Long Good Morning Messages For Him To Make Him Smile

I have always asked, “how can I make my man happy in the morning?” before I discovered the best romantic approach to make him smile for a long time, which I will share with you in this post.

Do you want your husband or boyfriend to wake up with a smile on his face and begin his day with a real positive vibe? In this article, I have put together 50 long good morning messages for him to make him smile and know that he is the first person on your mind. I bet you he is going to have the best feeling about his day and have you in his thoughts all day long.

Whether you are looking for what to text a guy in the morning to make him smile in a long-distance relationship or things to say to him in a face-to-face morning conversation to put a smile on his face before leaving the house, the following messages will help the bond tighten. Carefully read and choose the best ones you love, some are flirty, romantic, and even funny. You know your partner better than I do, copy and paste the one that resonates with him the most.

50 long cute good morning texts for him to make him smile 

  1. Good morning love. Sending you lots of hugs and kisses to begin your day. I do hope your day goes as smoothly as your voice is in the morning. I love you. 
  1. Rise and shine sexy, the world needs to feel your sparkle once it feels your smiles.  Good morning, have a beautiful day.
  1. Can you hear the birds singing? Oh, I could’ve sworn I heard them singing that my ever-lovely husband is awake. Good morning handsome.
  1. The day suddenly became colorful, must be because you are awake. Good morning my love.
  1. To the sexiest man alive, I do hope that the stars align for you today and your day is fantastic. I also pray that it brings good opportunities and well, of course, it pays off. Good morning darling.
  1. I am always with you and I miss waking up by your side, you can kiss the pillows and I will understand you miss me too. Good morning and have a wonderful day honey. 
  1. Well since you are not getting my kiss as your first thing in the morning. Make do with my text. I will be clicking on the send button with my lips. So did you feel it? 
  1. Although we are far from each other, I still wake up lucky and happy to be your girl. You should see my smiley face when I woke up with you the first thought I had. Good morning my sunshine.
  1. Guess what? You were in my dreams last night and Damn were we busy? sure we were.  Winks. Well, you are not just the man of my dreams, you are my reality too.  Good morning my hottie, I love you so much
  1. Oh, wake up you sleepyhead! You wouldn’t be sleeping if I was with you right now. Winks. Sending you my warmest hugs and sweetest kisses wake up and shine. Good morning my baby
  1. You are always in my thoughts baby and there is never a moment my heart and soul are not loving you too. I love you. May your day be amazing and good as you are to me. Catch my kiss!
  1. I miss you, I miss waking up and seeing your pretty sleepy face, I miss your eyes tiredly staring at me in the morning, and I miss your beautiful smile once I lean in and kiss you. I miss how you hold me so tight and wish we could cuddle forever. I miss you. Good morning my love
  1. Hey! Hey! Hey! Yes, you! Tell me my message was the first thing you saw on your screen when you woke up. Good morning my favorite human.
  1. I wake up in the world where I am the love of your life. I smile because even in my dreams you own my heart too and me yours.  Thank you for existing and being mine. Good morning.
  1. Happy morning love, you are the reason I am hurrying to get out of bed and I can’t wait to see you. Have a fantastic day because why not? You are meeting me. [silly emoji]
  1. I went to bed thinking about you and I woke up with you on my mind again. Ugh, I think I have fallen for you even more. Don’t help me up just hurry and come home I miss you. Good morning
  1. Knowing you is the best thing that has ever happened to me. Seeing your sweet smile every morning I wake up is a blessing. Have a peaceful day and remember my heart beats for you and you alone good morning.
  1. Good morning dearest human to grace the face of the earth. Well damn, I suck in writing but you can give me a 6/10 yeah thanks. Rise and shine because the world needs your lights to see [laughing emoji] how did I do?
  1. Did you sleep well because I didn’t, the bed was so cold and I needed you so bad last night to warm me up with your arms and sweet kisses. I am still cold in case you are wondering and I’m in dire need of your comfort. Good morning.
  1. Imagine having to wake up every morning by your side and seeing your beautiful smile. I am indeed a lucky woman. 
  1. Did you hear the news? Everyone is talking about how handsome you are! I bet that they would envy me when they get to see your toothy grin in the morning.
  1. it’s so sad having to wake up in your absence, I miss you and I can’t wait to see you. I am jealous of the girl in my dream she’s the only one who gets to see you. Come home soon good morning.
  1. Good morning my sweetheart and darling. I hate I didn’t wake up by your side today but I do send you my love and kisses. Have a happy day and may the odds be in your favor.
  1. I want to wake up to the sound of your voice. I want to wake up with you towering over me and having your alluring smile on. I want to wake by your side. Good morning, have a lovely day
  1. Every day I am with you is always my happiest, I hope you have a perfect day and all your plans work out for you.  You deserve all the good things in life, I am one of them, haha.
