Will He Ever Come Back?

How long does it take for a guy to come back, how do you tell if he will ever come back, and how do you know he’s not coming back after no contact are common questions most women ask. That’s why we’ve written this special guide for obvious signs to look out for and tell if he’s coming back to you or not. This post will save you the stress of jumping from one “will he ever come back quiz” to the next.

The truth is that no amount of previous breakups or heartbreaks can prepare you for being dumped by the man you love. Love is hard, and forgiving the person you love is hard because you know you love this person too much to leave him, but then you have to forgive him because you can’t live without him. And then one day, he leaves you.

When someone you love breaks up with you, it leaves you with a lot of anger, sadness, tears, self-doubt, insecurities about your body and your character, and depression. And then, when you’ve gone through all these, you begin to question yourself. ‘Was I the problem? Was I not good enough? Did he find someone younger or more beautiful? Will I ever find someone I will love as much as I loved him? Will he ever come back to me?

Love is unpredictable, and two lovers will always find their way back to each other, no matter what they are truly meant to be. If you and your partner had a major disagreement that caused you to split up, you can still get back together and even marry, as long as you both love each other.

10 Signs he will come back to you

There are numerous ways to know if he (your ex) will ever come back to you after a breakup. And, just so you know, you have to keep an eye out for them to find out. Here are some of them;

1. If he still calls to check up on you

No matter how huge your fight was if he still loves you, he will check up on you once in a while. Calling you once in a while to ask how you’ve been, sending you text messages, chatting you up once in a while You both may be hurting, but just because he genuinely cares about your well-being, he will always be moved to check up on you, because no matter how much he stays away from you, he will want to make sure you are always well and safe.

2. Impulsively gifting you your favorite stuff

When he truly knows you and knows what you like and does those things impulsively, he may not realize he did them until you call him or a while later. For example, you are a real softie and hate stress. Mondays at work are always the most stressful for you and leave you crankier than normal. While you both were together, he knew that the only thing that makes you feel better is taking chocolate ice cream from your favorite ice cream place, so every Monday since he realized this, he has gotten you chocolate ice cream unfailingly and ordered it to be delivered to you even when he is not in town. Then you’re no longer together, and he makes the same gesture. Sis, he may still come back to you because this shows he still can’t get you off his mind.

3. If he is still in love with you

Love is the strongest force that even the most powerful man can’t fight against. If he loves you, he can’t stay away from you for so long. Love will always bring him back to you. If you were the one wrong and you have sincerely apologized to him, he will always find his way back to you, and if he was the one wrong and you’ve pointed it out to him, which in turn caused the big argument, wait for him to realize his mistakes. And if he does and he truly loves you, he will come back to you.

4. When he acts jealous when he sees you with another man

Jealousy is associated with love. Men and women get jealous alike. No one likes seeing the one they love in the arms of another person. For men, theirs are usually difficult to hide because of their ego, and sometimes it gives them the much-deserved wake-up call they needed, which tells them that if they don’t come to their senses quickly, they may lose the love of their life to another man. So if he gets jealous when he sees you with another man and finds it difficult to hide it, just know that he is coming back to you faster than you thought.

5. If he still calls your family

Anyone who loves you will try to have a relationship with the people you hold dear. If after a breakup he still calls your mom, hangs out with your brother and dad once in a while, and is the first person your sister calls when a guy is harassing her, this shows that regardless of how the situation is with you both at the moment, he can’t help but still be involved in your life. He is coming back to you.

6. If he admits he misses you

What hurts the most about breakups is acting like you don’t care or trying not to care when you see someone you know you can’t stay without seeing. But then, that is like the number one rule of breaking up: you both have to stop seeing and hearing from each other. If he admits to you that he misses you or that the lack of communication between you both is killing him, just know that he is missing you, and because he can’t stand missing you, he will find his way back to you.

7. He is constantly inquiring about you from mutual friends.

When he asks your friends how you are doing and tries to keep up with your life through your friends or other people who know you, it is a good sign that he will return to you. Because he will eventually tire of explaining why he is asking or of not getting enough information from them and will return to you.

8. When he stalks you on social media

He may not comment on your pictures, but he is always one of the first to view your status or stories and will always like them. This is his way of checking if you are dating again and if you are suffering as much as he is suffering without you, as well as his way of knowing how you are doing.

9. If he still treats you the same way

Indeed, old habits die hard. If he still treats you the same way he treated you before when you both coincidentally meet each other again, then he has still got a thing for you. If he still calls you endearing names at the start of each sentence, still dabs your lips as you eat, and still holds your bag or heels when you are tired, he will come back; just give him time.

10. If he hasn’t returned your things

While you were dating, you left some of your belongings in his house because you spent a lot of time there. a lot, and then it’s been weeks since the break up and he still hasn’t returned any of them to your house, then there is a huge possibility that he will come back to you. Because he is either waiting for you to call him or come to his house to get them just so he can see you again, or he feels that giving them back to you will show that the relationship has truly ended, and he is not ready for that any time soon.


The truth is that there is no rule for how to handle your relationship to make everything go smoothly, and unlike what Disney wants us to believe, there is no fairytale romance. There will be turbulence once in a while, sometimes huge and other times small, but as long as there is love, you both will always bounce back and get stronger than you were before.