I’d like the chance to prove myself to you if that’s okay.

You’re a guy. She’s a girl. You both like each other. So, get off the couch and do something about it!

I understand your intentions are good, but you’re looking for a reason to prove yourself. Here is where you let her know that if she’s willing, you’d like to begin taking the steps to make this thing work.  When she understands what you’re trying to say and how far you’re willing to go/how much of a reach you’re willing to make, she’ll be more inclined to give it a chance too. Be honest! Show her that you know what you want and that you’re willing to fight for it.

7. I’d like us to be honest with one another, even if it’s hard sometimes.

Being honest with another person is not always an easy thing to do. There’s always the chance that you will hurt their feelings, and it can be even more difficult, to be honest about things that involve your own personal feelings. However, the truth of a relationship lies in the ability to share your thoughts and emotions and to learn how to communicate in a way that makes both parties feel safe. Honesty can be scary, but it makes for a much more fulfilling relationship in the long run. So when next she pops the “what do you want from me” question, give this answer your best shot


This article is one of the most important I’ve ever written. I’m not sure if my advice is what you expected.  But it’s something that has been missing from the body of advice about women: honesty. Women are demanding a new kind of relationship, one based on equality and mutual respect. We have to be honest with them and ourselves as well. The question “what do you want from me” can be a tricky one, and the answer is not always obvious. The fact is, you don’t want to scare her off by getting too serious, but there’s also no reason to lead her on if you’re not interested in a future relationship. So, from our list, in your own opinion, what is the best response to what do you want from me?