  1. Do you have any idea how good it makes me feel when I wake up by your side every morning? I want to let you know you are the best thing in my life and I do hope your day brings in the best.
  1. Good morning King! I bet I woke up before you were such a sleepyhead! It’s time to start your day sweetie and what better way to begin, If not with my text?
  1.    I am overjoyed to have you in my life. The thought of you always brightens my world and when you smile at me? It makes everything better. I enjoy every moment I spend with you, you are my sunshine. Good morning.
  1.   Start your day off right with a smile and of course with my text. Wink*. You have far too much potential and I am confident that you will achieve great things. And oh! I miss you big time and I love you.
  1.    Good morning my favorite man on earth. I hope you had a restful night and the bed wasn’t so cold in my absence. Wake up and get ready to kick the day in the butt!
  1. Even though words can be very challenging to put my feelings for you. Today I feel the need to express how treasured and significant you are to me. Nothing could ever alter my feelings for you because you are such an amazing person. You continue to be my closest friend, most trustworthy ally, and soulmate. I love and cherish every moment I spend with you. 
  1.   Good morning, my love! I hope you enjoy your day and always keep in mind that someone loves you and is looking forward to seeing you.
  1.  Thank God for the day you walked into my life. I bless the day. Nothing can ever surpass what having you in my life has done. I appreciate everything you’ve done love. I pray the Lord guides you as you leave this morning to start a lovely day. May you be successful in whatever you do today and forever good morning.
  1.   Dearest, I hope you slept well. Every time we are away, I think about you and it makes my heart flutter when I realize how fortunate I am to have you in my life. I do hope you have an amazing day.
  1.  Being in bed with you when I wake up gives me the impression that nothing could be more perfect. You give me such a feeling of safety and joy. I love you for loving me. Good morning Mr. right.
  1.   Good morning baby. I woke up today loving you more like every other day, you are extraordinary and I look forward to the good today has in store for you and me. I hope it surpasses our expectations. 
  1.   Are you still asleep? I want you to know that I’ll be thinking of you while I go about my day. Have a tremendous time of the day.
  1.   I hope good memories and pleasant ones occupied your dreams. If I wasn’t in any of them then you better go back to bed. I cherish you and I love you for real. Good morning.
  1.   Every morning I wake up and hear your voice, it makes me happy. When I see you smile only then does my day begin. I love and adore you and I hope you have a happy morning because I’m sending you my kisses.
  1.     Know that someone loves you and loves every aspect of you from your shortcomings to your strengths. I love you and I’m sending you lots of positive energy to embrace your day.
  1.   I am looking forward to seeing you wearing your sweet heartwarming smile again. Every night as I turn and toss, I think about you and I miss you. To the world’s greatest lover, good morning. 
  1.   My God I woke up again your wife! if I am dreaming please don’t wake me up, darling. I want to live in this moment for an eternity. I love you happy morning. 
  1.  Good morning lover it’s a new day and do you need a reminder that I love you? Then I love you, I love you and I love you uncountable times! I hope your day is stress-free and worry-free. I hope you wear your smile all day. 
  1.   I do not doubt that you will succeed as you are out today. Don’t let anyone convince you otherwise, you are resilient, robust, and strong-willed. One thing I want you to know is that there is nothing you cannot do, as long as you put your mind to it, you will achieve success. I am always here for you, have a good morning.
  1.  My greatest source of inspiration and motivation is your love. You fuel my passion to accomplish so many things. My life would crumble if you were not my pillar of strength. I am grateful for your existence, I love you too. Good morning darling.
  1.   I cherish every memory of you so dearly and I carry them close to my heart. I hope they never fade. Each morning I wake up you are the first thing in my mind and it makes me smile.  Good morning charmer.
  1.   The happy morning I hope your day is wonderful. May the odds be in your favor
  1.   I can’t believe you are mine. No! I believe that because I can’t stop smiling every morning I wake up with your legs straddling me while your breath fans my ear. My life is the most colorful and it’s because you chose to love me and exist in my life. Good morning
  1.    I am lucky to be graced with your beautiful smile every morning. It’s something I can’t wish to lose, but love to have all the days of my life. This makes me the happiest woman alive.  So I do hope your days are bright and full of happiness.
  1.  Last night I missed you so much, but I went to bed wearing a smile because I know that even in my dreams you’ll be there. This morning I woke up with a smile again, because you were not just in my dreams you are my reality. Good morning my sweetness. 

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Now that you’ve seen a list of mind-blowing good morning texts for him, do not hesitate to copy and paste it into your favorite messaging app and send it to him right away. Moreso, feel free to add your own words where possible to make it connect more with him, this can be a better approach to having good morning messages for him that touches the heart.