How To Know If Your Girlfriend Is Cheating On You

Are you looking for signs she cheated on you last night or some physical signs she’s cheating on you over text or in a long-distance relationship? This post will focus on sure signs to know if she’s cheating and at the same time lying about it.

During my College days, precisely my first and second years in college. I thought love is a bulletproof force that covers one from the influence of outsiders and is capable of overcoming all obstacles. My narrative changed when I discovered my girlfriend who I have given nothing but love was sleeping with my best friend.

Truth be told, that scenario taught me a person of life but at some point,  I decided to allow the sleeping dog to lie and started another relationship. I was nicer and all good in this and to my greatest disappointment, I found out that after 2 weeks we met,  she started sleeping with my roommate. This I was able to discover 6 months into the relationship.

Indeed, I have encountered the worst in relationships and never wish anyone to have the same or similar experience.

Women do cheat and say the fact that this type of thing does not happen without some sort of warning. Looking back now, I have myself to blame more for whatever happened to me in the past. I have come to realize that relationships work with the heart and the brain. I allowed my heart to control every bit of me and that was why I paid deaf ears to the warning signs.

Have you encountered a similar case with me? Are you afraid of being caught up in such cases?

Then read to the end as I will be telling you the signs that indicate a cheating girlfriend.

Signs Your Girlfriend Is Cheating On You With Another Guy

1. Fault finding.

A cheating girlfriend contrary to her behavior earlier will always try to find fault in what the person is doing and also blame them so that they do not have to feel guilty. If your babe starts to point out unnecessary issues and blame you for things and complain about not being a good partner, then bear in mind that this could be a sign that she is trying to be a victim of her own actions and blame you for cheating.

2. Secretiveness.

This is one feature every cheater has. Being secretive with her phone and computer. Be mindful of how your partner handles their phone and system when around you and relate it with how it used to be before. Does your partner keep her electronic device away from you once she receives a call or text? Does she hide her online behavior and browser history? If yes, there is a cheating tendency because the only way she can communicate with the person she is cheating on is through electronics.

3. She is not interested in physical Intimacy.

Assuming your relationship was filled with lots of kissing and affection and suddenly, your partner starts getting irritated by that stuff or your sexual life has taken a turn for the worst, be rest assured that her feeling has shifted for a reason you will need to find out for yourself. Paying attention to her body language is a sure way to know she stands with you or identifies if you are sharing your affection with anybody.

However, you could also note that this feeling and behavior from your partner can also be a result of other issues, do well to have a conversation about the changes before jumping to a conclusion.

4. She avoids public displays of affection.

Some girls don’t like this while some are so in love with a display of public affection. Before you make your judgment on this, be sure to know what she likes prior to when the relationship started and now that you are noticing the changes.

5. Decrease in communication.

Communication is one key thing in a relationship. Once a relationship that used to have a strong communication band starts having a bridge, then there is a problem. Once the time being spent together starts being boring with little or nothing to do, then you have to know that is either she is building communication with another person or you have done something bad. However, take your time to discover the reason for the bridge in communication.

6. Spending less time.

Time is essential in every relationship. A relationship that doesn’t have enough time for itself is giving room for others while one who has but there is depreciation in it is predisposed to break up or cheat.

While attempting to track down evidence, bear in mind that it can lead you into seriously ugly territory if you aren’t careful especially if you end up being wrong about your suspicion. While you want to keep a vigilant eye, it’s easy to become lured to start raiding her privacy.  So, keep a few very crucial “don’ts” in mind and try not to do them no matter what happens.

There are:

  • Don’t look through her phone histories or read her emails without her consent.
  • Don’t listen in on her calls.
  • Don’t search through her browser history.
  • Don’t try to probe her or her friends.

While avoiding this you have to be careful and smart in other not to lose the trust or destroy the relationship you have before you even the truth is discovered.

Wrap up

Cheating is a very strong accusation that can break trust in the relationship and cause a lot of havoc, it is pertinent to note that before you conclude confronting your partner with this, you should have noted and seen these basic signs listed above.

Once these signs persistently occur, you can now ask them directly about it before making assumptions that they are cheating. For instance, “it seems like you have been spending a lot of time away from me and I am not being able to reach you when you are gone, what’s going on? Is everything okay? This will lead to conversations that would end up positive or negative. It would lead to you learning the root of the problem, so you can talk through it. But once your partner becomes defensive or lashes out, the preparation for the worst and you find evidence for it.