When Is Valentines Day This Year?

How many days until Valentine’s Day, and when is Valentine’s Day 2023, are common questions people began to ask which shows their readiness to experience another wonderful Valentine’s Day celebration.

Valentine’s Day is an occasion when lovers send Valentine’s Day cards and give each other presents to show how much they care. Another name for it is St. Valentine’s Day. The purpose of the festival has changed to emphasize love between family members and friends.

Valentine’s Day is one of the most celebrated festivals in the world. Months in advance, shops promote chocolate boxes and greeting cards. For couples seeking a unique way to spend the very day, hotels and dining establishments provide romantic packages. 

There are many ways to show your love for members of your family who are not in a relationship, so you don’t even need to be one to commemorate Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day is an annual celebration of romance that falls on February 14th, which would fall on a Tuesday in 2023.

Have you ever thought about how this holiday came to be, though? A history professor at Fresno Pacific University in California Allen Carden knows more about its beginnings and how it has changed over time. He coaches a course called “Holidays, History, and Values,” which looks at the history of some of the most commonly observed holidays in the world.

Valentine’s Day – The History

The fact that Valentine’s Day has been celebrated since the Roman Empire suggests that humankind has had plenty of time to improve it and transform it into the charming celebration that it is today. A liturgical commemoration of one or more early Christian saints named Valentinus is where St. Valentine’s Day got its start. 

According to a well-known hagiographical narrative of Saint Valentine of Rome, he was imprisoned and subjected to torture for officiating at weddings against Emperor Claudius II’s orders. There are rumors about Valentine’s deeds while he was incarcerated. The third century, or from 200 to 300 AD, when the Roman Empire governed the world, is when we know the holiday’s origins to have begun. 

Valentine was the name of a saint who lived at this time and carried out deeds of bravery that made him a Christian martyr. The Romans killed him for performing illegitimate weddings of young couples, the second for teaching Christianity before it was permitted. 

Which was presumably where Valentine’s Day gets its name. Asterius, a father whose daughter was blind, was one of the persons who were to judge him in accordance with the Roman legislation of the time. He was alleged to have prayed with the small girl and healed her, with such astounding results that Asterius converted to Christianity as a result. 

Because of his support for Christian marriage, Valentine was given a three-part death sentence in 269 AD that included a beating, stoning, and decapitation. According to legend, he wrote a note to Asterius’ daughter before dying. By signing “from your Valentine,” he became the inspiration for modern love letters.

February 14th, today is known as Valentine’s Day, was first observed when the Romans were defeated and Christianity took over. Additionally, businesses printed and sold pre-written Valentine’s Day notes, further commercializing the celebration. At that time, people started the custom of treating their significant other to a romantic retreat.

What Valentine’s Day Means – Why Is Valentine’s Day Celebrated?

According to Carden, Valentine’s Day has long remained one of the greatest commonly observed holidays in the country. “In the late 1800s, notably after the Civil War, the commemoration was a big event in the United States, comparable only to the prominence of Christmas,” he says.

A surprising accomplishment for a festival this old is that it has preserved its essence and relevance over time. ” Some of our festivals are referred to as decline holidays by historians, indicating that they formerly had a more honorable beginning. 

For instance, All Hallows’ Eve has evolved into Halloween. It serves as a crucial illustration. It’s a “frightful, let’s have fun with mortality and sorcerers and black cat” thing instead of honoring the virtuous lives of saints,” He clarifies. But Valentine’s Day continues to honor romantic love, as it always has.

Valentine’s Day is given varying degrees of importance in the United States. Some couples anticipate it all year and regard it as the ideal occasion to express and publicly announce their love. Others view it as an imposed commercial holiday and would want to express their affection at their own convenience. 

People can decide how and to what extent they wish to observe the day because it isn’t a religious holiday any longer—”It isn’t commonly observed in churches,” explains Carden.

Methods of Valentine’s Day Celebration

Valentine’s Day is frequently observed in this manner. by giving friends, relatives, and other people you care about a variety of presents, such as cards, sweets, and flowers. If you work in the greeting card, cut flower, or candy industries, Carden says, “I’m sure it’s a terrific day.”

Many couples decide to spend the vacation together, going out to a special lunch or supper or spending the evening somewhere where they can really concentrate on one another. The holiday is also shared by groups of single women friends, concentrating on connection, unity, and various types of love.

According to Carden, males used to have to think up and organize holidays like Valentine’s Day. “In the past, the guy would usually initiate a conversation on the chocolates, flowers, cards, or planning a special supper for two. 

Now, it’s not necessary for the male to start it. There is greater gender parity. In other words, everyone is welcome to celebrate love on February 14. Genuine love is the true meaning of Valentine’s Day. On this day, partners and couples are expected to express their continued love and affection for one another. 

By exhibiting what is known as agape love, single people can join in the celebration as well as married couples. There are many ups and downs with it. Maintaining your devotion and your pledges in marriage is difficult which is why you need valentines day. 

We really believe that a world devoid of real love would be a barren one. Genuine love is required on a global scale in order to mend hearts that have been broken and soften hearts made of stone, enabling mankind as a whole to experience enduring peace.


We should learn about sacrifice on Valentine’s Day. It is about fostering the giving, sharing, and sacrificial spirit in our families. We must be willing to make significant sacrifices in life, just as the first Valentine did by giving his life so that couples could be united and as Lord did by giving his life so that we might get redemption. This holds true for unions as well. For a marriage to succeed, both partners must be prepared to make the appropriate sacrifices, which come with a lot of responsibilities.