Best Online Relationship Therapy Platforms

What is the best online platform for therapy?

The COVID-19 pandemic has been an eye-opener and a call that prompted many therapists and counselors to provide an online platform. Even without pandemics, online therapy platforms are helpful to a greater extent because you can reach your therapist from almost anywhere in the world.

People who are uncomfortable sharing their worries and struggles with their therapist in person feel more at ease with online therapy. Because there are a lot of platforms for online relationship therapy, finding the best one can be challenging.

Worry not, for I made a list of some of the best online therapy platforms that focus on different relationship programs like sex counseling, affair recovery, and LGBTQIA+ partners and relationships, some of which also provide free online relationship counseling. Below are some of the best relationship therapy platforms you can find online.

1. ReGain

If you are looking to work on yourself as an individual and as a couple, ReGain Couples Therapy is here for you. ReGain offers such a service for a price of $80–$100 per week that you pay every four weeks via PayPal. You can access your therapist any day, anytime, from anywhere in the world with a laptop, tablet, or mobile phone.

There are more than 10,000 therapists on ReGain to choose from, and you can choose to be anonymous while going through your therapy. You get to go through your therapy at your pace without rushing, and the therapist is always available to respond to your messages.

2. Talkspace

Talkspace offers relationship therapy for couples looking to strengthen their relationship. It is the best online platform if you are not a fan of video call sessions because it is primarily a text-based platform. However, if you are comfortable with physical sessions, there is a provision for that.

Talkspace couple therapy costs $99 per week. All therapists on Talkspace have licenses to practice in their states, so you can rest assured you are with a professional. Another service that Talkspace provides includes psychiatric service and medication management.

3. Relationship Hero

The price doesn’t matter as long as it is worth it. Relationship Hero charges $80-$250 depending on how many minutes/hours you spend. When you register, the platform matches you with a relationship therapist that can help you with issues like sex, marriage, infidelity, and breakups.

Not all therapists on Relationship Hero have licenses, but those without licenses have undergone rigorous training to deliver the best customer service.

4. Couple Therapy Inc.

From intense relationship therapy and counseling to unique couple retreats, Couple Therapy Inc. provides relationship therapy both online and offline for a price range of $119-$199 for a 55-minute therapy session. They don’t have subscription plans but offer premium online video sessions, including premarital counseling and a series of sexuality retreats.

5. Lasting

For the doubting Thomases, Lasting offers a free trial option. If you are a couple looking for the best way to work well together, Lasting offers you the best service for your needs at a price of $22.99 a month.

You can opt for bulk payment at the rate of $59.99 for three months and $89.99 for six months. There are many educational materials to complete at your pace that are easy to understand and live therapist-led Zoom workshops to attend from the comfort of your room. It is easy to understand how Lasting works, and you can download the Lasting marriage counseling app from your favorite app hosting site.

6. Amwell

Young couples who are planning to settle down and get married may need some relationship therapy to help them achieve their goal and build healthy and sustainable relationships. At Amwell, there is a wide range of treatments for young adults (18+) that are in an intimate relationship.

Whether you want to do the therapy together with your partner or alone, there is a service for you. They have professional therapists that will give you a listening ear, ask you helpful questions and help you understand and reach your relationship goals online without the need for physical sessions.

From their site, Amwell has a rating of 4.9 stars, which indicates that most of their clients are satisfied. Their service costs $109-$129 depending on the therapist’s experience level, and they also accept insurance.

7. Our Relationship

At Our Relationship, you can call your therapist any time of the day, even at weekends. Can it get better than that? If you don’t plan on spending much, then this is the best online relationship therapy platform for you.

It offers programs for same-gender couples, veteran couples, military couples, and heterosexual couples, among others. The program is free if you secure a grant from the Administration for Children and Families.

Without a grant, you pay a service charge of $199 to complete the program with an after-coaching and $79 for only the program without coaching after it. You can schedule a Zoom or phone call with your therapist to go over how to apply what you are learning during the program.

8. Advekit

The founder of the Advekit online relationship therapy platform, Alison LaSov, is a professional marriage and family therapist. Using an algorithm, the platform aims to match its clients with therapists based on their specific needs.

Their services are swift for $60-$120, while some experts charge $250. Other noteworthy options will cost you extra charges. If you are a first-time client, you have 50% off your bills.

9. Growing Self

For a price of $65-$160, Growing self offers you a wide variety of relationship therapy ranging from dating coaching to premarital, marriage, and parenting counseling.

You can choose the type of coaches you want, from early career therapists and coaches to doctoral-level experts. However, the price differs with the kind of coach you request. There is a provision of many free resources that you can access conveniently.

10. Pride Counseling

The therapists at Pride Counseling have excellent experience and expertise with the LGBTQIA+ community. The price range for relationship therapy is between $60 and $90 per week. You can subscribe automatically with your debit or credit cards, and you may cancel anytime. They do not accept insurance services.

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Final Thoughts

All the above-listed platforms offer top-notch relationship therapy from professional licensed therapists, counselors, and psychiatrists. Some of these websites accept insurance, and others provide different self-pay options.