12 Signs You’re In A Twin Flame Relationship

We’ve all heard of “soulmates.” But what about twin flames? The two concepts can be very similar yet significantly different. Have you ever met someone who feels like they are a mirror of you and your personality? That might be your twin flame. Your twin flame is someone you easily connect with, have similar strengths and weaknesses with, and feel an instant yet intense connection with.

A “twin flame” relationship is one where two souls are deeply connected. You can find both twin flames and soulmates in platonic and romantic relationships. How, then, can you tell if someone is your twin flame and not your soulmate? To help you understand if you’re in a twin flame relationship, here are 12 signs that you are in a twin flame relationship;

Signs you’ve seen your twin flame

1. Complementing each other

Have you ever heard of yin and yang? It is the ancient Chinese philosophy of balance. In a twin flame relationship, the other person seems to balance your life. For example, their light complements your shadow, and vice versa. Because you are very similar to your twin flame, it doesn’t mean you wouldn’t have a few differences, but those differences are being complemented effortlessly.

2. Your souls instantly recognize each other

How do I know he’s my twin flame? When your soul instantly recognizes and gets attracted to another, chances are that it is your twin soul. When that person always feels at home, they feel familiar, and you feel an intense bond as though you’ve known them all your life, but they’ve been missing. A twin flame relationship feels like a relationship you’ve always longed for, and it’s happening now.

3. Both of you have a lot of similarities

You recognize your twin flame because of the surprising similarities you share. Both of you will have similar past experiences, interests, and values. It can be more fascinating when you realize you have had a lot of coincidences that are too similar to be true. It can be so intense that you may share the same zodiac signs, pet peeves, likes, and dislikes.

4. The connection feels intense

Because of the many similarities and the familiar feeling you get, your emotions are charged. When you develop these deep emotions quickly, you’ve got your twin flame. The intensity of the relationship is because you connect on a deeper level (soul level). Some psychologists claim that some twin flames can feel each other’s emotions. Can it get more intense than that? I bet not.

5. You feel a magnetic attraction toward each other

When you naturally feel drawn to them physically when they’re near you, then that is your twin flame. It almost feels like a magnetic force. Some people claim to sense their twin flames’ energy even when they are a few minutes apart. Your energy tends to recognize theirs, and you always want to be closer to them.

6. You feel a divine connection

When you meet someone who you instantly connect with and feel as though a higher power has brought you together, that is your twin flame. The connection often feels larger-than-life or predestined. Those are the type of relationships and connections where you ask your twin flame, “where have you been all my life?”.

7. The relationship feels tumultuous

Just like every other relationship, a twin flame relationship is not smooth. Because they are a total reflection of you and your character, you will always feel confronted by yourself, especially the part you don’t like. This will be a challenge and an avenue for you and your twin flame to facilitate major growth and become better people. When you are constantly confronted but have the desire to do better, this is a sign of a twin flame relationship.

8. You keep coming back together

When you are in an “on and off” relationship, it’s most likely with your twin flame. This is because Chase is a part of a twin flame relationship. You or your twin flame may walk away because of anger or fear, but you will often find a way back to each other’s lives. Things you don’t expect will always bring you back together at random. It could be after weeks, months, years, or even decades; there’s no time attached, and you’ll always find your way back to one another.

9. When there is a psychic connection

There are some connections that you can only have with certain special people in life; a twin flame relationship is one that gives you such a connection. If you can easily communicate with someone with as little as a glance and they fully get what you mean, that is a sign of a twin flame relationship. You could sit for minutes without talking, yet you are communicating, isn’t that psychic and amazing?

10. They push you to do better

Different relationships can push you to do better, but it is on a whole diff level with twin flame relationships. Because of the connection with your soul, the similarities in value and all, your purposes tend to align, and in a way, they push you to achieve newer and greater heights. The twin flame relationship is an expensive relationship that promotes growth for both individuals.

11. Your life takes an unexpected turn

Because you are similar, you tend to mirror your insecurities, challenges, and triggers through one another and see the impact it has on you. This will become a wake-up call to both of you and a learning phase to become better communicators and deal with your insecurities and growth. You will experience a new turn (positive) in your life.

12. When your insecurities amplify

Because your twin flame reflects who you are, you tend to reflect on your problems and deepest insecurities through them. It amplifies those feelings and problems. In turn, your twin flame will help support you and encourage you to work through these obstacles to heal and grow. When you have such a person in your life, that is your twin flame.

Final thoughts

When you feel a strong connection to someone, you may think he is your soulmate. However, twin-flame relationships are often mistaken for soulmate relationships. Unlike a soulmate, you feel a deep connection with your twin flame right away. You also have many interesting things in common with your twin flame.

It feels like a higher power brought you two together. With your twin flame, you get a full reflection of who you are because of your similarities. Although you may have a few differences, you complement each other effortlessly.