50 Sweet Things To Say To Your Boyfriend To Make Him Cry

How do I make my boyfriend cry with love letters? Have you noticed the rate at which marriages and relationships are failing these days? With these 50 sweet things to say to your boyfriend to make him cry, you too can make the bond stronger in the relationship.

Love, as they say, is a universal language. Yet every one of us has his/her unique love languages, all of which stem from our backgrounds, our culture, our family relationships, and the way society relates with one another in general.

Understanding Love Languages

At the beginning of most relationships, butterflies flutter at every angle of the human body, making you feel as though your significant other take you to cloud nine. That is absolutely normal! Don’t sweat it, but while you notice the initial “lovey-dovey” feelings stewing between you both, take a moment to clear your head and learn to be with whom you say you are in love with.

That’s exactly what love languages are for! Knowing what ticks your man, knowing what easily makes him reconcile with you and with others, knowing how best he prefers to communicate his feelings, knowing his temperament, and how good/bad he can get. Knowing how to tell him how you feel, making sure that he understands just what you mean! Because communication can only happen when your boyfriend understands the message and can effectively respond to that message.

Most people these days forget that we are all humans, and we come with a lot of baggage and luggage, some of which are sweet while others are nasty. It also means that there’s room to make things right with your boyfriend, only if you truly want to make things work. Just as they say “it takes two (2) to tangle”. After all, love makes the world go round, doesn’t it?

There are times that it feels as though the walls keep building up between you and your man. Those times you wish you could just say a sweet word and those brick walls could come tumbling down in his heart. You look at his face and it carries the pain his mouth is yet to speak, and you also notice how his love languages are slowly diminishing. What about those times you both are apart and you feel it’s high time you sweetened things up even from a distance? What about making him cry?

Finding the right words to say

I’m sure once or twice you’ve wondered if the internet held a magic genie that could whisk over to your man and make him cry happy tears. Say no more because 50 things you could say to your man to bring out the “mooshie” part of him are right here in this article. Grab your pen and paper, or better still, your mobile devices, and copy away!

Whether you were searching for touching love messages to make him cry in a long distance relationship or some short deep things to say to your boyfriend over text to make him cry, you will find the list below helpful.

  1. You are so worth it.
  2. God bless the day you were born.
  3. Your mum/dad must be smiling down from heaven at the great person you’ve become (if any of his parents have passed away)
  4. I see how hard you’re working baby.
  5. The world is waiting for your greatness, keep pushing.
  6. I’ll be your shoulder when you cry.
  7. Wipe your tears my hero, you make me smile.
  8. I can’t tell you how proud I am to be by your side.
  9. You’ve claimed my heart and my mind.
  10. I choose you.
  11. You take away my pain with your laughter.
  12. I can’t imagine my life without you.
  13. I know you never knew your dad, but you will be the best father in the world.
  14. I can’t wait to give you babies.
  15. Even if the world rejects you, I’ll stay by your side.
  16. You’re every woman’s dream and my reality.
  17. No matter who denies you, I will always be here for you.
  18. I believe you, I don’t care what others are saying.
  19. I see you, baby, I see you.
  20. Even your smile makes the brokenhearted sing for joy
  21. How can I love you all over again?
  22. God bless the day I met you.
  23. Take me as I am, I will be the one for you.
  24. Everything around me shines because you are here with me.
  25. I would give you the world and more just to see you smile again.
  26. Where were you all my life?
  27. Nobody is perfect, but in you, I see a perfect union.
  28. Other girls laughed, but I will make them wish they stayed.
  29. You and I were the perfect match from heaven.
  30. I think you were mine even as angels.
  31. You are my light at the end of the tunnel.
  32. I made a solemn request for peace and God gave me you.
  33. You are beyond handsome, my love.
  34. In life and hereafter, you are my king.
  35. The truth remains, I will never trade you for gold.
  36. You took my world apart and put it back together.
  37. You are my world where I am the queen and you are my king.
  38. Without mixing words, you are the love of my life.
  39. I call you my crown.
  40. I carry your heart in mine, it is safe with me.
  41. You will never be alone.
  42. Our love is thicker than the bond between siblings.
  43. I am your family, and you are mine.
  44. The future isn’t certain but I pray to God every night to protect the man that I love.
  45. My love for you is everlasting.
  46. Let our love burn bright enough to inspire you.
  47. Would our son have your eyes? Or would our daughter have your smile?
  48. I have no more worries because I have you.
  49. There is a new song in my heart and it bears your name in it.
  50. The years may go by, however fast or slow, but our love will never die.


In conclusion, why don’t you give those statements above a try, do it with all the love in you that you have to give? Remember his love languages, and employ those words with all your heart. 50 things you could say to make your boyfriend cry happy tears are now at your disposal, save that love story today.