How To Get A Celebrity To Reply To Your DMs On Instagram.

How do you message a celebrity and get a response?

One thing you should know before texting a celebrity on Instagram is, that they have a mass of fans’ messages sitting on their DM, and you’re not the only one trying to get a response from them. Most times they have the person managing their account respond for them. The more popular ones are unlikely to respond unless you’re also a public figure. This makes it relatively difficult to get a celebrity to notice you on Instagram, but there’s always to handle this. Keep reading to find out…

The less popular celebrities will most likely respond to your DMs. Sometimes you just have to take a chance on blind luck because they respond to you when you least expect it. Social media keeps growing daily. We can track the activities of certain celebrities by looking at what they post on Instagram or their social media platforms. We can sometimes message or comment on them and receive responses or even wonder how to reply to a celebrity’s comment when they finally respond. 

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However, have in mind that if the celebrity you want to message isn’t following you, your message will be sent as a message request. And not on their actual DMs, so they might probably not see it. But if they decide or have the time of the day out of their busy schedule, they will review your message but might not tap on the accept message request button. This means, he or she has seen your message but you won’t know they have read it and there will be no seen under the text which you’ve sent. So sometimes by just luck, they get to respond to your DMs. Don’t worry if it’s meant for you, you’ll get a response. Social apps like Twitter and Facebook offer a high chance of response from these celebrities. 

Secondly, these celebrities are humans too, so treat them as you would a normal person, respect and politeness are all you need to exude, and they will most likely respond in kind.

The number of DMs celebrities receive a day, makes it pretty challenging to handle because of course they live a busy life. But then you are the only one who is going to be the happiest and leaping of joy when you get a response from your favorite celeb. Think of just getting a like, but now a direct message? That’s a fantasy anyone would love to come true because why not? Some people have gotten responses from their favorite celebrities, nothing makes you different from these people. So you too can be that lucky someone. 

Below I have put together essential techniques, and tips you can use to get your favorite celebrity to respond to your DMs on Instagram. 

10 ways to get a celebrity to reply to your DMs on Instagram. 

Do you want to get noticed by a celebrity on Instagram? It doesn’t matter how many celebrities who reply on Instagram DMs or not, the following ways will help you engage in meaningful conversations with your favorite celebrities online via Instagram DM.

1. Be sure your Instagram account appears authentic:

Is your account captivating already? It should also be kept up to date. These days there are tons of fake accounts and you do not want to be perceived as one of those. Take a good picture of yourself and utilize it as your profile picture to improve your Instagram profile. Share and create necessary and intriguing content. I will tell you one thing for free, no one would want to see a fake Instagram profile, to think of engaging with it. 

2. Be original:

Originality is essential when contacting celebrities. You must make creative comments to distinguish yourself from others to get the celebrity’s attention. You may also send them media content that you think they will find interesting.

3. Participate in their live videos: 

As you know, most celebrities like to host live videos. This way they can engage with their fans all over the world. If you regularly participate in these lives and also leave relevant notes, there’s a good chance that you will probably catch their attention. This one has happened to me a few times too. It also depends on what you say, because most time this could lead to them asking you to send them a Dm or a request to join their live videos. 

4. Pique his/her interest: 

One of the ways you can get the celebrity’s attention is by posing a question or bringing up an important point. Try not to approach this procedure as if you were having a regular ordinary talk with a buddy. Remember that formality and structure are not important; friendliness and accuracy are. So do make concise comments and drop a clear message. 

You can inquire about things like when their upcoming record will be released or what they prefer to do for fun. Something insightful and pertinent, but not overly personal. 

5. Repost their content and tag them: 

A crucial first step to getting a celebrity to reply to any of your comments or DMs is to follow their Instagram activity. 

Reposting their content is one of the easiest ways to get them to respond to you, especially if the post features their goods, services, and company. Do ensure to tag them while at it, you might even get a thank you on your direct message. 

6. Comment on their post regularly: 

Remember creative comments can capture their attention and even the followers’ attention. Do not make random comments or comments that come off as though you’re not a fan but just some random person who wants his or her attention.

7. DM them frequently: 

You’re not going to get a response from your favorite celebrity in one trial. So buckle your belt and put that creative mind to work, so it can be interesting and worth a response. When I say often send direct messages to them, I do not mean to spam. Do not spam them, it is irritating and you might get blocked. Make creative conversations each different from what you talked about the last time. Remember to do your best. You never know you might get lucky. 

8. Give them a reason to respond: 

It will be very challenging for a celebrity to notice a message, especially if they have large followers on Instagram. As you know, many are sending them direct messages, you’re not the only one who desires to get in touch with them for a variety of reasons. It’s all about your intention and motive, most could be for a professional conversation, some for fandom or admiration.  Whatever your reason behind sending direct messages is, just make sure it is interesting to read. So, what you say to a celebrity over text should be unique and make your messages and comments outstanding from others. 

9. Consider their schedule:

If this public figure hasn’t uploaded anything or their socials for a long time, it is probably because he or she is busy. So to get a response you must be very clever and observant. By being observant, you can determine the best moments to message a celebrity and get a response. So consider their schedule and know the appropriate time to make a move. 

10. Be polite and do be patient: 

Another tip is to be polite, be respectful when talking to these celebrities because they don’t owe you a response so do resist the need to become hostile towards them when you don’t hear back from them. Be patient and keep in mind that they have their lives too. So you might not get an immediate response from them. Do resist the urge to spam also. That is the big red flag. 

In conclusion, you can get a celebrity’s attention to your DMs if you use these techniques and follow them carefully, you ought to be able to achieve your desired outcome. Remember to be patient