55 Best Party Games For Adults

Party games are a fun and entertaining way to liven up any gathering, and they can be a great way to break the ice and get everyone involved. While there are many party games that are suitable for children, there are also many games that are specifically designed for adults and can provide hours of entertainment for grown-ups. In this article, we will explore some of the best party games for adults, including both classic games and newer, more unique options. Whether you are hosting a dinner party, a game night, or a holiday gathering, these games are sure to provide plenty of laughs and good times for all.

1. Spin The Bottle

This can either be fun or a party wrecker depending on the patties or group involved,  it’s more fun when it’s played among people that are comfortable with each other. it can come in a question-and-answer from or a truth-or-dare form. The bottle is simply spun to start up the game and whoever it ends points to, have themselves involved in the game. The person being pointed at by the bottle ask a question and the other answers.

2. Charades

Charades is a guessing game in which a person acts out a scene using gestures or demonstrations without saying anything and the rest of the group is expected to guess what it stood for (demonstration or gestures). Scenes in this context include song, book, and movie scenes.

3. Taboo

The Taboo game is a guessing game published in 1989 by the Parker Brothers. 

It comes with a collection of words written on a card, the group is divided evenly into two and a participant from one group picks a card and tries to send a clue or describe the word without saying the taboo word (forbidden). These forbidden words are the other words listed on the card. for example, if the word is “automobile” you can’t say “auto”, especially if it is listed in the card as a taboo word. The giver uses songs and speech to prompt their teammates.

4. “I have never” game

The “I have never ” is a very interesting game that gets the group talking about exciting life experiences, about things they’ve never tried, and why. It creates an avenue for people to have lengthy conversations and also get acquainted with themselves.

A list of questions is compiled as a series of ” I have never questioned “. For example, I have never been late for a class.

These questions are asked and the players respond to things they’ve done by either drinking or counting with their hands. The adults usually take to drinking.

5. Cards against humanity.

Card against humanity is a question-and-answer game that originated from the Kickstarter campaign in 2011, created by a group of eight highland high school alumni and involved a group of writers writing out the most abstract and often humorous responses to topic questions.

It is a paper-printed game of white and black. The black card has the questions while the white card has complimenting answers which in most cases are offensive and inappropriate. 

6. Lemon and spoon game

In this game, each player stands at a line which is usually the starting point with a lemon in a spoon held in their mouth.

Each of the players is expected to walk to the finish line without dropping the lemon and every time a player fails, they go back to take a drink and start all over again. The intriguing part is to know who has the highest coordination after a couple of drinks.

7. Prosecco Pong

The prosecco pong game is similar to a beer pong game.  Plastic cups containing drinks ( alcohol or wine) are placed on a table end and from the other end, a player tosses a ping pong ball into the cups. The player drinks from the cup a ball lands on.

8. Sporcle

Sporcle is a very common relatable game that’s played by listing a category of things and have mention things that fall under that category until they run out of ideas. An instance is, the name of a female Nigerian artist, the players keep mentioning as many female artists as they can remember till they run out of ideas. The last person is usually the winner of the game.

9. Two truths and a lie

This game is pretty much a simple game played amongst friends. The people involved simply write two of their truths and a lie on a separate piece of paper, fold it up into a ball and drop them in a jar or plate. One person picks one ball at random and reads the content aloud. The rest of the group identifies the owner of that particular ball and tells which amongst what’s written is true or false.

10. Truth or Dare

Truth or Dare is a simple game that everyone knows how to play. The people involved get to decide the boundaries of the game as it can turn out to be a very wild one. These dares can come in form of  “touch your nose with your tongue ” or “slap your neighbor “dares. In cases where someone picks a  Truth, the person gives true answers to random questions like,” Have you ever fought in the market

11. Great minds alike

Great minds alike is a kind of game in which a theme is chosen and then you suggest what you think other people would choose on that particular team. This game Can accommodate as many people as you would want it to accommodate.

12. Pictionary

This is a fun drawing game adults would love to get involved in this game, drawing abilities doesn’t count so people with little or no drawing skills are welcome to be a part of the fun. The beauty of the game is the inability of the participants to put up hilarious pictures. Themes are chosen from random topics and listed out on cards, so you simply pick a card and represent the word on a drawing slate or board.

13. Who am I?

This is a guessing game where a person acts or draws a famous person on the slip of paper and the rest of the teammates try to guess who is drawn or pretending to be.  It would be a lot of fun to choose people or characters from more recent events or the ones the team can relate to or understand without much difficulty.

