How To Know If Your Girlfriend Still Loves You After A Fight

Even after a disagreement, how can you determine whether someone still loves you? Is the way they perceive you specific, or is it purely based on the physical connection? Speaking those well-known words is only a small part of what love is about; it also demands action.

Many physical changes occur while you’re in love. According to Science Alert, love unleashes a neurochemical avalanche that includes dopamine and oxytocin. When these reward areas are stimulated, your brain experiences an intense surge of pleasure.

Even when you’re angry, you’ll discover that you crave closeness more intensely, are less likely to feel pain, and develop an addiction to this person. When you meet someone who evokes all these emotions in you. To see this individual pleased, you would scale any mountain and swim through any sea.

The quote of Nicholas Sparks that “the most beautiful sort of love is the kind that awakens the soul because it makes you want more,” made him a household name. It ignites a fire within you that promotes mental clarity and gives you a spring in your stride. When you initially had a crush or were close to someone that made you physically weak, can you remember how you felt? While all of those feelings are amazing to feel, true love goes even further.

How Women React When They’re Furious

When you finally meet the woman of your dreams and decide she is the one you want to devote the entirety of your life to, why do you still argue?

While having some physical allure is helpful, beauty is only skin deep. You are doomed if you can’t find a woman who will continue to love you even after a contentious argument.

After a quarrel, how to tell if she still loves you

1. She is attentive to you

Your thoughts, feelings, and views matter to someone when they are in love with you. They actively participate in the interactions they are having with you even after the fight. They pay close attention to every word you say since they don’t want to miss anything.

They’ve gotten so adept at listening that they are aware of details like your preferred candy bar, the name of the street where you grew up, your dietary preferences, and your likes and dislikes.

Your wife will learn how to communicate with you since it is crucial in any relationship. She is interested in knowing your ideas, dreams, and how well or poorly your day went after the other day’s fight. She wants to be close to you and learn more about your heart, so she could listen to you talk for hours.

2. She takes simple actions

When a woman feels a deeper connection with you, she will take small steps to enhance her quality of life. She might start your car so it can warm up when it’s cold or make sure you have a fresh cup of coffee every morning before you head to work. She wants to make sure your heart is content and your stomach is full.

Even though it’s nice to go on large vacations and make new purchases together, it’s the little things that count.

3. She will improve her cooking abilities

The majority of women desire to become good cooks for their families. She might take lessons if her cooking skills aren’t the best. She might be eager to try some new recipes if she is already familiar with the fundamentals and wants to please you. Every woman is going to do everything in her power to fill your stomach because she knows that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.

4. She is concerned about your security

When a person cares about your security, it’s a surefire sign that they love you. She might say something insignificant like asking you to text her when you get to work safely, or she might keep an eye on you every time you pull out of the driveway for one last look. She will be particularly watchful over you because she is aware that no one is guaranteed tomorrow.

5. She constantly texts you

Texting is very popular. She wants to share with you what is happening in her day as well as what is happening in yours. To smile, she might text you a joke or a riddle.

No matter how many times she calls or texts, you don’t seem to mind. When you realize she’s the one contacting you throughout the day, you might smile a little. Without these little messages back and forth, you would be lost.

6. She yearns for exploration and brand-new experiences.

Most relationships go through a new phase where you both want to experience and discover new things. You want to travel and experience wild and crazy things before starting a family and settling down. She longs for you to join her in all of those selfies taken at various locations around the world because she has a wanderlust for discovering and experiencing new things.

7. She’ll update her social media profile.

Why do people feel the need to immediately update their social media status when you’re in there the best place for them to do this is on social media, where they want to proclaim that you are loud and clear. When they want the entire world to know something, they will link your pages by claiming that you’re dating.

A woman will mark her territory to indicate to others that it is her personal space when she is in love.

8. She has a healthy amount of jealousy

One of the emotions where a small amount is acceptable is jealousy. It can, however, easily spiral out of control after a disagreement. Family Canada claims that when you love someone, you feel protected and proud, and that’s okay to mark your territory. At her family reunion, she would not mind if someone hugs her, but if a coworker does the same for you, she will go bonkers. 

She won’t give you any hugs from anyone else; if you do, you risk getting into a catfight. Healthy jealousy helps you feel important and desired, but when she starts trying to accuse you of things you didn’t do or scrutinizes every move you make, it can turn toxic.

9. She observes every vacation

The majority of women value holidays and other special occasions highly. She will keep in mind the first time you made love, your first kiss, and other intimate moments. Don’t worry; she has them likely noted in the calendar so that she may join you in celebrating.

The holidays hold special meaning for her besides romantic turning points. You are aware that there will be parties, gifts for birthdays and holidays, as well as a lavish feast on Valentine’s Day. She wants you to know how much she cares for you, and on these special occasions, she will let you know by giving you gifts.

Every holiday, including Thanksgiving and the Fourth of July, she intends to spend with you. You are aware of your appreciation for the reality that makes such a big deal out of these holidays because she not only makes them enjoyable but also makes life worthwhile.

10. She’ll cry with you

There will be days when you feel down and you’ll wish the world would just disappear. Having someone who genuinely cares for you will allow you to cry with them, which is a wonderful thing. She will be enraged with the person who wrongs you as well.

She will collapse into your arms after a difficult day and allow you to cry on her shoulder. She is hurt when you are hurt, and she will exert all of her efforts to put things right for you.


You will come to understand the various forms of love as you navigate relationships. After some practice, you will also be able to distinguish between those types. Some women will feel more like your best friend than the love of your life, and some will demand a lot of attention to be content, which can be miserable.

Since each couple has unique personalities, every relationship will vary. However, when you truly fall in love, it’s like everything seems easy. You fit together like a sock and shoe, and she makes you want to be a better person.