How To Start A Conversation With A Girl For The First Time And Make Her Fall For You

How do you talk to a girl for the first time and make her like you? When you met a girl you like, and the sight of her makes your heart flutter. The thought of her is bliss to your soul and her voice is like the music in your ears. But the problems? You can’t talk to her, you do not know how to approach her correctly and make your trials successful. 

I understand that starting a conversation with a girl you like can be really challenging. You may not know how to impress her over text and not take the wrong foot forward. It is reasonable to want to take action but not want to take the wrong measures while at it. You are not wrong to want guidance, you are ready and want what’s best for you because indeed you want to triumph when you try. Knowing what to say might be challenging whether you’re attempting to text her, talking to her on social apps, or having a face-to-face conversation with her. That is why in this article I have put together the tips and tricks you could use to start a conversation with the girl you like. 

How to have a conversation with a girl for the first time over text

1. Introduce yourself:

You should introduce yourself and probably say where and how you’ve met her before. Without this, she would view your message as spam. Tell her your name to start the conversation. Remember to keep your intro short, if not she would think you’re too self-absorbed. Start smooth, this means that you should avoid introducing yourself by asking them how they are doing or what’s up because those are the two driest conversation starters ever. 

2. Check her social media profile: 

Identify her personality first, and check her profile bios or descriptions for suggestions on how to initiate a discussion. Scroll and see if there are my shared interests too. Finding a common passion is a plus. Does she enjoy reading? What kind of music does she like? Does she love gaming or running? When you’ve made this research. Make that the subject of your talk. 

3. Don’t make her lose interest:

If you were successful in engaging her in a meaningful conversation, your next objective is to keep her interested in talking to you. You might start a conversation by inquiring about her day and making her talk about it. 

This is a fantastic method to show her that you’re curious to know about what she does daily. Avoid yes or no questions, the last thing you want is for the conversation to come to a standstill with her probably responding with a single phrase. Focus on asking her open-ended questions, by doing this you will maintain the conversation. 

However, bombarding her with numerous instant messages makes you appear desperate, which will make her uninterested in you. 

4. Be funny: 

Girls enjoy talking to guys that have a good sense of humor. So go ahead and utilize your daily joke to make her laugh. Sending her something unique, like a meme or gif, will help you get her attention. It is easy to cheer someone up and start a conversation by saying a funny or relatable meme. But do this occasionally not often, it will bug her. Remember to pick information that fits the moment, the situation, or her personality. You may include a fact-related query. 

5. Go ahead and ask her out:

After exchanging a few texts and determining whether you two click, you can suggest meeting up in person. Ask her to meet over lunch or a coffee. 

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How to start a conversation with a girl for the first time, chatting in person/face-to-face. 

1. Introduce yourself 

Just as I have stated earlier about chatting on social media it doesn’t matter if you are reaching out online or via text. Always tell her who you are and if you’ve met her before, remind her where and how you two may have connected. Approach her, smile and introduce yourself, and tell her your name. A sincere, courteous greeting is always preferable to a corny pickup line.

2. Ask about her day

This simple question can be a plus to your effort. it will result in a one-word answer but do not worry and go ahead to ask her other subtle questions which shows that you are genuinely interested in her. It can be an excellent conversation opener, just be polite and thoughtful.

3. Engage in conversation in a casual manner

Talk about a topic you both have in common when you first start a discussion. It helps you feel connected right away. To start a conversation, it can be really helpful to find some common ground. You may have a conversation by asking if she’s currently engaged in any intriguing projects if you work together. If you both share mutual friends, you can ask her how she met him or her.

4. Compliment her

Everyone likes a good compliment, not just women. Advisably, not all compliments should be about physical appearance. It could be about the fine qualities of their personality. A sincere compliment will make her feel good, you shouldn’t constantly flatter her because not only will it make her uncomfortable, she can tell if you’re being honest or not. So consider while you compliment her clothes, smiles, and her hard work or effort in working. Consider being cautious and genuine. 

5. Observe her body language 

Determine her interest levels by observing her body language. You can be doomed to rejection from the start if you don’t know how to read a woman’s body language. Women tend to be far more obvious with their body language than they are with their words, even though they don’t always speak clearly. They will at the very least let you know if they are not interested.

6. Speak confidently

Work on your body language, and be more open and carefree. It is attractive when someone is confident and at ease with themselves. When you talk to her, master a welcoming and open demeanor, and keep a friendly gaze and grin.

Ensure to make eye contact, it will enhance your attractiveness and credibility.  When you’re confident, making eye contact comes naturally. Avoid staring and keep your eyes moving during breaks in conversation