14. Crazy “kiss Mary kill”

This is a game in which a team member picks fictional celebrities and decides which one they would either kiss or kill.

These celebrities range from movie actors to musicians, footballers, etc. Just any celebrity from a suggested theme.

15. Sticker stalker game

The sticker stalker game is a game you can have with a small number of your friends. You simply make stickers of random expressions and try sticking them on the other person (a playmate), the person that places the most number of stickers on the other(playmate) wins the game.

16. Conversation card games

Conversation cards from Living Locurto are a great idea for a conversation card game. It has four pages filled with conversation starters that you can print out, cut up, and place in a jar or basket for each guest to pick from. They pick a paper piece and discuss with it reads.

17. Don’t say Yes

In the “Don’t say yes” game, the guest is not allowed to say “Yes” or any variation of it to answer any question or in a conversation till the party is over. Defaulters are usually decorated with stickers or a yarn necklace.

18. Would You Rather?

Make a list of two option questions where your guests can pick  their preferred opinion from asking “Would you rather…” it can be  “Would you rather not go to school for a year or not go to church for a year?”  After their response, it’s their turn to ask the person next to them. The game continues until they can’t think of any more scenarios.

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19. Medusa

Everyone sits around a table with their head down and after a count of three, everyone is expected to sit up and look at someone else in the circle. You are out if you make eye contact with a person but if the person you are looking at is looking elsewhere, you are safe to play the game in the next turn. This is repeated subsequently till everyone is out in the game. contact with someone else, you’re out.

20. Telephone game

In a telephone game, participants are expected to gather in a circle. Pick one phrase to whisper in the ear of the person next to them, no repeats. That person will whisper what they heard to the person next to them, and so on until the phrase gets back to the first person. Prepare to laugh at how distorted it gets. 

21. Mr. freeze

This game is very simple, You just pick a person to act as “Mr.freeze”. As the party progresses, the person freezes at random and every other person is expected to freeze alongside too. The last person to freeze is out of the game.

22. Cereal box game

Get an empty cereal box and place it in the middle of the table or room. All participating players are expected to try picking the cereal box up with their mouth by any means possible, provided they don’t put their hands on the floor, or any supporting frame. Once everyone has had a go at picking up the cereal box, they cut an inch off the box. They continue trying to pick it up with their mouth, and with each try, they cut an inch off the box, until someone is crowned the surviving winner.

23. Name the tune

In this game, One person starts by humming or singing a few notes of a familiar song, and the next person has to guess the title and artist. If they get it wrong, they have to hum or sing a few notes for the next person.

24. Category

The category game involves listing things from particular categories in turns. like “types of fruits” or “things you can see in a classroom ” The others then have to name something in that category, and it keeps going until someone can’t think of anything else.

25. What’s your story

What’s your story game is a reveling game that gets people talking about themselves. For example, you can ask why men don’t cry in public, the next is what happens if they do and the next person continues that story with what happens next. It can get exciting when people have more profound stories to tell.

26. Liar, liar

Do you know your guests well enough? This is the perfect game to prove it! To play it, you must ask your guests to meet and form a circle or semicircle to designate someone as a scorer and jury. Then, each person says a statement about themselves that is true and two that are not.

Players receive a point for each time they guess if the other participants told the truth or not. Once the round is over, the one with the most points is proclaimed the winner, or rather: the best liar!

27. Guess the song

Form two groups among all the participants in the party and ask them to play 30 seconds of different songs, the group that guesses the most songs will be the winner. If you want to add even more excitement, you can choose a prize for the winning team and a “punishment” for the losing team. This is one of those games in which it is impossible to get bored!

28. Who is the most…?

This game is quite embarrassing but very entertaining. You will only need one coin and lots of guts. The rules are very simple. Approach a person in the group and whisper a question that only he or she hears. Then, this person should approach the person who believes is the most suitable for the question. Then, the chosen person must throw a coin. If it is a seal, the person must tell everyone what the question was and restart the game. If it is expensive, the person must continue playing and ask another question to whoever he wants.

29. Musical chairs

You probably played this game when you were a child, but as an adult, it’s even more fun! You have to place the chairs in a circle, all the players will be standing, except one who will take care of the music.

This person will play the music and the players will start dancing near the chairs. Once the music stops playing, players must sit in the chairs. We will take out a chair and continue playing the music. When the music stops again, players must sit on the remaining chairs. Those who did not sit on a chair will be eliminated. You can play until there is only one player left, who will be the winner.

