200 Best Would You Rather Questions List

Playing a round of “would you rather” question games can help you start a conversation or continue one that is already underway. Our list of 200 best Would You Rather Questions will help you kill boredom with friends and make sure you do not have any dull moments.

Would you rather be among the most simple to play of all the icebreaker party games? All of this calls for careful thought and consideration. Why then does a game that is incredibly simple to play still require so much thought?

So, posing the queries is not difficult. However, if you have to answer the questions, it might be a little challenging. Be prepared to ask those difficult questions quickly once the game has begun though. The best way to accomplish that is to be organized.

Be the life of the party with not less than 200 “Would You Rather” questions for every circumstance to get the celebration going. Would You Rather is a difficult but enjoyable game to play at events, at work, at a family get-together, or even on a first date. You can use the question games on this extensive list but consider your options carefully. You’ll learn more about your friends and family through a spirited game of WYR.

List Of Best Would You Rather Questions

  1. Eat peanut butter-flavored poop or peanut butter that has poop flavoring?
  2. Which would you choose to break the most priceless item in your home or the most priceless item in a store?
  3. Choose between finding $100,000 you can keep and $1 million you must donate to charity.
  4. ever known when you died or what caused it?
  5. able to make something vanish simply by erasing it or make something real by drawing it?
  6. go skinny dipping with a coworker, a classmate, or a total stranger?
  7. Have access to free WiFi or food wherever you go?
  8. Possess the power to influence your destiny or your dreams?
  9. your wedding nor your funeral will be attended by anyone.
  10. prefer to experience—starvation or eating your dog—if you were marooned on a desert island with your pet?
  11. Dress formally or casually at all times?
  12. have three wishes come true in ten years or one wish today?
  13. never having phone service while you’re out and about, or never having internet access at home?
  14. Pay no taxes but receive no healthcare and no public education or pay no taxes but contribute 50% of your income to universal healthcare?
  15. you can wed your enemy and spare your mother’s life, or you can wed the person of your dreams, but your mother will develop a drug addiction.
  16. consistently go to bed at 9 p.m. and wake up at 6 a.m., or do you typically stay up until 10 a.m.?
  17. Be able to disappear or erase someone’s memory?
  18. expose yourself to her or watch your friend’s mother in her underwear?
  19. be required to smell every sound or sight you encounter?
  20. you forgotten how to type or ride a bike?
  21. be blind or without ears?
  22. To taste something or to touch something blindly?
  23. have kimchi breath or horseradish breath?
  24. Go bald or develop cavities if you consume sugar-containing foods on a regular basis.
  25. eat something spicy and turned red every time, or did you turn red after drinking alcohol?
  26. die by burning or drowning?
  27. Consider taking a spider bath or slug shower.
  28. Use sandpaper to clean or eye drops made of vinegar.
  29. Have the ideal family but live in abject poverty, or have the ideal family but be rich?
  30. Have one ear or one foot that is twice as large as the other?
  31. Have all liquids tasted like sugar water or salt water, respectively?
  32. burn when you drink, or when you urinate?
  33. Never draw attention to yourself through your words or your appearance.
  34. frequently forget where you put your keys or where you parked your car?
  35. have more money or more time?
  36. Which group, rapists or serial killers, would you choose to eliminate if you had the power of annihilation?
  37. Which would you prefer to decide your fate—a random group of individuals or a robotic entity?
  38. Every time you encounter a stranger, do you sneeze, or do you put on 10 pounds just by looking at a hamburger?
  39. Would you rather save a stranger inside the same burning building or save your dog?
  40. Would you rather want to pass away content in ten years or unhappy in fifty?
  41. Which would you prefer to do for a homeless person—get them a job or give them a place to live for free for the rest of their lives—if you had the power to do it?
  42. If you have a love child with someone else, should you tell your partner or should you keep it a secret from them for the rest of your life?
  43. Which would be worse: losing one eye or every tooth?
  44. If you were in a vegetative state, would you want the lights turned off or to continue living?
  45. Keep the child even if it meant squeezing by on a meager income, or give it up for adoption in the hopes that they can provide a better life for the child?
  46. Would you prefer to be released on bail but have the person who posted your bail go bankrupt rather than spend time in jail for a crime you didn’t commit?
  47. Would you instead save your parents or your spouse?
  48. Never advance in your career but still enjoy security, or take the risk of being let go and run?
  49. Take a job with a good salary right out of high school or enroll in college with no assurance of employment?
  50. If you find your spouse to be unfaithful, should you divorce them or get even by betraying them?
  1. Living with your loved ones and making only $20,000 per year for the rest of your life is preferable to living alone for ten years and making ten million dollars.
  2. Do you prefer to commute for two hours each way and earn a good living, or stay at home and only earn the federal minimum wage?
  3. Which would you rather have saved—one of your friends or 100 strangers?
  4. Do you want someone who hates you to pen a book or have them direct a movie about your life?
