100 Best Yo Mama Jokes That Are Hilarious

Yo mama jokes are known to be cheesy insults that kids use to make fun of someone’s mother during childhood. They’re not about insulting someone’s mother, but rather about making people laugh. These jokes can be found in any joke book, and they are also used as a retort to any insult and employed as lighthearted teasing in any friendship. They were the heart of our childhood kids’ time.

Here, however, is a selection of “Yo Mama” jokes to fleetingly remind you of what being a kid was like. Even if your sense of humor has since evolved, ideally the memory of these jokes will cause you to smile.

Also, Yo Mama jokes, in our opinion, are sometimes too vulgar, offensive, and unimportant in the scheme of our adulthood today because we are older and, trust me, wiser. However, in reflection on our childhood, let’s take a close look at the 100 best Yo Mama jokes that are hilarious. If you love moments like this, why not hop in and let’s take this ride together?

100 Best Yo Mama Jokes That Are Very Funny

1.   Yo mama is so dumb. Guess what she did when the doctor told her she has coronavirus? She got herself a new laptop.

2.   Why is Yo mama so fat? She made Godzilla seem like an action figure.

3.  Why is Yo Mama so stupid? She’d thought Fortnite represents fork night.

 4.  Yo mama is so ugly? She made a sign in her garden which reads, Beware of the dog! So hilarious.

5. Yo mama is so old and ugly, I feel she’s one of the waitresses at the last supper.

6. Yo momma is so dumb, maths calculation is such a big deal. Even simple arithmetic.

7. Yo mama is so sluggish; she is a stay-at-home worker but still appears late to work.

8. Hey! Yo mama is so mean, they deny her happy foods at McDonald’s

9.   Guess Yo mama is so dumb, she visited the library in search of Facebook.

10. hey! Yo mama’s so big that she makes use of Google Earth to take a selfie.

11.   Yo mama was so ridiculous; she thought lightsabers contained fewer calories.

12.   Yo, mama is damn so fat; when she fell, I didn’t laugh out loud, but the sidewalk cracked up.

13.  Yo mama is so fat whenever she skips a meal, the entire stock market falls.

14.   Yo, mama is so stupid; I saw her staring at a glass of Orange juice for 10 hours. Guess what she said? I’m concentrating”.

15.   Yo mama is so wretched, The duck tossed bread to her.

 16.  Yo mama’s so careful, she hunts the trash truck while holding a shopping list.

17.  Yo mama’s cuisine is so bad, that she got together and patched the hole in the window screen

18.  Yo mama feels so bad, the blues musicians experiencing writer’s block frequent her place.

19.   Yo mama’s feet are visible on her driver’s license because she is so short.

20.  Yo mama can’t afford to pay attention, she’s so poor.

21.   Yo mama is so dumb, she visited the eye doctor for an iPhone.

22.   Yo mama’s so wretched that poor princess dashes her money and clothes

23.   Yo mama is so fat that her belt size is “equator,”.

24.   Yo mama is a Marxist utopia because she is so classless.

25.   Yo mama is damn short, the Santa advised her to return to her job after a visit.

26.   Yo mama’s is so spooky, the government changed Halloween to her birthday.

27.  Yo mama is such a jerk, she bounced on one, they were called jumpolines

28.  Yo mama’s teeth are yellow in color; hard to believe it’s not butter

29. Yo Mama is such a slacker that she lets the wind blow her nose while sticking it out the window.

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Funny Yo Mama Jokes That Will Leave You Laughing Out Loud