30. Which of the two?

It’s like this: the group chooses a random couple, and both have to cover their eyes with bandages or sit back to back. Each of the guests will ask different questions to these two people, one by one. Whoever thinks it is, should take a sip. When they both drink, the game ends and they have to finish the whole glass. It’s a great game for groups of friends who know each other very well!

31. Heads up!

One of the players must put his mobile phone in his head without seeing the word he has to guess. The rest of the players have to give him clues so that he guesses the word he has written on his head, each player must guess the maximum number of words before the time runs out.

If the player with the cell phone has not guessed the word, he must tilt the phone back. If you are right, you must tilt the phone forward so that the next word appears and continue playing. If the player does not guess a minimum of X words, he should drink! You can also play this game in pairs, you will still have a great time!

32. Dixit

Dixit is one of the recent classics in the world of board games. In this game, we become narrators who build sentences around cards. In each round, the narrator says aloud a phrase or word that matches the letter. The rest of the players choose a card of theirs that they think fits that phrase and then, they must guess what the narrator was.

33. Scrabble

Scrabble is a crossword game for two, three, or four players. The goal of this popular game is to form words that intersect on the board, using cards marked with a letter and a number.

Players must use their chips with a lot of dexterity to try to get the best possible score. If you are familiar with words like oxyphenbutazone, you could be a very good player!

34. Risk

it consists of trying to conquer the territories of your enemies to defeat them and become the owner of the world. The board is divided into 42 territories and all players start with the same number of chips, each of them representing a troop.

35. Twister

The game platform is a fabric that has colored circles and a circle with an arrow that each player has to turn. This arrow will fall on two axes: on one side it will indicate a circle of one color and on the other, the foot or right or left hand must rest on that color. The player who falls first or touches the fabric loses!

36. Pictionary

In this game, the only way to communicate is by drawing. It is played in teams and the objective of the game is to guess the word that represents the drawing that your partner makes. The team that guesses the most words when time runs out wins! In case you want to show your drawing skills, you already know which game to choose!

37. Unexpected uses:

The selected player must mention and explain between 7 and 10 uses that an everyday object can have, for example, lipstick, a spoon, the lid of a pot, or a pencil, among others.

The object can be advertised by the animator, the birthday boy, or it can be the first object that is in your pocket or bag. 

38. Beer Pong

This is a type of “all against all” game and it is very simple to run, ideal to start the fun.

To begin, it is necessary to put plastic cups on one side of the table, while on the other side the participants are located, who in turns one by one will try to insert a ping pong ball into the glasses of the opposing team.

Every mistake implies a small penance: a sip of some alcoholic beverage. Who will be the least skillful player?

39.  Bingo with personalized cards

Bingo will never go out of style at any celebration. To celebrate a birthday you can create a bingo with personalized cards, with a name that identifies the honored or related to the theme of the party (instead of placing only “bingo”) and whose spaces are things that identify him.

Although, if it is very complicated for you, you can easily find generic cards on the Internet. The fact is that the participation of your guests will make them live a very fun moment.

40. Underwear Accessories

At a crazy time of your celebration, you can ask your guests to wear underwear accessories (which you can ask them to bring or, if your budget allows it, to be delivered to them during the celebration).

With this, you will stimulate the creativity and good humor of your guests, when, for example, you see a necklace of socks or a panty hat. A variant of this fun activity is that guests wear clothes of the opposite sex on their clothes and stay that way for the rest of the event.

41.  Find the pair of the sock

For this game, you must warn all attendees that they must wear at least two or three pairs of socks. The idea is to complete about 20 pairs or more.

When the time comes, they all get into a bag and mix, then empty it on a table or the floor. Next, individual or couple shifts are made so that they find the largest number of pairs in a time of 2-3 minutes. Whoever has achieved the most pairs wins.

The fun thing about the game is that you can add several socks without a partner, to confuse the players and add some humor to the activity.

42. Change your clothes with someone else

For this game, your guests must be very willing. The activity consists of changing clothes with a person who turns his birthday in the same month, his name begins with the same letter as his, or who is in the same decade as his age (20, 30, 40…)

If it is of the opposite sex, it will be much funnier. Participants must keep those clothes for a while or until the end of the game.

43.  Soccer balloons

For this game, a balloon is inflated and small teams are created to execute a penalty shootout in which you try to put the balloon in the goal, which must be about three meters away. Let the creativity of the players flow in the attempt to score a goal.

44. Englobled

This is a group game in which several teams are needed; the more there are, the better, and the more fun.

It is about filling a partner with small balloons, under the shirt, who will then have to perform some challenges or tests. For this game, you will have to have large t-shirts, several packs of balloons, and an inflator.

