What Does It Mean To Dream About Someone Who Is Already Dead?

Death is a must sure encounter for everybody and even though it is a known case by everybody, it is still a heartbreaking and breathtaking experience that only but a few would want to encounter or are prepared to do so. Death is a sensitive matter most people rarely talk about, some go as far as considering the talk about it taboo. Just like birth, death is part and parcel of life and would happen to everybody.

Dream on the other hand is a series of thoughts, images, and sensations occurring in a person’s mind during sleep.

Death dream is the act of having a series of death thoughts, images, and sensations during sleep. Putting spirituality aside, dreams are just your subconscious thought, they are the aftermath continuation of your thought for the day.

All my life, I did not know what a dream is, when people say it’s what happens in the subconscious mind, I often ask myself if I have one at all. The dream about dead people is often more hilarious to me than any other thing. I kept doubting dreams and everything until I had mine in my early 20s. It’s funny that I had to dream about my little cousin who was just died. It wasn’t once, else I would not have taken it seriously. Truth be told, this is hard to explain to others or even prove because it is a personal experience and until you experience yours, you might choose not to believe others.

It is obvious that the brain and heart don’t shut down while you are sleeping, so while asleep, your brain is analyzing things that happened during the day.

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The interpretation you give to a dream matters a lot. what I am about to discuss isn’t just about a normal dream, it is about a death dream. It is a quite frightening scenario when you see your already dead relative or friend in a dream. These activities usually happen during the death of close ones. If you have recently experienced the loss of your loved one or friend, don’t be too scared when you see them in your dream. It is scary, I know but it sometimes doesn’t mean what you think.

Going down this content, I will tell you the different meanings of death visitation, so stay glued and do not leave halfway.

What Does It Mean To Dream About Someone Who Is Already Dead?

1. Bereavement.

This is a common predisposing factor that can trigger such dreams. The 4th stage of bereavement which is ‘adjusting to life without the person you have lost can have a symptom of a death dream. When one finds it difficult and is afraid of losing memories of these loved ones, they could channel it to their subconscious mind leading to recurrent dreams of them finding their mind during their memories of them. This dream is a sign that you are not at peace with their death and would need some psychological help to make them stop or that it can also mean you are gradually transiting into the 4th stage of bereavement.

2. Troubled.

Dreaming about a dead person can be a symbol of being troubled, it can be a result of excessive thoughts and negative things happening around you. It can be an expression of your troubled heart that is afraid of dying. It can also be that you are concerned about the welfare of someone alive who is in a bad situation and you do not want them to end up like the dead individual. Perhaps, the person is endangering their life. If that is the case, then you have to become positive in life, engage in things that won’t endanger your life, and try to be optimistic. Life is full of ups and down, but you shouldn’t expect down at all times.

3. Revolution;

Death sometimes can mean a major life transition. Encountering a dead person in a dream can be a symbolic goodbye to a relationship job, home, or any bad thing. It can be a part of you that is phasing out and wants a new phase. It can also mean a season of revolution and a new phase.

4. Ending.

Death is the final bus stop on earth and it symbolizes an end. When one dies, words like the end of life, and transition to the next life are used to describe death. From this, you can deduce that death means an end to something, when this dream come, it can be a final bus stop to whatever is happening in your life at that moment.

5. Act of warning;

When a dead person visit’s you in a dream, it can be a powerful message and warning. It can be a reminder of what life is all about, the fleeting temporaries, and the importance of making the most of the limited time you have with friends and relatives. As you don’t know when your life will come to an end. It can be a sign of warning that you should amend your ways and be a better person.

6. Assurance.

Losing a loved one can be hard, and seeing the person in your dream can be a sense of relief. Dream visitation can be a positive sign and not always a sign of a bad omen. It can be a symbol of your loved one coming to you to assure you that they are fine and you should be ready to move on in the other world. It can also be a way of guiding you and helping you navigate the various situation in life.


No matter how terrifying it may be, dreaming about the dead is always a personal experience based on the person’s closeness to you. The interpretation of the dream depends on your state of mind, your life situation currently, and the nature of the relationship you had with the deceased. With this, you can be able to interpret the dream about the meaning I have explained above.