Top 35 Best Subscription Gift Ideas

Are you looking for the best subscription gift ideas for him or a list of the best subscription gift ideas for her? Then look no further, we’ve prepared a list of unique monthly subscription boxes you can gift to anyone close to your heart.

Gifts are a very good way of telling the receiver how much you love them. It puts a smile on the faces of your loved ones and makes them think of you even when you are not there. It’s a way of planting yourself in their lives and making your presence felt in their homes even when you are not there.

Gifts tell a lot about the giver. A handmade gift shows how intentional and how much you care for the receiver, and an extravagant gift shows you are ready to spend any amount to see a smile on the face of the receiver, a subscription gift shows that you know much about the receiver to know that a service gift might do them a lot more good than a physical gift.

Subscription gifts are as good and in some cases better than physical gifts. Imagine gifting someone a beer subscription for a whole year, every time the person goes out to drink you will be the very first thought on the person’s mind. That’s why this article is going to give you 35 best subscription gift ideas as you debate on what to gift that special someone.

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Best Subscription Boxes Gift Ideas For Everyone

1. Spa date subscription

Imagine having six months paid spa subscription. You can go to the spa anytime you want and get a massage, facial, pedicure, and manicure without having to worry about the cost. Any woman can climb every mountain for you if you gift her this.

2. Beer subscription

Men love beer. It’s not debatable. Giving him a beer subscription for even a month will endear you to him.

3. Coffee subscription

Coffee lovers will do anything to have free coffee for as long as they can. Some of them live by it and can get through the whole day because of it. A coffee subscription sounds like an amazing gift for a coffee addict.

4. Wine subscription

Wine collectors or enthusiasts will worship the ground you walk on if you give them a gift like this.

5. Netflix subscription

Who doesn’t like the idea of unlimited movies at your fingertips for months without paying for them? If the receiver is a movie lover or a filmmaker, they will value this more than gold.

6. Perfume subscription

Some people take ‘smelling good is good business’ to a high literal sense. Imagine gifting them a subscription to having a Chanel perfume or any other designer perfume at their doorstep on the first day of every month for 12 months. They will post you on their social media platforms or life.

7. Gym subscription

The perfect gift for a fitness enthusiast. They live part of their life in the gym, so why not help them put a down payment on their second home for at least a few months?

8. Body cream subscription

All women care about their looks, and for some maintaining the perfect look is expensive. Gift her a monthly subscription plan for her body cream and she will thank you immensely for uplifting that burden off her for a while.

9. Barber subscription

Is he the kind that is at the barber every single week to make sure he maintains his fresh looks? Then this subscription is the perfect gift for him.

10. Data subscription

It is not debatable that data is life. It’s how you stay connected to the world. Anyone will appreciate this gift, especially someone whose every single work is done with data.

11. Hair salon subscription

Pay for the services of her favorite hair salon for a few months upfront while she goes as she wants and she will never forget you.

12. Chocolate subscription

Indulge their sweet tooth for as long as you think you can. They will have only sweet thoughts about you.

13. Beauty box

For a lady, a monthly subscription to her makeup and beauty products will make her very happy.

14. Lingerie subscription

A monthly subscription to her lingerie is enough to make her feel sexy and happy.

15. Book of the month subscription

This will help your bookish friend stay up to date on the latest releases.

16. Play kit subscription

Giving kids a variety of toys every month will help them never forget your name even when they grow.

17. Flower subscription

For the ladies who will pick flowers over money or chocolate anytime. Gifting them monthly flowers for a long time will put a smile on their face.

18. Sports Club membership subscription

For men or women who love the sports club and will pay heavily for it even if they go broke, this is a fantastic gift for them.

19. Scented candle subscription

A few months’ payments for their favorite scented candles will go a long will in being the perfect gift.

20. Pet subscription boxes

Perfect for the animal lover.

21. Meal kit subscription

Amazing gift idea for the person who loves putting together a lovely meal from scratch.

22. Snack subscription box

For the person who will rather eat snacks on the go than eat meals.

23. Monthly cookie subscription

An amazing pick for a cookie lover. A big box of a cookie is the perfect gift for them.

24. Hair box subscription

This box ranges from shampoo to hair conditioner to other hair products every month.

25. Ice cream subscription

Why not a perfect gift subscription for the person who is addicted to ice cream?

26. Grocery box subscription

This will tell them that you care about their health.

27. Baking kit subscription

For the person who loves baking more than any other thing.

28. Sanitary pad subscription

Sending her a monthly subscription to sanitary pads will tell her that you are intentional about her.

29. Music app subscription

For the person who music adds color to their life. A monthly subscription to their favorite music app will go a long way for them.

30. Podcast subscription

A monthly subscription to their favorite podcast will please them more than any other thing.

31. Their favorite food

A monthly supply of their favorite food is a wonderful idea for a gift

32. Dstv subscription

For a variety of programs on the TV for TV lovers.

33. Amazon Prime subscription

Give them a feel of a different movie from different parts of the world on the go.

34. Jewelry box subscription

An ideal gift for those who love jewelry.

35. Yoga class subscription

The perfect gift for the person who never plays with their yoga classes.

Subscription gifts come across as incredibly thoughtful presents and it’s the best thing to give your loved one in this era we live in.