When someone gives the order, the team must fill in the partner in a defined time (2-3 minutes); then he must perform activities such as going through various obstacles, colliding with others to knock them down, or simply winning the team that has managed to fill his partner with more balloons.

45. Put on each other a garment

This game consists of two players trying to put on a piece of clothing, each other, at the same time. For example, the couple will try to place one watch on the other, at the same time that he also places a watch.

For this game, you can also use aprons, ties, shoes, or even makeup. If you have several of the same garment, several couples can play simultaneously, winning whoever manages to put the garments first.

46. The collector

In this game, each competitor receives a large bag or sack and a sheet (which can be interpreted as a list of valuable collections), in which some elements with their score value will be indicated. Example:

Belt – 5 points

Tie – 8 points

Portfolio – 3 points

Glasses – 1 point

While a chosen song is playing, participants must go to their guests to gather as many objects as possible by placing them in the bag. In the end, whoever has earned the most points will win. In this game make sure to include items such as bras to give them the highest score; in the end, you will have guaranteed laughs.

47. Exploiting balloons

This is a very entertaining game for adults, which can add a spicy touch to the celebration. It is a competition between couples, who try to exploit a balloon that is located between the two, in the genital area. It can be executed in two ways:

All couples put on the balloon and the one who makes it explode first wins.

A certain time (1 or 2 minutes) is chosen for couples to exploit as many balloons as possible. Whoever has exploded the most wins. A variant of the previous game is to explode balloons individually, sitting on them, with your head, pressing against a wall, etc.

48. Drinking from the couple’s belly button

here you should choose someone (usually a woman) for your partner to drink a glass of liquor from his navel, the idea is to take small sips so as not to spill it all over the body, until the glass is finished.

Whoever has done it in less time wins. A variant of this game is to use sauce, jam, honey, or other edible in other parts of the body (unleash your creativity!).

49. Ball races

This game consists of using a ball or ball (preferably large), in which the participant must sit and advance along a certain route to a goal. The fun thing about the game is that you can only push the ball with the impulse of your legs and you can’t touch yourself with your hands after sitting down. Whoever crosses the finish line first or whoever does it in less time wins.

50. Condom war

For this adult game, we will go to the age of childhood. We can inflate condoms, obviously unused, to make battles by hitting others on the body. You can make a small bet to encourage the game or offer a good prize.

In this war, whoever drops his war weapon (the inflated condom) loses, and whoever manages to keep it in his hand until the end wins. It is not worth taking the balloons of others, they must fall for the blows given.

51. Who will you touch?

This game is aimed at a mixed group of adult participants. Three groups of cards are prepared:

Actions or verbs: Touch, rub, caress, kiss, support, smell, blow, lick, massage, among others.

Body parts: Elbow, hand, ear, nose, knee, navel, among others.

Names of the participants: An individual card with each name of the player.

Next, the three groups of cards are placed face down on a table, well mixed.

In turn, each player will have to choose a card from each group (actions, body parts, and player).

52. Catching rolls with the stick

For this game, a stick and many rolls or tubes of toilet paper are used. Next, it is about squeezing a stick between the legs (preferably the man) and trying to take a roll of toilet paper, which the couple squeezes between the thighs. This one must take it to a basket and go back for another roll.

The couple who has managed to gather more rolls within the time limit wins. To make it even more fun, you can change position and let it be the woman who squeezes the stick and the man who holds the roll.

53. The same answers

It is a very original and creative game. For this, you will need partners and a list of personal questions such as:

What is your favorite food? What is your favorite movie?

Your favorite color?

What is your favorite book?

Each competitor is given a question sheet which he will have to answer according to his tastes.

Afterward, you will be given another list with the same questions, which you will have to answer according to your partner’s preferences. In the end, the answers will be compared and the winners will be the ones who have obtained the greatest success in their answers.

54. Limbo

This classic and well-known game is ideal on any birthday, to cheer, have fun, and dance to all your guests. It consists of passing under a horizontal bar, with the knees in front and shoulders back, without losing balance or touching the ground with your hands. The game will increase its difficulty by placing the bar a little lower each time and whoever manages to pass below the lower bar will win.

55. Alternate karaoke

To execute it, you must divide your guests into two groups. Each team must sing a free choice song, for a few seconds and alternate with the other team, without pause.

Over to you

To do this, the party animator must participate, who must organize the game, and will be the one who constantly changes equipment to indicate the beginning of the song. The idea is that in every change of the animator, the teams sing a new song, altogether. Teams that repeat a song, do not know what to start with, take too long to start, or use wrong words in the lyrics will have a penalty.