  5. Obtain a random tattoo or piercing (you are not allowed to choose the style or the location).
  6. Which would you prefer to kiss—a teacher or the most repulsive student?
  7. Give a stranger complete access to your social media accounts, or risk losing every piece of the content therein?
  8. Do you want to swim among snakes or spiders in a pool?
  9. Choose between going a month without internet or a month without a phone.
  10. Telling your crush that you like them is preferable to having them learn about it.
  11. Being over or underdressed?
  12. Have uncomfortable pimples on your face or butt?
  13. Which should you eat first, mustard or wasabi?
  14. Being teased because of your appearance or your behavior?
  15. To receive free food at any restaurant, you must know every response to every test you will ever take.
  16. Have you ever had that constant feeling that you were about to sneeze or urinate?
  17. Be a super-quick sloth or a sluggish lion.
  18. Choose between being a ninja with loud shoes or a pirate without a ship.
  19. Should you only be able to eat with your ears covered or only be able to move your feet when your eyes are closed?
  20. Do you want to spit out hot saliva or cry hot tears?
  21. Having access to only Hallmark movies or not having any access to television at all?
  22. Do you want to be limited to using question marks or emojis at all?
  23. When you’re happy, do you cry, and when you’re sad, do you moan?
  24. Consume caffeine-free coffee or alcohol-free cocktails?
  25. possessing wings but only being able to move them five feet at a time, or having laser vision but only being able to use it when you’re anxious?
  26. Lock eyes with a random person in the restroom stall or unintentionally walk right past your boss using the restroom?
  27. When you’re about to fart or urinate, do you have to let everyone know?
  28. Do you dress in summer clothes in the winter or vice versa?
  29. If your trip, will everyone laugh at you, or will you be the only one who laughs uncontrollably when someone else trips?
  30. You can start or end each sentence with the phrase “According to my calculations.”
  31. Have you ever taken a step and made a farting noise, or yawned and smelled like farts?
  32. Have a New York accent while residing in the South, or the opposite and residing in the South?
  33. Do you prefer to take a saltwater or hand sanitizer bath?
  34. If you eat cheese, will you develop dandruff, and if you kiss someone, will you develop baldness?
  35. Should you use chopsticks to eat pizza or a spoon to eat spaghetti?
  36. Every day at noon, can you find something you lost or remember something you forgot?
  37. Have two inches of nail growth per day or half an inch of hair growth per day throughout your body?
  38. Possess the capacity for closed-eye vision or closed-ear hearing?
  39. Do you prefer to awaken to a painful zit on your butt or a hundred pimples on your forehead?
  40. Which would you rather do: submit to an alien or Big Foot?
  41. Become a cute puppy or a hideous person?
  42. Do you brush your teeth to shave or do you use your mouth to wash the dishes?
  43. Would you rather converse with a monkey or a very dimwitted and obstinate person?
  44. Listen to Nickelback or get an ear infection?
  45. Have your internet search history made public to five friends and family members instead of the entire world?
  46. Make love to whoever you want in the world, or search for and wed your true love?
  47. Would you rather be poor but live a long and healthy life, or be rich and famous with a 60% chance of not making it to 90?
  48. Would you rather adopt 12 kittens or 12 kids?
  49. Obtain free admission to any theater or limitless free concessions each time you purchase a ticket.
  50. Being excellent at everything you do but never receiving praise for it, or working hard to understand and master every task but receiving praise when you complete it?
  1. be able to prevent the development of any illnesses or disabilities in fetuses, or be able to eradicate humankind’s capacity for hatred?
  2. Create a fantasy world that you can control before it is created, or can you control the world you are currently living in?
  3. Cockroaches or mosquitoes should be completely eradicated?
  4. Discover that a webcam that was installed has been watching your every move for the past month, either by the government or by users of the internet as a whole. 
  5. Either lack common sense while being intelligent, or intelligence while being common sense?
  6. Has someone gained access to your mobile device or bank account?
  7. A bee sting or contact with poison ivy?
  8. Take advantage of free WiFi wherever you go and free meals at any eatery.
  9. Do you constantly itch or perspire?
  10. Do you want to get promoted and have everyone at work despise you, or never get promoted and have everybody love you?
  11. Have everything you touch, whether it be plastic or paper, change into the other.
  12. or the capacity to perceive the thoughts of others?
  13. A choice between being able to speak every language or having free international travel.
  14. Have you ever been present for a momentous historical event or a future event?
  15. A hand or an eye could be lost.
  16. Have the brightness and volume on your phone both become unresponsive?
  17. Would you rather spend a week with your adversary or a year without a shower?
  18. Has your spouse ever complained about your lazy eye?
  19. Which is worse: falling from a ship or a plane?
  20. be fired for “inappropriate” behavior instead of being fired for stealing?
  21. Become famous for something embarrassing or do something extraordinary but no one notices?
  22. Have a superpower that you keep hidden from others or do you possess a superpower but are unsure of what it is?
  23. Having perfect eyesight or ambidextrousness?
  24. Meet the cast members of your preferred movie, or consider acting in one yourself.