30. Yo mama’s head looks like a raisin, she’s old.

31. Yo mama’s so she got shut in a mattress warehouse and dozed off on the floor.

32. Yo mama’s social security numbered 1, because she’s so old.

33. Yo mama’s is damn old and weak when she was a child that you see rainbows as black and black.

34.  Yo mama’s so old,  there were no history lectures when she was in school.

35. Yo mama’s so damn poor,  I saw her kicking a can along the street, she said moving.

36. Yo mama is so old, a picture of Moses is in her yearbook.

37.  Yo mama is so aged, she was a crossing guard as Moses divided the red sea.

38. Yo mama is so hairy, people see her as an Ewok.

39. Yo mama’s so aged,  she worked as a server at the Last Supper.

40. Yo mama’s so lanky,  she hula hoops with a cheerio.

41. Yo mama is so skinny, she crunches cheese on her ribs.

41. Yo mama’s acts are so old,  when she was a student, there were no kids’ games.

42. Yo mama is so ludicrous, she attempts mountain dew climbing.

43. Yo mama is so lanky that’s why she can swerve raindrops.

44. Yo mama is so stupid, she plays waterholes in her bathing suit.

45. Yo mama’s so skinny,  her pimp punched her, and he got a cut.

46. Yo mama is so American that she sued McDonald’s for dealing with French fries.

47. Yo mama is so tiny that she makes use of Chapstick for deodorant

48. Yo mama is so skinny that she uses a tea bag for a bed pillow.

49. Yo mama’s damn skinny that she makes use of Band-Aid as a Maxi-pad.

50. Yo mama’s so old that she knew About Burger King when he was still a prince.

51. Yo mama is damn klutzy that she stumbled over a cordless phone.

50. Yo Mama is so lanky, she swallowed a meatball.  Everyone thought she was pregnant.

51. Yo mama is damn scatterbrained; guess what? It takes her three hours to watch 60 minutes.

52. Yo mama is so stupid; she regards Twitter as social media for birds.

53. Yo mama’s so dumb, thieves broke into her home, took away her TV set and she ran after them, to give them the remote control.

54.  Yo mama’s house is so small, whenever she gets a pizza, she eats it outside the home.

55.  Yo mama is so ugly that even a hello pussycat said goodbye.

 56.  Yo mama is damn funny that she assumed KFC was UFC meant for chicken.

57. Yo momma is so dumb, she tried eating Eminem!

 58.  Yo mama’s so old that her birth certificate is written in roman numerals.

59. Yo mama is so unattractive that she stepped into a plagued house, the ghosts fleed

60.   Yo momma is so literal, she climbs a ladder whenever I say,  drinks in the house.

 61.  Yo momma is so ugly, her birth certificate seems like an apology note from one of the best condom factories.

62. Yo mama’s so terrifying that she took one direction to go in the other direction.

63. Yo mama is so confused, she attempted to eat Eminem, the rapper.

64. Yo mama’s so nasty, she went swimming in the ocean only to make the dead sea.

65. Yo Mama was so lethargic that she let the wind blow her nose while sticking it out the window.

66. Mama’s so ancient, her birth certificate states that it has expired.

67. Yo mama is so spicy, she makes jalapenos cry, oh mom.

68. Yo mama’s so dumb, she ordered fries and a milkshake after they said, “Order in the court.”

69.  Yo Mama is so nasty, she cried like an onion.

70.  Mama is so feckless that she has a remote control she uses to control her remote.

71.   Yo mama is so lazy, she took last in a snail marathon.

72. Yo mama’s eyeglasses are so stale that all she sees on the map are people waving.

73. Yo mama’s eyeglasses are damn thick so seeing into the future isn’t difficult.

74. Yo mama’s teeth are yellow in color, and her smile at the traffic means to slow down.

75. Yo Mama was so terrifying that the thieves fled when they saw her.

76. Yo mama’s feet are so visible on her driver’s license because she is so brief.

77. Yo Mama is such a lousy chef that the meals she cooked just end up in the trash.

78. Yo mama is so unfunny that she ruined all of her jokes.

79. Yo mama is such an awful cook that even the homeless send her meals back.

80. Yo mama is so ugly that the doctor spanked her parents when she was born.

81. Yo mama’s so wretched that the ducks stone her with bread when she visigrasslandhe park.

82. Yo mama is so stupid, she thought Dunkin’ Donuts was one of the well-known basketball teams.

 83.  Yo momma is so fat that she left in high heels and returned in floppy flops

84.  Yo mama is so perplexing, not even Scooby Doo can understand her!

 85.  Yo Mama is such a deadbeat that she stands outside in the breeze to blow her nose!

86.   Yo mama is so dumb that she takes thirty minutes to fix a cup of rice.

 87.  Yo mama is so stupid that she cooks her free dinner.

 88.  Yo mama is so insane that every time she runs, a psychopath follows.

89. Yo mama is so fat, the bears have to reserve their meals in a tree while she goes on a trip.

90. Yo mama is so damn fat that when she rests on Walmart, she decreases the prices.

91. Yo mama’s so dumb that when the court shouted, order! She replied, fried rice and chicken.

92. Yo mama’s size represents the whole family.

93. Yo mama is so fat that during creation,  God asked her to move out of the way. Before he said let there be light.

94. Yo mama is so ugly to the point that she threw a boomerang and it didn’t bounce back.

95. Yo mama is so wretched that beggars dash her chocolate.

96. Yo Mama is so hairy that when she wakes up in the morning, she finds herself lying in a cage at the zoo.

 97.  Yo mama’s so big, she can’t suit the joke.

98.   When Yo mama got on a diet, world hunger ended because she was so fat.

99.  Yo mama is so ugly that there’s no difference between her and a monkey.

100. Yo mama her hands brokends got broken because she is so fat.


Lastly, Yo Mama jokes are fun childhood jokes. But do not forget that as we grow up, many of us may find them offensive, but that doesn’t mean they are not funny jokes. So, if you still enjoy Yo Mama jokes, feel free to share them with your friends on social media.