First Moves That Get His Attention And Make Him Chase You

It is possible to keep him chasing you in a relationship if you equip yourself with the rightful information about dating a man and the most important things every man wants in a woman.

Inarguably, everyone wants to feel wanted and desirable, especially when it has to do with the opposite gender.

Most times, women develop an interest in men first and sort for ways of making the men chase after them. Hence, it is pertinent that a woman understands how best to gain a man’s attention and appear irresistible to him.

In doing this, a woman must be cautious so that the man wouldn’t see her as ‘cheap’. Hence, there are proven approaches a woman could take to gain a man’s attention and make him pursue her.

There have been many debates on how a man’s attention can be gotten and he will be moved to chase a woman.

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Below are proven ways of getting his attention and making him desire you. Whether you are looking for how to turn the tables and make him chase you or how to make him chase you over text, you will find the following points incredibly helpful.

11 amazing first moves that get his attention and make him chase you.

The following are eleven proven moves that can get a man’s attention and make him chase a woman without making her feel cheap.

1. Be confident.

2. Make him understand that you have a life.

3. Flirt with him.

4. Appear sexy.

5. Don’t make him feel less.

6. Make him see you often.

7. Love yourself first.

8. Show him you are in demand.

9. Instead of being hard to get, be friendly.

10.  Be mysterious.

11.  Have a sense of humor.

Now let’s discuss these points one after another.

Be confident.

Confidence is an enviable attribute and people often get attracted to confident counterparts. Thus, showcase your confidence by being assertive, making eye contact, and using expressive body language. Doing this will make you highly desired by your man.

Make him understand that you have a life.

Discuss your hobbies, visions, career, and passions around him so that he’ll understand that you have a life of your own to live.

Show him your uniqueness, intelligence, humility, and interests so that you’ll appear special to him.

Ensure not to talk about yourself and your ambitions constantly or act superior often to save him from feeling that you are unattainable.

Flirt with him.

You can show a man that you like him by flirting with him, saying his name often, making eye contact, smiling, and occasionally touching him to pick his interest.

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Appear sexy.

You know you have to appear attractive to be wanted by someone. Therefore, you have to enhance your sexiness by dressing to reveal those features you have naturally, though not touch much.

Don’t make him feel less.

In as much as you want him to chase you, don’t make him feel inferior. Instead, make him appear important and try to be stealthy about your decision so that he’ll think he’s the boss.

Make him see you often.

To ensure you are in his thoughts always, spend time around him. You can go to places you know he comes often or invites him and his friends to do some fun things together so that he’ll see you more often and crave you more.

Love yourself first.

For you to get a man’s attention and make him desire you, you have to show him that you love your unique self. Some women most times try to adjust and change themselves to please their men, which often yields contrary results.

So, you have to be yourself and love yourself first. Feeling happy from within makes it easier to attract his attention and make him want to be with you. Being cheerful can equally rub off on him.

Show him you are in demand.

Most women oftentimes make the mistake of being glued to one guy and letting the world know about it.

The moment most guys know that a woman likes them, they’ll lose interest in the woman and may not chase her anymore.

That’s the major reason you don’t have to let him think that he’s the only one chasing after you. So, make him see that you’re desired and wanted by other men. The obvious truth is, the more desirable he thinks you are, the more he’ll pursue and chase you just to make sure he has you for himself. So learn to spend time with other guys and watch him get insanely jealous and then chase you more.

Instead of being hard to get, be friendly.

A lot of women fall into the trap of sometimes feeling that “playing hard to get” is the way to do it. This approach often backfires and makes men lose interest in them because it can leave the impression that you are not interested and that you think too much of yourself and this can stop your chances of building a healthy and promising relationship.

Be nice, interesting, and welcoming instead of being harsh and unapproachable. Pay attention to him, but always maintain your personal space. You can give him a flirtatious smile so he’ll enjoy persuading you.

Be mysterious.

You need to stop being an open book if you want a man to chase after you. Make sure you don’t reveal everything about yourself all at once. While communicating or interacting with him, avoid revealing everything to him, Instead, share information little by little to make him more interested in you.

With this, he will see you as a dynamic person with several unique layers. The important thing in a relationship is to ensure that he becomes more and more interested in you and always yearning for more of you.

The moment you can keep some things about yourself a mystery to him, you’ll appear more attractive to him. Leave him guessing without letting him understand all the great things that are happening in your life and watch him desire you the more. If he wants to know anything about you, let him sweat before he learns it.

Have a sense of humor.

To get a man’s attention, you must not appear too serious at all times, else, he’ll feel your problems are too numerous. Instead, do away with your problems sometimes and have a sense of humor to enable the man to find you likable and approachable.

In summary.

it is not completely out of place for a woman to desire to get a man’s attention and want to make him chase after her, although getting a man’s attention might be tasking most times. However, confidently applying these methods listed above will help you get the attention of the man you desire and he will in turn desire you.

Thankfully, you have learned and gained insights from the First moves that get his attention and make him chase you. We hope you had fun reading this.

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