  25. be arrested and released for acting improperly as opposed to being imprisoned for acting right?
  26. Consume ten cooked eggs or five raw eggs?
  27. Do you prefer to live in a large farmhouse in the middle of nowhere or a small apartment in the heart of a busy city?
  28. Have a lot of money, but the way you should spend it is determined by someone else, or have little money, but the freedom to spend it however you want?
  29. If you had to start over, would you choose college or high school?
  30. Do you prefer to work in a relaxed, enjoyable setting or a calm, uninteresting setting?
  31. Do you support a candidate with bad policies or one with good ones?
  32. Have long fingernails that require weekly trimming or head hair that never regrows?
  33. Telling a child that her mother has cancer is preferable to telling an adult that their child has cancer.
  34. Which would you prefer to do: spend the night in a city bush or a cave in the wilderness?
  35. possess a canine nose and feline eyes.
  36. Have a permanent home or spend the rest of your life traveling around without it?
  37. Experiencing extreme dryness in your lips or palms?
  38. What would be worse: having someone punch you in the face repeatedly, or giving a speech in public while having a speech impediment?
  39. Meeting a terrorist group’s ruthless leader or a victim of that group: which would you prefer?
  40. What’s more important: saving 100 strangers or one person you care about?
  41. Go bankrupt after launching several businesses or hold down a steady job that only allows you to live on the bare necessities?
  42. Shark-filled swimming pools or lion-filled parks?
  43. Popularity or superior intelligence?
  44. Discover all the lies your parents have ever told you, or have them discover all the lies you have ever told them.
  45. A year without chips or a week without internet access?
  46. Stroll around in stilettos or a push-up bra all day?
  47. Never again experience cramps, or require a shaving procedure?
  48. Which would you prefer: to spend the night in a cage in the middle of a lion’s den or on a boat in shark-infested waters?
  49. Which would be worse, getting locked inside a bank or a grocery store?
  50. Cancer treatment or the search for extraterrestrial life?
  1. Before a sporting event, sing or dance in front of the entire school.
  2. being short or fat?
  3. Is it better to eat a dead frog or a live snail?
  4. Do you want to remove Snapchat for five years or Instagram forever?
  5. Having everyone sense your thoughts or having the ability to sense what others are thinking about you
  6. Have close friends who are more intelligent or wealthy than you?
  7. Do you want your best friend to pierce your ear or the other way around?
  8. Will you break an academic record or appear in a popular video?
  9. Do you have an unflattering yearbook photo or a stupid yearbook quote?
  10. Catch your closest friends kissing or assist two seniors in kissing?
  11. Getting passed over for a party invitation or a project in class?
  12. Do you want to go on a date with Justin Bieber or on the weekend?
  13. Are you more worried about being exposed for cheating on an exam or your partner?
  14. Live for a day in the body of your teacher or your principal?
  15. Become a cow or a plant?
  16. To go to college and not earn any money afterward, or to drop out and make a million dollars?
  17. If you could only watch one movie a year, would you rather listen to the same song for 24 hours?
  18. Should you wear sweatpants to the prom or your graduation?
  19. become alcoholic or drug dependent?
  20. Do you tell your siblings or your parents lies?
  21. If you find the person of your dreams, will you be unable to marry them or will you be forced to divorce them after one year of marriage?
  22. Do you reside independently without a vehicle or do you reside jointly with your parents and possess a vehicle?
  23. Do people generally perceive you as a jerk or nerd?
  24. Do you want to keep your enemies or your friends closer?
  25. having no access to wifi or cell phone service for a month?
  26. To be in the best physical condition of your life right now but to either get fat in your 30s or stay in average health for the rest of your life?
  27. Have friends who share only your political beliefs or do you have friends with a range of political viewpoints?
  28. Become a failure in class or lose your phone?
  29. Do you prefer to spend a month wearing sunglasses to class or a semester wearing earplugs?
  30. Receive a daylong case of brain freeze or experience the need to urinate before falling asleep?
  31. Tell someone about your best friend or accept responsibility.
  32. You could skip a day of eating or a week of showering.
  33. Do you prefer to drink clean toilet water or a cup of salt water?
  34. Lick your shoe’s sole or the bus seat when riding in a crowded vehicle?
  35. Do you tell your teacher or your parents lies?
  36. Win a discussion or a game?
  37. Would you rather stay in a tent in the desert or an igloo?
  38. Would you rather have a pie smashed in your face or your father’s face?
  39. Miss a crucial practice or the school bus?
  40. Would you rather endure five minutes of tickling or just one minute of tarantula contact?
  41. being unable to speak loudly or in a whisper at any time?
  42. Go one week without seeing me or one month without making any kind of physical contact?
  43. Would you rather miss my birthday or a crucial sporting event?
  44. Embrace a puppy or cuddle up with me?
  45. Embark on a solo trip to the Bahamas with all of your expenses paid, or spend a week at my house doing whatever you want.
  46. being higher or lower?
  47. To be caught cheating or to be caught by me?
  48. Do you earn more money than your partner or does your partner earn more than you do?
  49. Should I make dinner for you or should you make dinner for me?
  50. Become feared or adored?